October 19, 2021

About Sea๐ŸŒŠ of Thieves: character creation, secret shelter, unique ship and skull in the sky



Sea of Thieves is an adventure in the pirate entourage from the studio Rare (Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Banjo-Kazooie, Battletoads, Viva Piรฑata), in which several dozen players can live in the general world and do various things: hunt kraken, carry out orders of trading companies, seek treasure and fight with each other. And yet, users continue to have various questions about the upcoming game. Rare answered the most important of them.


Unlike many projects, Sea of Thieves does not offer you a setting for the earlobe or the height of the character’s nose – instead, it will give something the opposite. At the stage of creating the hero, players will be offered a carousel of eight completely randomly generated pirates. The idea is that the world does not have the same characters, even if you, like many others, just clicked “Play” and went to the adventure of the first hit the hero. Rare has taken into account the fact that in many projects of this kind people often follow standard shapes. In a gaming world that revolves around user-created legends and personal legends, meeting with identical pirates can spoil immersion.

However, players will still be able to customize their hairstyles, beards, wooden legs, hooks and other cosmetic elements with a chest that can be found on the ship or outside clothing stores. Also Rare will update the carousel of characters until you find a suitable hero. After you decide on the character, it will be assigned to your Xbox Live account.


Carrying out tasks and increasing the reputation of different factions, you will be able to find a secret shelter, accessible only to you and the crew members, whom you decide to dedicate to this secret. The shelter will become a personal haven for players, where high-level tasks and more epic (outwardly) equipment will be available. The quests received in the shelter will be called “Tavern of Legends”. This is the content close to the usual raids, which will provide the most unusual outfits and rewards for performing complex missions. And, of course, you can share tasks with another player, no matter how far it has progressed to Sea of Thieves. Due to the fact that you will have access to more complex quests, a place in the crew will be provided to you – it will later become a legendary pirate (Pirate Legend). Rare noted that the first player who reaches this level will be introduced to the community separately.

A few months after the launch, the studio will release the first major update for the Sea of Thieves. About this and many other things you can read in a separate article. Here we will talk about the new mechanics, which the update will bring with you – the captain’s ship. Players will have access to a new vessel, which will be given a unique shape. Pirates who collide with you in the sea will know, just looking at a ship of legendary level that they are an experienced player. And this will affect the interaction with them.

Players who will gain access to the sanctuary and become legendary pirates will later be able to win the title of captain – at this point Rare will shift the emphasis from personal legends to the legends of the crew, and allow groups of players to become real thunderstorms of the sea. All this is part of the future content of Sea of Thieves, which will slowly lead players to the great golden age of piracy.


In addition, the studio Rare told about how the outposts of skeletons will work in the full version of Sea of Thieves. Many players who participated in alpha and beta testing, noticed empty islands with abandoned watchtowers. Just as the equipment containers go down from the sky in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Tom Clancy’s The Division, a giant, thunderous cloud in the form of a skull will sometimes appear above the outposts during your adventures in the open world. This “lighthouse” will be visible for many kilometers in all directions, warning the players of the mass of “delicious” prey.

However, outposts are teeming with powerful skeletons, which require players to work together. After you destroy the boss-skeleton, it will drop the key that players can pick up. This concludes the battle. The key opens the storehouse, in which there are so many chests that even the largest ship can not take them all in one go. These outposts will be a favorite place for players who prefer PvP-oriented actions with a potentially high reward.

The premiere of Sea of Thieves will take place on March 20, 2018 on the Xbox One and PC (Windows 10).

source:ย Windows Central

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