October 19, 2021

Super Mario Odyssey continues the good year of Nintendo: for 3 days sold 2 million copies


Quite successful for Nintendo in 2017 year continues excellent results of sales of the last adventure of Mario. Super Mario Odyssey, which was released exclusively on Switch on October 27, demonstrates, according to the semi-annual report of the Japanese company (for a 6-month period since March), excellent indicators:

Although we received around 7 million Nintendo Switch consoles around the world, according to our data, world sales of Super Mario Odyssey already exceeded 2 million copies in just the first 3 days. The Christmas sales season will soon come in full force, so we plan to provide enough of those present on the Nintendo Switch market.

And earlier it was expected that Super Mario Odyssey will be a popular game, but still the sounded figures are surprising – by the end of the year the results will certainly increase significantly. 7 million sold Switch – also an excellent indicator, which means that the hybrid console has every chance to surpass the total sales of Wii U only in the first year of its presence on the market.

By the way, Super Mario Odyssey is not the last major release for Switch this year: December 1 will launch Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Also during a press conference, Nintendo reported that the retro console of the SNES Mini has sold over 2 million copies since its inception units – thus, quite a few people will be able to get acquainted with Star Fox 2, which was not released at the time, which is included in the set of pre-installed games.

Source: VG247


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