October 19, 2021

Sony explained the reason for the long silence of the authors of the InFamus


Sucker Punch Productions, the creator of the superhero series InFamous, at the Paris Games Week this year introduced a new game – Ghost of Tsushima. The studio has been silent for several years, literally from the release of InFamous: First Light in 2014. Some took silence as a sign that things were not going very well in Sucker Punch. But, according to the senior vice president of SIE Worldwide Studios Michael Denny (Michael Denny), Sony deliberately pulled with the announcement.


“Yes, it’s also new to me,” Danny told the GameSpot journalist when they started saying that many people were afraid of the worst thing about Sucker Punch. “I believe that we did everything right … we learn, and many publishers learn … that there is a suitable time for the announcements.”


Just like Shannon Loftis of the Xbox team, Danny admitted that in the past, Sony announced the games too early. Project development is an iterative and very fluid process. Over time, mechanics and opportunities change. So the publisher’s fear is that the declared game in the development process can turn into something different from what was already declared. But now it’s time to tell the world about the new Sucker Punch project.
“It’s fair to say that sometimes we announced the games too early,” Danny continues. – And this is a great project for Sucker Punch. It’s a game they always wanted to do. A large piece of playable version is already ready, so we were just happy to report everything to Ghost of Tsushima. ”


Ghost of Tsushima – an action in the open world. The plot of the game unfolds during the Mongol invasion of Japan in the 13th century. The main hero of the project is a lonely samurai, who in certain events turned into a vengeful killer. This is the first project on the new intellectual property of the Sucker Punch studio for the last eight years.

source: GameSpot

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