September 17, 2021

Star Wars Squadrons: director Ian Frazier explains his ambitions

Formalized in spring , Star Wars Squadrons will arrive in our lounges at the end of the year on current consoles and PCs . And it is with our colleagues at GamesRadar that Ian Frazier, creative director at EA Motive, discusses the choice of the title which is intended to be complete upon release and without additional additions during the months following its marketing.

An “old school” conception

In an age when game as service is king, it is logical to wonder how the teams that worked on Squadrons in got there. He explains that he was inspired by several Star Wars apps from the 90s and that the development of the title was done under the same conditions. With a limited budget, the developers preferred to focus on two game modes only (Single Player and Multiplayer) rather than offering three which are “almost good”.

We will also note the absence of microtransactions in the old-fashioned design and a real desire to offer something that will surely not please everyone but which will be the direction taken by the studio.

So we want to make sure that players who play it can enjoy effective matchmaking that makes joining a game easily. And the more we add game modes, the more risk we take.

We will therefore wait until October 2 to see if all this is just pure and hard marketing or if a real effort has been concentrated on piloting (and content) to keep players happy. The title will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC ( configurations are available ) and you can now pre-order Star Wars Squadrons in order to take advantage of the usual bonuses cosmetics.

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