October 28, 2021

In Sonic Forces added a T-shirt with a famous meme about “Sanica”


Company Sega in an attempt to increase the popularity of Sonic Forces has released a free addition to the game with a popular Internet meme seven years ago – a T-shirt Sanic. The publisher said this in an official tweet Sonic.


With this addition, the Sonic Team tried to blur the line between the fan community and the Sonic universe. In Sonic Forces, you can create your character in the editor from scratch to get past the game. And it is this hero who is given to dress up in a T-shirt with the image of “Sanik”.

However, this funny gesture is unlikely to help the Sonic Forces become a good game. The average rating of the action on OpenCritic is 59 points out of 100. Almost all publications scold the project for an extremely low duration and turn the main series into a “runner” for smartphones, in which only rarely need to show minimal activity. At the same time the cost of the game is $ 39.99 . You can not look at all this without sadness, given the previously released Sonic Mania from the team of fans of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, who knew what players needed, and did not invent t-shirts with memes.

source:Β Twitter

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