October 28, 2021

Overwatch and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege will be temporarily free


The most economical users this weekend will be pleased with the opportunity to test two multiplayer shooters at once. The first will be Rainbow Six Siege, which will be temporarily free on all platforms. This decision by the authors in the face of Ubisoft is due to the rapid release of the update Operation White Noise, which will appear on the test servers Siege after the end of the action. In addition, during this period the game can be purchased at a discount of 60%.


The action started on November 16 and will last until the 20th day inclusive. On the same day, an update will be presented, adding a new card to Siege (the action will unfold in South Korea) and three operatives immediately. With a sudden attraction of generosity, the creators of the shooter hope not only to draw attention to the update, but also to expand their 25 million audience.


The second shooter, which can be played for free in the coming days, was not in need of an Overwatch presentation. Traditional “Free Weekend” starts today, November 17 and will also be held until the 20th. Gamers will be allowed to test-drive all the cards and try out all the available heroes. The progress accrued during the action will be preserved in the case of the acquisition of the game.

Source: venturebeat.com

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