October 28, 2021

Shadow Fight 3 – Game review

Shadow Fight 3 - Full review

About game

Shadow Fight 3 is a continuation of a series of mobile games in the fighting game genre with RPG elements in a stylish 2D format. The developer is the Russian studio NEKKI. Triquel has incorporated the best practices of the first two parts, while having many interesting innovations.

Developer: NEKKI
Cost: Free
Genre Role Playing
Play on Android,iOS


Shadow Fight 3 -4

The kingdom of Shadows penetrated the world of the living and established its rule. The source of his power is Shadow energy, which became the apple of discord between the three influential factions. Legion – a clan of powerful warriors – intends to destroy this energy as soon as possible. Dynasty seeks to seize its power. Messengers, having learned the secrets of the Shadow energy, learned to control it, directing its power to good goals. Players, in turn, have to choose which side to fight.

Shadow Fight 3 - 3
The game has a modern unique styling, juicy lively picture and realistic physics. A fascinating heroic plot, a variety of side quests and the big world is easily drawn into the gameplay.

Gamers are given the opportunity to combine 3 different combat styles, and also an extensive arsenal of weapons and equipment is available.

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Mode “Duel” will give the opportunity to fight with the characters of other players. The victory will make it one of the hundred best gamers in the country.

Shadow Fight 3 gameplay video

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