September 17, 2021

The main experts of the industry were delighted with the mobile version of Wolfenstein II


The staff of the portal Eurogamer again dismantled the bricks a fresh release and gave food for thought to all those who need technical parameters of games more important than their plot. This time went to Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, which went to conquer the console Nintendo Switch. The first shots of the gameplay on the hybrid console could be confusing: it looked all a little weaker than on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. But the result surpassed expectations. Following the portable DOOM, there was another contender for the title of the best port.

Comparison with the Switch-version of the shooter in 2016 is not accidental, because the porting team was engaged in the same command – Panic Button. Action id Software played on the console of Nintendo new colors, so it was quickly dubbed a technological miracle. It would seem that it is impossible to surpass this success, but the developers have set another record.

The first thing that impressed the specialists of Digital Foundry – how skillfully Panic Button uses the capabilities of the Tegra X1 processor: Wolfenstein II works well on a GPU three years ago. Programmers managed to get rid of many of the problems they encountered earlier, and to improve the stability of the personnel frequency, although technically the creation of MachineGames is even more complicated than DOOM.

At the same time, important elements of the original did not have to be sacrificed. Yes, somewhere there appeared a wall blocking the view of the sunken ships (this allowed to improve performance), somewhere the windows in the houses were closed (again, to reduce the load), however the recognizable details and special effects remained in place. Dynamic and volumetric lighting, shading ambient occlusion, motion blur – all this is present in the port.
mobile version of Wolfenstein II-2
But the permit, alas, suffered. All because of technology adaptive resolution – it reduces the number of pixels depending on the load. The maximum that managed to squeeze out – 1280×720 points, but in complex scenes this figure drops to 640×360. Portable mode also does not impress with the results: the gunman works in the range 768×432 – 640×360.

As a result, on a 55-inch 4K TV, the shooter looks very blurry. The situation is saved by post-effects and temporal smoothing, but most profitable is Wolfenstein II on a small screen – the author of the material even believes that this is the best action movie in this category. For example, the low detailing of some elements is smoothed out here – on a large monitor this can distract from the gameplay and make it difficult to focus on the melee objects.

Action, like DOOM, diligently keeps the mark in 30 frames. At the same time, the authors achieved more stable indicators, avoiding significant jumps, even during complex action scenes. However, without problems there were some. In New Orleans, for example, and the resolution drops to a minimum, and FPS sags from street shootings.

In general, despite a number of shortcomings and problems, the specialists of Digital Foundry named Switch version of Wolfenstein II the best action movie for portable mode. Let the shooter differ from its prototype on the PS4, Xbox One and PC, while playing “on the go” creates a sense of the impossibility of the console Nintendo.


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