October 19, 2021

Nintendo Launches Mobile Dr. Mario World on July 10

Mobile Dr. Mario World

Dr. Mario is a series of puzzles from Nintendo that originated in the days of NES. In less than a month, the game will reach mobile devices in the form of Dr. Mario World.

The basis of the gameplay – the principle of “three in a row.” There are viruses on the field, and you have pills consisting of one or two colors. You need to put the pills so that they form together with viruses a series of three or more cells of the same color. In addition, the doctor is able to use a special skill, and on the field come across unusual cells – bricks, locks, bombs, and so on.

In the starting version of Dr. Mario World will have five worlds and several doctors, as well as multiplayer elements: you can send friends bonuses and fight in competitive mode. Over time, the authors are going to add new content.

Mobile Dr. Mario World

The introductory video also makes it clear how monetization works. In the main campaign, lives are spent — hearts are restored on a timer. In the store for real money you can buy diamonds – premium currency. Diamonds come in handy to continue the level after a loss, to get subsidiary bonuses or to make up for life. New doctors are bought for diamonds or gold coins – the latter are earned through gameplay.

Dr. Mario World is shareware and starts on iOS and Android on July 10th.

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