October 28, 2021

The publisher of GTA will no longer release games without micropayments

The company Take-Two, publisher of the Grand Theft Auto series and other iconic games, grieved gamers with a statement about a new policy in the development of games. From now on, in all projects that will be supported by Take-Two, there will necessarily be microtransactions. The company itself will concentrate on stimulating developers to create methods of influencing gamers, so that the latter more often resorted to in-game purchases.


The reason for the ambiguous solution is trivial – it was the most profitable model ever invented. According to recent reports, 42% of Take-Two’s annual revenue came from microtransactions (by the way, Ubisoft also earned more on built-in purchases than on the games themselves). As the general director of the company, Strauss Zelnik, said, the market has changed, and henceforth the publishing house is aimed at introducing a system of periodic expenses in all of its games, both networked and single. And thanks for this, he said, users must themselves: they voted for this system with money – games with the open world and obsessive microtransactions are not only extremely profitable, but, despite the constant grumbling of the community, enjoy the greatest popularity.

Source: pcgamesn.com

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