The prize fund of the tournament The International 2019 has already exceeded $ 25.6 million

Every year the same situation is repeated: the general efforts of Valve fans, the prize fund of The International tournament – the biggest competition in Dota 2 and one of the most important events in the world of e-sports – consistently updates records. Last year, it reached a size unprecedented by the standards of eSports ($ 25.6 million), and the total amount will be even more impressive. Actually, at the time of writing the news, the prize fund of The International 2019 exceeded $ 25.66 million. But before the start of the tournament there are still more than a month, during which the amount of the prize money will only grow.

As in previous years, Valve itself allocated $ 1.6 million, and further filling depends on Dota 2 players. By purchasing the Battle Pass ticket worth $ 10 or levels to it, they sponsor the tournament. Each combat pass purchased is + $ 2.5 to a common piggy bank.

The prize fund of the tournament The International 2019 has already exceeded $ 25.6 million 1
Interestingly, this year the amount of $ 25.5 million was collected in 55 days. That is, exactly twice as fast as in the past (110 days).

It remains to add that the final part of The International 2019 will be held from August 20 to 25 in Shanghai at the Mercedes-Benz Arena. For six days, the 18 strongest teams from around the world will compete for an impressive prize pool and a championship title. Last year, the team from OG Europe (formerly known as monkey Business) became the winner of The International. For the victory, the players received more than $ 11 million.


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