October 28, 2021

Rumor: the creators of Forza Horizon will revive the cult role-playing series

Sources Eurogamer report that work has begun on the creation of a new part of the iconic RPG series Fable. The project was entrusted to the studio Playground Games, known for the arcade races of Forza Horizon. It is reported that the game is still at a very early stage of production, so expect a release or announcements in the near future is not worth it. However, we already know some details about what will be a revival of one of Microsoft’s brightest IP.


Less than two years after the closing of the studio Lionhead, the authors of Fable, how was started work on a completely new high-budget game in the franchise. According to sources close to the project, the release is planned to focus on the plot and RPG characters in the open world. It invests a lot of money, and about 200 people have already moved to the new office of the studio Playground Games. Development is just beginning, and the team has not yet been fully assembled, so wait for the official announcement will have a very long time.

Recall that the previous project in the series (Fable Legends) was conceived as a free “game-service” with an emphasis on multiplayer. Unfortunately, the Lionhead studio was closed and the work was canceled. According to former employees, they wanted to create a single-player Fable 4, while they worked on Legends, and hoped to start it after the current project was completed. And let them themselves would like to put their hand on the novelty, the current state of affairs is quite satisfactory. Simon Carter, who previously worked for Lionhead, said he was very pleased with the revival of the series, but some Microsoft solutions seem strange to him. For example, he does not understand why to get rid of the team that created Fable, and try to make a sequel without her participation?


New developers have already done a lot for Microsoft: Forza Horizon 3 was one of the main games for Xbox in 2016. But now the studio will have to revive a slightly forgotten series in recent years, and this can be quite a challenge. I want to believe that they will cope with it with dignity.

Source: eurogamer.net

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