October 28, 2021

PC version of one of the main console action games of the year will cost without the support of the mouse



Harsh Nioh: Complete Edition will get to personal computers the next week, but not all with the PC version as good as it would be desirable. On the one hand, platform owners will get improved graphics and 4K resolution, on the other hand, they will be deprived of the ability to use the mouse. Yes, in the game, once wore the title of PS4-exclusive, you can play either on the gamepad, or on the keyboard.

This unusual feature of Nioh: Complete Edition was announced by streamers who tested the game a few days before the release. Later their words were confirmed by Steam users. For whatever reason, Koei Tecmo has made such a decision – it is unclear. Probably because of the fact that developers repeatedly recommended to go through the game only on the gamepad. But rather they simply did not want to “bother” with the support of the mouse. Many gamers have been offended rightfully – why do they have to play in the official port and feel like Nioh is running on the emulator? It remains to be hoped that the support of this habitual accessory will be added in the closest patch. If not, then most likely it will be added by moderators-craftsmen.

Nioh’s debut role-playing game debuted on PlayStation 4 in February 2017. The game press and gamers noticed the similarity of the project with the notorious Dark Souls series before the release of the game, but after the release unanimously admitted that Nioh is by no means a clone, but a distinctive and interesting product. The full edition of Nioh: Complete Edition for PC, which includes the addition of Dragon of the North, Defiant Horror and Bloodshed’s End, in addition to the main game (and stylish cap of the gate), will appear on virtual store shelves as early as November 7th. A copy of the CD will be available a month later – December 7th.

Source: dsogaming.com

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