October 28, 2021

Top 10 best games and applications for iOS and Android for September 2018

Every month we choose for you the 10 best games and applications for Android and iOS, and now we present to your attention the most interesting news that appeared in the App Store and Google Play in September.

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Table Tennis Touch


  • Developer: Yakuto
  • Cost: Free

The gameplay of table tennis is the best suited for the implementation of applications on virtually any device, and even on consoles of the last century it was interesting to drive a small square around the screen with two stripes. However, even so simple at first glance, the mechanics can be implemented at a very high level, which the creators of the game “Table Tennis Touch” did.

The game was created by two – professional athlete Jordan Kirk, who represented Scotland at international table tennis tournaments, and talented programmer James Gratton, who implemented a digital representation of Kirk about how the virtual ping-pong should look. The result of joint work was a decent game “Table Touch Tennis”, one of the best in its category in the App Store and Google Play.

Table tennis live is a real arcade game, and therefore the correct simulator of this sport should not be overloaded with unnecessary elements. In the “Table Tennis Touch” simplicity of control, realistic and dynamic gameplay provides 90% of success, it is very difficult to break away from the game.

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The ball is served by two tapas on the screen, and beats off with swipe of different lengths and directivity, with spin and without. The essential difference with real ping-pong is that players will not interrupt as often as half of the opponent’s table (send the ball into touch). The rest is the same intense competition in agility, speed of reaction and technical execution of strikes. Even mistakes you will make the same as at the real table, if you play tennis live.

Another important component of Table Tennis Touch success is artificial intelligence that opposes the player. The developers have been polishing it from the first versions of the application, and now it’s really interesting to play with it, gradually increasing its skill and raising the level of difficulty to an 11-point virtual ping-pong terminator.

The main evolution of Table Tennis Touch, which occurred with the application over the long years of its existence, was the emergence of multiplayer, automatically increasing the pleasure of playing the game to a completely different level, because a minimal victory over any real opponent costs more than ten times higher than a tenfold superiority by the intellect.

However, the single-player campaign in Table Tennis Touch is also quite exciting. The main goal of the career is the pinnacle of the virtual ranking of table tennis professionals, achieved through victories in leagues, tournaments, and special events.

Another interesting mode is mini-games. Here, the player will have to hone skills, knocking down the pins from the table, hitting the ball in the highlighted areas of the table, etc.

The graphics and sound in Table Tennis Touch is slightly better. For such a game, the design is secondary, and nevertheless, the developers paid him quite a lot of attention – they drew beautiful detailed locations, picked up good soundtracks, recorded the real sounds of the sound of the ball and the emotions of the audience.

In the “Table Tennis Touch” there are built-in purchases, which, however, not too affect the gameplay. In the course of passing, the user gets new racquets, opens tasks and modes, all this can be accelerated by donating real money to the game, for them you can buy, for example, beautiful stickers on the racket. But you can easily do without additional expenses.

The game “Table Tennis Touch” can be safely recommended for downloading to anyone with a sporting spirit and excitement of competition. Sometimes everyone needs just such a game that does not require the study of principles, carries away for long hours, allows you to hone your skills and demonstrate it to real opponents.

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Doctor Who Infinity


  • Developer: Tiny Rebel Games
  • Cost: Free

Recently, the “three in a row” games have lost their originality, but the other day, the Doctor Who: Infinity game appeared in the App Store and Google Play, which is intended to correct this situation.

It’s worth starting with the fact that Doctor Who is one of the oldest TV shows that has been running from 1963 to this day. Of course, there was a break at 16, but still the new version of the series is a direct continuation of the old one. This rarely happens these days.

In the entire history, 840 episodes were filmed and the shooting is still ongoing. Also changed 12 actors. How did the creators of the series explain this? The fact that the Doctor Who can regenerate with a complete change in appearance.

But we digress from the topic, so back to the game “Doctor Who Infinity”. The developer is Tiny Rebel Games, and this is their second game in the Doctor Who universe. The first was “Doctor Who: Legacy”, which is a project in the “three in a row” genre. But there are two currencies there and a collection of different characters is required. In the new project there is no such thing, which is good news.

At the moment, the game has three storylines: “The Dalek Invasion Of Time”, “The Orphans Of Polyoptra” and “The Lady Of The Lake”. Each of the chapters was written by the writers of the series and will last about 8 hours. And over time, they will be more.

Each of these stories is served in the form of a comic book mixed with the gameplay and voiced by the actors from the series who accompanied the Doctor. Such a presentation is very pleasant, easy to digest and it is not difficult to understand what the events are about.

But with an understanding of who is who at all, problems may arise. To do this, you have to search for information on the Internet, good, on the cult TV series it is very easy to find. For example, in the first “book” the story is led by a certain “Missy”. Who is it? It turns out that the Doctor had a close friend, the Master, who later became his worst enemy. In season 8, he was reborn and became a woman Missy. It is very difficult to digest such a flow of information that has accumulated over thirty years.

The gameplay is also interesting and non-standard. Especially by the standards of the “three in a row” genre. To begin with, you can move a single chip for a certain time limit and therefore you can create several combinations in one move.

With the help of such an unusual solution, the developers have room for creating various goals that need to be achieved in order to go further along the plot. Your goal may be: the destruction of enemies, opening castles, searching, escorting heroes and much more. Of course, everything is somehow connected with the combination of color, but still it is much more interesting than the majority of modern uniform variations.

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Each level, as a rule, consists of three stages and at the very beginning conditions of victory and defeat are specified. If you lose suddenly, it’s okay, since you do not have to pass again all stages, but only the one at which you lost. And if a level is especially difficult for you, then you can skip it and forget about it.

The graphics, as we have already mentioned, are made in the form of comics. Drawing is pleasant, and, again, searching the characters on the Internet, I saw that they tried to portray them as closely as possible to living prototypes. However, it is logical, otherwise it would not be so nice.

Doctor Who: Infinity is available for free. In the free version, an introduction is available for each chapter, so that you can understand whether it is worth it or not. For the full version of each book will have to pay.

In general, Doctor Who: Infinity is an excellent representative of the “three in a row” genre. It stands out from the rest of similar games with a fascinating storyline, excellent comic-style graphics and unusual gameplay. And it’s great that you can try it for free.

On the other hand, those who vaguely imagine the plot of “Doctor Who” will find it difficult to understand who the main characters are, etc., without searching for it on the Internet.

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Where Shadows Slumber


  • Developer: Game Revenant Ltd
  • Cost: $ 4.99 (iOS), free (Android)

Nowadays it is very difficult to surprise people with the gameplay, since much has already been implemented before. But when the developer succeeds in this, it can be said with confidence that they have a hit.

This was with the recent puzzle “Donut County”, and now the creation from Game Revenant studio called “Where Shadows Slumber” claims it, or in Russian “Where the Shadows are Dormant”.

The first lucky ones could try the game two years ago when the demo version was released, but now it has already been deleted from the AppStore (it is still available on Google Play), and many levels in this game are different from the final version or are completely missing.

In the story, on your hero, an old man named Ob, a lamp fell from the sky. And soon the beastmen attack him, take the lamp and put him in jail. But Obu manages to escape, and you will have to help him get out of there.

According to the developers, “the plot part puts pressure on emotions and everyone can interpret it in their own way.” And you can not agree with them.

Similar in spirit to this game can be considered a series of “Monument Valley”, but do not expect that they will tell you a fairy tale. “Where the shadows are dozing” is a rather cruel game with murders and blood, and her world is in darkness, and every shadow from the sources of light can promise both salvation and destruction. And you have to play with these shadows. Well, with switches too, and sometimes with fancy combinations of these elements.

In fact, to describe the gameplay in “Where the shadows slumber” is quite difficult, because it is unique. But its essence is this: first of all you have to go through small locations to the exit. But on your way there will be broken bridges, people and other obstacles. To get around them, you need to find an object that casts a shadow on the right place, and then, as if by magic, bridges are restored, objects disappear, etc.

Next, you need to keep all this safe and sound, because if the object casts a shadow again, then everything will return to its original ruin. How to do it? It is already up to you. Either look for other escape routes, or save with the help of light.

The graphics could be called standard for such puzzles, if there had not been an element of the shadow game that looks plausible enough: the closer the object is to the light source, the more its shadow becomes, and vice versa.

The soundtrack also did not disappoint, as it is skillfully used to exacerbate the situation in the videos, and in the game itself allows you to customize the player to the desired mode.

The game is played in one breath. But unfortunately, you will not have to hold your breath for a long time, because it will take you three hours to complete the story. But they are definitely worth it.

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Chaos Reborn: Adventures


  • Developer: Big Blue Bubble
  • Cost: $ 9.99 (iOS), $ 9.99 (Android)

Is it possible to combine the elements of strategy, chess and poker in one game and at the same time make it qualitatively? It turns out, yes! Meet the game “Chaos Reborn: Adventures”!

This game is a continuation of “Chaos: The Battle Of Mages”. Initially, the game “Chaos Reborn” appeared on computers, and after it was decided to port to mobile platforms and the Canadian studio Big Blue Bubble took up this.

The plot in the game is very conditional and tells about the formation of a magician in a torn world of magic. The prehistory unfolds a huge textual story, and then it is difficult to grasp its meaning in rare conversations between long battles with other magicians.

“Chaos Reborn: Adventures” has a very deep gameplay. The main goal of the battles is to destroy the enemy wizard. To do this, you have a deck of cards with attack and summon spells that are dealt to you randomly. Each use of cards consumes a certain amount of mana, and you can use only one card per turn (except the card to destroy illusions).

And here comes the element of the poker game. You can bluff and invoke the illusion, that is, any creature from your hand, but without using magic. This is quite convenient in difficult situations, but there is a risk that the enemy will not believe you and dispel your illusion downwind with the help of the appropriate card.

There are also many other features: the ability to saddle some creatures, the height of the landscape, the balance of good and evil forces, affecting the success of spells, etc. All this is explained in the training, so I do not advise you to skip it. In adventure mode, you can walk around the world map, collect new armor, weapons and talismans in order to improve both your characteristics (the number of cards in your hand, the effectiveness of witchcraft) and the characteristics of monsters (damage and health).

You can play with other users both on the Internet and on one device; there is also the possibility of asynchronous games, which is good. I walked, walked out, came back – your move again.

The graphics in the game is pretty decent. Of course, you will not be able to see all the monsters close up, but from a distance everything looks very good. Although the world map, on which the hero wanders, looks worse than the battlefield. This happened because in the computer version they added it to the game at the very last and people accepted it as it is. Sense to improve it in the port?

Chaos Reborn: Adventures is an ambiguous game. She has a lot of pros and cons. Pluses, of course, associated with the battle. Beautiful graphics, deep strategy, asynchronous multiplayer for up to 6 people.

On the other hand, it is impossible not to note the unsightly storyline campaign, both in terms of information and in graphics. If it were not, no one would have particularly noticed her absence. Nevertheless, the game will surely please fans of this genre.

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Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition


  • Developer: Overhaul Games
  • Cost: $ 9.99 (iOS), $ 9.99 (Android)

For many gamers from around the world, the Baldur’s Gate series of games evokes nostalgic feelings. It was she who became one of the fundamental games that determined the further development of the RPG genre. Baldur’s Gate was completed in accordance with the second edition of the rules of the board role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons and was developed by the renowned studio BioWare.

Both for fans of the series and for ordinary video game lovers, the launch of “Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition” on iOS and Android has become a real event. The game features a thoughtful universe, a non-linear narration, and special attention to various small details.

The development of the augmented edition of Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition was carried out by one of the divisions of the online store Beamdog, namely the studio Overhaul Games. Notably, Beamdog based was a BioWare native Trent Oster. Throne of Bhaal is already included in the updated version.

You have to overcome the difficult path of the son or daughter of the god of murderers Baal. In the journey you will be helped by party members, who can take up to six characters with them. The allies, as was always the case in the series, have a well-defined personality, expressed inhabits, character, and convictions. In the course of the game with them you can quarrel, disagree, weave intrigue and twist novels.

The game takes place in a variety of interesting locations, including on the island of pirates, vampire dungeons, dragon caves, underwater city and, no less, in hell itself. Places inhabit all kinds of monsters and other dangerous enemies.

In the study of locations the character will fall into various situations that often intersect with each other and decisions made during the execution of one quest may remind of themselves in another. Assignments are full of ingenious puzzles, but problems can be solved and with the help of force, good for this you are given a wide selection of different weapons. In addition, the tactical pause function is available to you, which allows you to carefully consider the next attack.

A distinctive feature of iOS and Android editions are free add-ons, including Black Pit II: Thay’s Gladiators, about 30 new locations and 4 new characters. The technical part of the game has also been improved. As noted by Trent Oster, many of the problems of the original game have been fixed, the design of the locations has been updated, and the interface has been improved. It was decided to leave the graphics almost unchanged, which adds a special nostalgic charm to the game.

Fans of the series and just fans of good video games will appreciate “Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition”. The game is able to delay for many hours thanks to interesting quests, a well-thought-out setting and convenient mechanics.

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KlikIt Original


  • Developer: Miratus Ludus
  • Cost: Free

Not so often in the App Store and Google Play you can find simple, but at the same time interesting, and in some ways even unique, puzzles. Most of them either try to repeat the success of the most popular representatives of the genre, copying the same mechanics, or try to emphasize the plot component, which is not always to the taste of an ordinary mobile gamer. But the most important thing – from time to time you have to be content alone with your magnificent abilities, and you see, sometimes, you want to crush your opponent with the intellect (or excessive luck). It seems that the game “Klikit” will try to fix it.

When you first enter the game, you will immediately be greeted by her “mascot” – a multi-colored toy sock. He will not tell you silly jokes in the style of a sock puppet theater, but he will share the basics with great pleasure. By the standards of modern times, the design of the game may not seem the most attractive, but by doing so Klikit perfectly preserves the spirit of the classic time killers.

The gameplay of the game is a real vinaigrette of genres: it got something from a three-in-a-row, something from a tic-tac-toe, something even from gambling entertainment, and all this is seasoned with a multiplayer component chip “Klikit”. Matches, by the way, are searched fairly quickly, for which the game is a definite plus.

In the competition take part from 2 to 4 players, who first make a bet, and then go to the square “battlefield”. They walk all one after another, alternately arranging the eye-strips of their color, the long chains of which explode occupied cells and bring points. It is not difficult to guess that you need to score more than others to win, and in order to do this, you need to become a cold-blooded, ruthless and prudent opponent.

In war, all methods are good, because at the beginning of each game, players will receive two bonuses. The first of them will allow you to create a strip that blocks enemy chains, the second – will become a link where it is so lacking. But be careful, use them wisely – they will be updated only with the advent of a new round and the subsequent expansion of the playing field, of which there will be three. Try to also collect squares of the same color – for 4x combos you will be able to get extra points.

Well, in order not to remain a guest and get access to all privileges, Klikit will offer to log in through Facebook. Immediately after that, you will be given a modest bonus in the form of in-game currency, as well as open the opportunity to play with your friends. To allocate a lobby for friends, it is enough when creating it to change the “Public” option to “Private”. It’s funny that the game even has its own official song, performed in the style of pop. It can be purchased in iTunes.

Klikit also motivates to win well, because for every defeat you will lose precious coins, which can easily end with an inaccurate game. Of course, you can buy them for real money, but many probably would like to do without it. How long can you stay afloat?

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Life is Strange: Before Storm


  • Developer: SQUARE ENIX INC
  • Cost: Free

Square Enix sometimes pleases its fans by porting high-quality games to mobile devices. In December last year, the company released the port of adventure “Life Is Strange”. But this release would be incomplete without a prequel, which appeared last week on iOS and Android.

Events “Life is Strange: Before Storm” unfold three years before the original game. The main character this time is 16-year-old Chloe Price, residing in the deepest depression. It is not surprising, because her best friend, Max Caulfield, moved to another city and stopped responding to text messages a long time ago, dissolving into her new life. Two years ago, Chloe’s father died in a car accident, and now her mother began to meet with an authoritarian retired military named David, whom a teenage girl could not stand. Being under the strongest psychological pressure, Chloe begins to drink, smoke, skip school classes and in every way possible look for trouble on her head.

Who knows what would have happened to the main character, if she didn’t meet Rachel Amber, a celebrity of the Blackwell Academy. Rachel is the daughter of a famous lawyer, a beauty, one of the best actresses of the theater group, the dream of local guys. Everything suggests that Rachel has a great future. However, not everything is as simple as it may seem at first glance. And in fact, Rachel has no less problems and internal demons than the unsociable Chloe. The plot of the game is divided into three episodes. In the first, a player becomes a witness of how a strong friendship is born on the basis of similar problems between girls.

In Life is Strange: Before Storm, the developers managed to create an incredible atmosphere in which the player literally drowns, penetrating the emotions of the characters, their inner world.

Unlike her friend Max, Chloe does not possess supernatural powers and does not know how to manipulate time. Her strength lies in her ability to crush her opponent with intellect mixed with offensive bites. A sort of Battle between two characters, when a player has to quickly choose the most ingenious and degrading answer option for an opponent in order to defeat him in a verbal duel.

In “Life Is Strange: Before The Storm” there is no main “chip” of the original (time rewind), but this did not affect the fun of the gameplay. The rest of the gameplay has remained virtually untouched. You still wander around the locations, communicate with the characters, explore the items found, read notes, posters and incoming SMS messages. Among the characters of the second plan you will meet a lot of old friends. Decision making, as before, affects the further development of events. You can drink beer at a rock concert and wake up in the morning with the wildest hangover, you can steal money from an NPC to pay off your debts, but then you will have to answer for your deed in the future. Virtually any decision you make has consequences, and they can not take effect immediately, but, for example, only in the next chapter of the game, or even in its very final, when you have almost forgotten about your mistake. This is worth noting very cool!

In the original game, Max did not part with her camera and constantly took pictures for her personal creative project. Chloe can not boast the skills of a photographer, so in “Life Is Strange: Before The Storm” she just leaves behind herself various graffiti in the form of drawings and texts on the walls. Remember that exploring the world in this game is vital. After all, the only way you can unlock some answers and questions in dialogs with key characters. Again, no one binds you to this. However, if you are inattentive, you can voluntarily deprive yourself of very interesting plot fragments. And he is just wonderful in this game.

In general, “Life Is Strange: Before The Storm” can be called a wonderful gift for fans of the original game. Chloe Price, becoming the main character, managed to fully reveal to the players. Before the release of the game, many fans feared that Chloe would not be as interesting as Max. In fact, it turned out that the hooligan outcast in many ways surpasses his girlfriend. This game is probably the best way today for an adult to once again feel like a teenager. We strongly recommend this adventure to familiarize all those who missed the continuation of the original story, as well as individuals who are tired of the monotony of the modern gaming industry.

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Happy glass


  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Cost: Free

Find good games in different ways. The most effective of them is HYIP, when applications are being heard from all sources. For example, at one time everyone was playing “2048”, in which it was necessary to put squares with the same numbers. Another option is the recommendations of friends and all sorts of ratings. The latest is the game “Happy Glass”, which demonstrates the icon of the store’s “best free puzzle”.

“Happy Glass” is translated as “Happy Glass”, which is the main character of the game. The meaning is simple: at the beginning of the level the glass is always sad. Your task is to make him shine from happiness to the end of the round.

In theory, nothing complicated. For the passage it is necessary to fill the glass with water, and at the very top. But as the jet flows in the other direction, the fluid still needs to be delivered. To do this, draw a pen line that will direct the water to the target.

At the end of the level you get from one to three stars. The less ink used for the auxiliary figures, the higher the score.

The game is very thoughtful and realistic physics. If you draw a line of irregular shape or place it in the wrong place, you will probably have to pass the level again. The flow of water can wash the figure and run in the wrong direction. It also happens that the glass itself drops from the pressure.

The main feature of the game “Happy Glass” is that there are no restrictions. You can play it safe and draw a figure with an additional elevation, so that the water just went in the right direction. The opposite of this is to carefully cover the hole from edge to edge and hope for the best. The less you draw, the higher the score.

In the game there are many different levels that do not resemble each other. Sometimes you just need to deliver the water to the address, and sometimes – do not let the glass fall. The main thing is not to limit imagination and solve puzzles in the most effective ways.

“Happy Glass” is a really good puzzle. Due to the presence of several options for passing levels, each of them will seem new. The game will not let you get bored and give you positive emotions.

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Pigeon pop


  • Developer: Fortafy Games
  • Cost: Free

“Pigeon Pop” is a game in which the main role is played by the pigeon. This is an extremely fun and exciting creation. In “Pigeon Pop” excellent graphics, traced the details of objects at each level. Particular attention is paid to the sound and synchronization of the pigeon with the background music. The game will appeal to both children and adults, it does not make the player to strain, you just enjoy the gameplay, absorbing the corn and bypassing all obstacles, moving the pigeon with the body together.

It’s amazing how the developers thought of making the pigeon’s body resilient. During jumps in the menu, his body as a spring is synchronized with the background music. Even without pressing the Play button, you can enjoy the game animation. The bulk was achieved by 3D-graphics in 2D-space.

Now a few words about the main game mode. Pigeon needs to absorb all the grains of corn, this process is rather complicated due to the presence of spoiled grains, due to which the pigeon dies. Different levels include different heroes, it can be caterpillars or bees. In addition, at different levels there may be different types of vegetables and fruits that the bird needs to eat. As you progress through the levels become more complicated, and the characters appear more and more.

The game has a basket with daily gifts. Each caterpillar saves life with the wrong choice of corn grain. It is assumed that there are several additional game modes. So far only one is available – Feeding, where the player must feed the pigeons chicks. This mode may seem interesting to many.

In the settings of the smartphone, you can adjust the volume of music and sounds, you can also turn off advertising, but for the money. For a few tracks, a player can buy different types of birds. In “Pigeon Pop” there is a leaderboard and a section with achievements.

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Maze: Shadow of Light


  • Developer: THUMBAGE
  • Cost: Free

The path to the release of “Maze: Shadow Of Light” was long and thorny, but even despite the multiple edits that had to be made directly during the soft-launch, the game still managed to get to us almost in its original form. Now it’s your turn to face all the difficulties that the desert has prepared for you.

“Maze: Shadow Of Light” is a dynamic RPG with a very interesting combat system “Tag Action”. It will allow you to switch between the characters right in the middle of the battle and create incredible combinations of their skills. And you will often have to fight here – both ordinary monsters and huge bosses will take the role of opponents, for which you will need a raid.

The word “Maze” in the name is not without reason – you will travel in a real maze in which you never guess where the enemy is hidden and where the reward is hidden. In any case, it will be interesting to explore the locations, because the game boasts nice cartoon styling and good level design.

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