October 28, 2021

The Swords of Ditto: hurry up – win the witch. Review


After Rogue Legacy and The Binding of Isaac, we are used to games where the world is always generated differently, and the death of the hero is just an opportunity to try again. But what happens if you add a timer and the need to quickly prepare for the final fight on time? We tell in the review of The Swords of Ditto

Genre Adventure
Publisher Devolver Digital
Developer onebitbeyond
Minimum requirements Processor Intel Core i3-3115C 2.5 GHz / AMD Athlon X4 730 2.8 GHz, 4 GB RAM, video card with DirectX 9 support, for example Intel HD 4000, 1 GB on the hard disk
Recommended Requirements Processor Intel Pentium G3250 3.2 GHz / AMD Phenom 9850 2.5 GHz, 4 GB RAM, video card with DirectX 9 support and 1 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 / AMD Radeon HD 6850
Release date April 24, 2018
Age qualification from 6 years
Platforms PC, PlayStation 4
  Official site

First of all The Swords of Ditto attracts with its visual style – everything here is so bright and colorful that the mood rises when one looks at the screenshots. The cozy world of the game wants to slowly explore: to seek out secret dungeons, to fight with each opponent encountered. But this method of passage is not encouraged – after some time the hero will have to meet with the city of Mormo, which terrorizes the city, and therefore it is undesirable to spend precious minutes studying the surroundings. Sometimes you really regret that there is such a condition in the game.

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Heroes of the sword without magic

The story begins with the fact that an accidentally generated protagonist (who can be anyone from an ordinary boy to a girl with rabbit ears) wakes up in his house and goes for the sword of Ditto – a weapon with which he must defeat the witch. Beetle-ghost Puku helps the character to get used to the control and tells him about the purpose, at the same time arranging a small tour of the city. Heroes are trying to immediately go to the sorceress, but even to fight with it is not possible – the character instantly dies from her hand.
The Swords of Ditto -1
It turns out that the new hero of the sword will appear only after a whole century. He will also wake up in his home, will also listen to instructions from the ghost beetle, just follow the sword, but this time will not rush. To begin with, he has to defeat two minions of Mormo who hid in the dungeons. And to get to them, you have to clean up two more separate dungeons and get the necessary items there. For example, a gramophone record, which in the shelter of one of the monsters will activate the moving platforms. If desired, you can go to the witch right after awakening, but the result will be pretty predictable, especially if you are not familiar with the intricacies of the game.

For everything about the hero is given a few days (depending on the level of difficulty chosen). On average, only four days are allocated, which from the outside may seem like a sufficient time, but in fact they expire very quickly. No sooner had you defeated the first minion, as the beetle reports on the remaining twelve hours that end almost instantly. The hero goes to sleep, and next morning, having collected all will into a fist, goes to the fortress of the sorceress in the hope of defeating her. If it did not work out (and the first time it just does not work out), the world will be controlled by Mormo throughout the century. Residents will become sadder, the weather will deteriorate, the next time there will be more enemies – in general, the consequences are deplorable. If you win, the people will prosper and be happy, but after a hundred years the witch will appear again.
The Swords of Ditto -2

At first, the deceased hero does not leave anything behind him, except for the earned level, but it’s of little use to him. If your past character was stronger than the surrounding opponents and reached the sixth level, after a century the enemies will become stronger – they will by that time earn the seventh, eighth or even the ninth. And you still have to kill opponents and get the experience to pump out and gain access to the story dungeon – it is not allowed until you get the right level. But it takes time, which is not so much.

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Again die

The world of The Swords of Ditto is generated differently each time, so remembering the location of the locations does not make sense – with the new hero everything will look different. Even shops in the main city will be in unusual places. In this there seems to be no problem – in the same Rogue Legacy or The Binding of Isaac, the map has always been different, this mechanic makes repeated passes more interesting.

But there is a nuance – very often passages from one location to another are covered with violet mucus, which can only be destroyed on one side. During one of the races I lost about half of the game day, when I tried to get from the city to the location directly to my right of it. You go to the right – there is slime. You go upstairs, and then to the right – there is a dead end. You go down – again slime. It was necessary to go to the left, make a huge circle on the bottom of the map and only after that visit the necessary dungeon. Obviously, this attempt to defeat the sorceress was unsuccessful. Because of random generation, the map does not always turn out to be so unsuccessful, but if this mucus were removed from the game altogether, it would only be better.
The Swords of Ditto -3
Such an element looked appropriate in the Hob, where the locked gates were constantly encountered, it was possible to interact with them only on the reverse side. But in The Swords of Ditto, time is so important that such obstacles only interfere – you lose out of your own fault, but because of ill-conceived random generation. Other similar games from this ailment do not suffer – they can throw you a completely useless weapon or do not give health improvement, but you will still have the opportunity to emerge victorious. This is also possible, but far from the first and not the second attempt.

The presence of a timer makes a thoughtful exploration of locations impossible – you have to sweep forward, understanding that in a few minutes the game will end. But there are a lot of secrets and cool dungeons, but if some are open at once, then for access to others you have to either go far, or get the key from an accidental resident, or push the heavy box for a long time and put it on the button. Fortunately, when you enter the dungeon, time stops – you can study as many as you like and kill monsters without thinking about the timer.

The game has a way to wind minutes back and get the opportunity to stretch the passage, but no one really explains how to do it. Just scrolling through the list of achievements, I learned about this option. The fact is that in some chests you can find tokens that activate the fountain of time. It is worth to bring to the fountain several such coins (which are also given out for minor side tasks like killing 30 enemies), as an absolutely new currency will suddenly fall out of the opponents. It is used not only for rewinding, but also to facilitate the life of the offspring – after the death, the collected items can be deposited for a small fee. It’s a pity that the player does not know anything about this at first, someone will surely die ingloriously over and over again, without achieving any success.
The Swords of Ditto -4

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The best moments

It may seem that The Swords of Ditto brings more annoyance than pleasure, but in fact it is not. To praise the game, too, is for that. The pumping system, for example, turned out excellent – instead of new helmets and swords used stickers giving a bonus to the characteristics. This relieved the developers of the need to draw equipment on the model of the hero and allowed to invent an amusing mechanics with stickers of stickers – kind of luteboxes, which can only be opened in the city. There are also sold and coveted improvements.

Stickers do not make the hero too strong or strong, but give quite significant bonuses, therefore because of the limited number of slots it is sometimes very difficult to make a choice. You can speed up the roll, which will not only help in combat, but also will increase the pace of movement around the locations. You can add to your sword the fire damage, so you will set fire to the bushes and the opponents standing in them. Some stickers make the hero less susceptible to poison and other negative effects. In the city, the timer also stops, so it’s not forbidden to stay in the store for a long time and choose the desired improvements.
The Swords of Ditto -5
The combat system is very simple, but the more you play in The Swords of Ditto, the better you fight with monsters. Most often, the most effective strategy is a triple combination of blows with a subsequent rollover, but there are other options. For example, to entice enemies to the exploding enemy, kill him and touch the explosive wave of nearby monsters. Or stand up so that the enemy shooting at you would get into the comrade while you beat the other with the sword. Not so deep, but it’s not bothering to fight, and even in the skirmishes with the bosses, Titan Souls is often remembered.

Another notable advantage of the game is dungeons and excellent puzzles in them. In the arsenal of the hero there is not only a sword, but also a pistol shooting with plastic shells and other amusing toys. Much of this is useful in solving puzzles. There are switches, when interacting with which the platform then appear, then disappear. There are items needed to activate the levers and lying usually in the opposite corner of the room, in the middle of traps and thorns. With the help of flying drones, you can open doors or lower walls. Sooner or later, riddles will begin to repeat, but they can not take the ingenuity.

In general, there are lots of interesting ideas. But for every exciting episode is the moment when you roll your eyes from inappropriate mechanics and imagine how much cooler the game would have been without them. Let it be a big open world and The Swords of Ditto completely copied A Link to the Past – with such a visual style, fun (and sensible) pumping system, fascinating dungeons and a great atmosphere, she would be forgiven. But in the pursuit of originality, the authors made several mistakes, spoiling the impression and interfering with the study of stylish locations, which they themselves with such love painted. In The Swords of Ditto you want to spend a lot of time, but she herself prevents this and constantly urges ahead.


  • excellent visual design;
  • a lot of unique opponents;
  • interesting puzzles in the dungeons.


  • ticking timer does not leave time for exploring locations;
  • some useful mechanics are not explained in any way;
  • traveling, you lose a lot of time because of the blocked passages.
Graphic The game looks great and resembles the animated series “Gravity Falls” and “The Universe of Stephen”. Locations and dungeons are quite diverse and not boring.
Sound The music that sounds while moving from one zone to another is firmly imprinted into the memory, and in general the soundtrack is good.
Single player game Passage can take from four to ten hours depending on how quickly you figure it all out and how lucky the randomly generated card turns out to be. The game has more pluses than minuses, but its shortcomings are constantly evident.
Collective game A local cooperative is supported. When you play together, you get more first aid kits, and you can also divide objects, so it’s much easier to pass the game.
Overall Impression The Swords of Ditto would be an excellent game if the mechanic with a limited number of days was thought better. Now from her more harm than good.

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