October 28, 2021

The creators of the best racing simulators of recent years will be engaged in “Fast and the Furious”


Independent company Slightly Mad Studios is about to release an ambitious racing simulator Project CARS 2. The game, which has already received a lot of praise from the western gaming press, will appear on store shelves on September 22. While it is not known, the further the team will take, but it can be assumed that Slightly Mad Studios is already working on a game based on the film franchise “Fast and the Furious”. On this during the project timed to the output of Project CARS 2, the film was hinted by the head of the studio Ian Bell.


Stream was conducted by the famous YouTube-channel SpotTheOzzie. Bell told about the creation of Project CARS 2, discussed other games of a similar genre, and also mentioned what the company plans to do in the near future.

“Do you know what the last Need for Speed ​​does? [It’s about Need for Speed: Payback. Ed.]? Think of what Hollywood movie she is trying to copy? I admit, we have a six-year contract with one big Hollywood company that can surpass what Need for Speed ​​is trying to do. <…> I’ll hint: look at me – I’m bald and pumped up, “Ian Bell said during the Q & A-Stream on Project CARS 2 on the SpotTheOzzie channel.

His words – a clear hint at the series “Fast and the Furious”, and the remark about “bald and pumped up” a man – an obvious nod towards the central star of the franchise in the person of Vin Diesel. So, most likely, car enthusiasts from Slightly Mad really plan the next six years to work on igrooadaptatsii one of the most popular fighters of our days.


It should be noted that “Fast and Furious” has repeatedly visited the territory of video games. Even the authors of the cult Need for Speed ​​Underground and Underground 2 clearly “peeked” at the first film of the series. However, really high-quality direct igraadaptatsii “Fast and the Furious” has not received, having got rid of several mediocre titles, games under license are rarely successful in winning the players’ love and respect for critics. Will Slightly Mad Studios, the authors of one of the best racing simulators of recent years, worthily transfer the series to the world of video games? Time will tell.

Source: eurogamer.net

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