October 19, 2021

Top 10 best games and apps for iOS and Android for April 2018


We decided to pick the best 10 games and applications for Android and iOS, which, in our opinion, are most worthy of your attention. In this article we will tell you about the most interesting new items that appeared on the App Store and Google Play in April.

Battle Boom


  • Developer: Four Thirty Three
  • Cost: free

For some, rivalry is a huge stress and a lot of spent nerves, while others, on the contrary, find this an additional incentive for their own victory and do it with great passion. What category do you include yourself? This will help you figure out the exciting game Battle Boom from the studio Four Thirty Three.

This is a very addictive strategy with real-time combat, featuring good graphics and numerous gaming capabilities.

The commander of each army dreams of bringing his soldiers to victory. It is for this purpose that thorough reconnaissance is conducted, detailed plans are drawn up and a competitive strategy is developed. And if you apply here a high level of professionalism of the military involved in the operation, then the long-awaited victory is practically in your pocket. With all this you will have to understand in detail the fascinating strategy of Battle Boom, where all the main action takes place on the battlefield between your army and the rival soldiers.

Despite the fact that battles, as mentioned above, are conducted in real time, without a pre-designed strategy, you can not do it, otherwise you risk losing too many soldiers and be in a situation that is not in your best situation. So try with the mind to dispose of the 70 combat units represented in the game, and only then boldly lead them into battle.
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  • Developer: ARTE Experience
  • Cost: $3,99 (iOS)$ 5,50 (Android)

If you like to draw graffiti, then you will surely like the game “Vandals” from the studios Cosmografic and ARTE Experience. This game helps to satisfy the need for creativity and at the same time no real wall will suffer.

The plot in the game is missing. And is it necessary? You are a free artist who paints graffiti walls. Naturally, this is not for everyone. In particular, this applies to policemen who protect law and order. Therefore, the gameplay will be to bypass the patrol, leave the art on the wall and hide in the night.

The very principle is taken from the game Square Enix called “Hitman GO!” And the other parts of the series: your character goes alternately with the police on a kind of rails. Even for those who did not play it, but saw the trailer, it will be noticeable.

But despite the similarities, the Vandals are very interesting and has several important differences. First, the process of applying graffiti. You are given complete freedom to paint. Any of your fantasies can be portrayed on a virtual wall, and then after level you can share your creations with friends. And this is a very interesting introduction, because some want to express themselves, but do not paint the real walls? But virtual – please!

Secondly, you can not kill people here. Therefore, we have to look for safe ways. Planning is in advance, because getting to the site of graffiti is only half the battle. You need to reach the exit. However, it is only necessary to get down to business, as the hero becomes the object of close attention of all nearby patrols.

The further, the more interesting. You can move through the sewers, hide in the bushes, and the enemies will patrol the terrain, their viewing area will increase, and so on.

At this point in the “Vandals” 60 levels: ten major on the city + bonus levels, opening for the collection of stars. For the level you get three stars: for not catching the eye, for passing the level in a certain number of moves and for collecting the bonus item. Two any stars are easy to assemble, but all three are quite problematic, since you need to collect them simultaneously using a route conceived by the developers. That is, it does not work, for example, pass the level quickly and imperceptibly, and then return and collect a bonus for three stars. It’s unclear why the developers decided this way, but fans of achievements will have to sweat fairly over the game.

Graphically “Vandals” looks pretty good, but that’s all there is to say about this game. It is not worse and no better than similar projects.

What I would like to note separately, is that at the level you can find files in which you will be introduced to the history of graffiti and show the most famous works of that time. For those who have never really been interested in the origin and characteristics of street art, while the idea certainly seems interesting.

In general, despite the fact that the Vandals are similar to the creation of squares, it is impossible not to recognize its merits. It is not devoid of uniqueness in the gameplay, allowing players to realize their inner vandal/artist. Also we can get acquainted with the history of graffiti, which, definitely, is unusual and pleasant. And for fans of 100% of the passage there is something to occupy because you have to find the optimal way that the developers came up with. On the other hand, it can scare away ordinary users, because to open a second bonus level it is required to collect 30 stars, and this is very, very difficult.

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Project Highrise


  • Developer: Kalypso Media Group GmbH
  • Cost: $3,99 (iOS)$ 5,50 (Android)

Do you want to try yourself in the fields of construction and management? Then a new game called “Project Highrise” from the studio Kalypso Media Group GmbH was created just for you. In this game you will be given the opportunity to build skyscrapers, but apart from money investments for construction, you will need to understand that in building not only money, but also reputation is important.

The game begins modestly. On a small plot allocated for building, there is an awkward building with offices paying rent, and the infrastructure that this money consumes. In order to somehow become a plus, you need to grow in breadth and up, creating new places for companies, to pull electricity, gas and water over the floors and provide the guests with a good mood. Each room requires certain services and communications: if the private detective has enough closets with a table, electricity and telephone, banks need a limousine service and a decorated lobby. Along with the influx of new residents, prestige is also growing, opening access to wealthier residents.

The main types of premises that bring money are three, and they have, in addition to their own requests, dependence on each other. Apartments, for example, need garbage cans on the floor, while no serious tenant will not want to enter the skyscraper without shops. Merchants, even if they do not need communications, prefer to stand in busy areas where they have more chances to repel the lease. Well, office clerks do not think themselves without catering enterprises.

Such relationships form a complex network in which it is interesting to understand. Bonuses from tenants are also different. All of them regularly pay money, but shops and restaurants also attract visitors from the city, and those, with the help of word of mouth, increase fame – your fuel for advertising campaigns. Apartments and “important” offices (government institutions, dentists) help to make friends with influential people who can remove restrictions on the height of buildings or acquaint them with talented artists to decorate the tower. If, with all diligence, the building still does not bring income – it’s time to go for a loan to the bank and execute a couple of contracts from the city government.

The vagaries of people complicate the situation even more. Radio stations do not like noisy neighbors, and the smell rising from the pizzeria is driving the lawyers crazy. The key to success is competent zoning and the inevitable growth up. Despite the fact that each new superstructure is more expensive than the previous one, the view from the windows of the 50th floor will calm any hysterics.

After mastering all these wisdoms, you can proceed to scripts. Among them, there are few really unusual, but with the help of simple restrictions and rules SomaSim was able to make the tasks interesting. In one, there are almost no government contracts, in the other – an uncomfortable zone of building in the form of an iron, in the third one you need to bring to mind a 40-story skyscraper behind an unsuccessful colleague.

The look of the tower, built by oneself, calms. Life is constantly boiling in it: couriers flee for their business, lodgers read the morning newspapers, repairmen repair the broken elevator. The visual style of Project Highrise makes one recall the Madmen and the game This is Police, and architecture and interiors are inspired by the industrial design and retrofuturism of the 60s. In a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere and pulls to build another floor, then another and …
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Message Quest


  • Developer: Kalypso Media Group GmbH
  • Cost: $1,99 (iOS)$ 1,99 (Android)

Message Quest is a game about lazy and lazy people. More precisely, this is a fairy tale. Her hero, Festa, is very fond of sleeping and eating. Uncomplicated hobbies do not go well with the service in the Order of the Heralds, but it does not bother him, while in the closet there are a couple of bags on which you can comfortably settle down and eat the sandwich found in the corner. In general, not life, but a dream, which, however, overnight the evil chief is ruining – you see, the world is in danger, there is no one to harness, everything is bad, it’s time to work and so on.

You must have realized that the angle of this story is unusual. Feste is one of those messengers whose role is usually limited to delivering a distress signal to knights in shining armor, which then do all the glorious work. Despite the fact that such mediation, it is already half a move, attention is not paid to it at all.

The plot of the game does not hide a mad intrigue, in Message Quest everything is childishly naive, obvious and modest. Here the basic morals are singled out boldly, the characters’ characters are easily anticipated and the denouement is outlined in general terms – but you did not expect a different approach from the fairy tale, right?

Where the delivery is more important, but she decides everything. The narrative is permeated with warm irony and wonderful humor, the flow of which does not stop for a minute.

Gameplay in Message Quest is parodic. The player is often contacted directly, so that he pokes one of the characters or dragged the stubborn Festa to another location. Conversations are interactive on both sides, additional replicas act more like miniature Hochma to maintain the mood. A couple of times wedged fights with bosses, and all the rest of the time, the simplest puzzles “take puzzles in the picture.”

So do not be deceived before the time: the word “Quest” in the title is just part of the “for the lazy” – this is by no means a quest with all the relying attributes such as inventory and ornate riddles. Each scene is literally in a couple of clicks and gives the level of the tablet adventure, where the active point is always one and inflated to approximately the screen size of your smartphone.

On the other hand, Message Quest offers a tight and compact action. Let it pass it in the worst version of the hour in two, this time is filled with exceptionally light impressions, not burdened by hangings on abstruse riddles. By the way, the game is beautifully decorated: the stained-glass painting with spontaneous anime-impregnations looks bright and original, while managing not to overload the picture. This is enough to use the game not just as fun as, say, an alternative to a cartoon.

Recommend to everyone in a row the small story of little Festa will not work, it all depends on how much of the powerful game component you expect of her. Someone will seem a little, someone – it is too easy, but someone will be satisfied with the contagious atmosphere of friendliness and fun.

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World of Gunships Online


  • Developer: GameSpire Ltd.
  • Cost: free

It is not easy to make a successful control simulator with any technique. Especially if we talk about flight technology, and even more so for mobile devices. A small screen and the lack of physical buttons for gadgets, restrained interest among players – all this makes avia simulators, to put it mildly, not the most popular mobile genre. But you must agree, because air battles are no less interesting than ground battles. Until now, this genre lacked a successful idea and a high-quality implementation, but now everything can change.

Game World of Gunships from the studios GameSpire LTD and Cube Software is a helicopter online “lelatalku”, on the quality of development comparable to AAA-projects for PCs and consoles. The game boasts quality graphics, user-friendly controls, as well as a large selection of models of helicopters, weapons, maps and everything else, for which players are so fond of “shooters”.

This is an online game, and the first thing to do is to have an account. After registration, the player gets to some unnamed aircraft carrier. In the World of Gunships this immediately and the main menu, and hangar … The analogy suggests itself, but, perhaps, it’s not bad.

As usual, the player is initially available only one combat vehicle – a helicopter of the very first level. As you progress through the game, you can improve it or buy a new, more serious level. But at first there is simply nothing to press, except as “IN BOY”. There are four modes: “Training”, “Death fight”, “Team battle” and “Your game”.

Modes in the World of Gunships are classic for online shooters. Separately, it is worth to stop at the mode of “Your game”. It allows you to create your own game servers, which is very convenient if you want to play with your friends.

The ultimate goal of any level is the complete destruction of the enemy’s forces, and in the “Deadly Battle” mode, you must destroy everything that comes to hand. In the performance of the task the player will be helped by an arsenal: a machine gun acting as the main weapon, and a rocket. The latter do much more damage and have an aiming system, however, they recharge much longer and fly more slowly. Dodge the machine-gun turn is problematic, but you can get away from the rocket. First, defense systems warn if the helicopter became the object of enemy guidance, and secondly – in the arsenal there are special traps. We wait until the rocket approaches, we press the button – and now the tail has already rushed for a false goal.

The fuel stock of the helicopter is not infinite, and if it ends in the middle of a combat sortie – the game ends. You can refuel by collecting canisters scattered on the map.

The graphics in the World of Gunships are wonderful, the picture looks great even on large screens of tablets. In addition, it can be customized as desired. Now this is quite a rare phenomenon – usually the game itself sets the preferences, based on the characteristics of the smartphone. And in fact at times so it would be desirable to enjoy beautiful graphics, even at the price of a couple of frames per second.

World of Gunships has every chance to become the first among the helicopter “letalok” on the virtual shelves of GooglePlay and AppStore. Beautiful graphics, easy management, lots of technology, weapons and game levels – World of Gunships definitely worth a try for all fans of online battles.
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Vikings: War of Clans


  • Developer: Plarium LLC
  • Cost: free

Surely, many of you remember the popular in the 90’s and 2000’s strategy, which tightened so much that it was simply impossible to break away. After all, these were not usual in our time, runners and clicks, but serious strategies that, moreover, developed thinking, since there really was a lot to think about. Now these games are gradually out of fashion, but recently on the Google Play and App Store appeared project Vikings: War of Clans, which is sure to please both fans of the genre, and those who just want to try something new.

Vikings: War of Clans combines everything for which this genre is fond: you need to rebuild your village, manage it, train warriors, then protect your kingdom or go to extract resources to other villages and cities. However, the main idea of the game is not “robbing caravans”, but in improving your village, training soldiers for new opportunities and wise management of all this wealth.

Strategy Vikings: War of Clans takes you to the Middle Ages, where the warlike Scandinavian tribes live. These guys in the veins burning blood – Vikings only let me go to the next battle. They help to pass the tests of the campaign and defeat the enemies.

The more the resource base and the army of the city, the more respectfully they will treat you as a leader. And as we know, one of the main qualities of a true leader is the ability to negotiate and enlist the support of allies. For this, the game has a clan system, and there are also enough Russian-speaking users in the game.

When it does not work out, you have to demonstrate your mastery of the art of war. The battles of whole kingdoms, which consist of hundreds of clans, are held every week in this strategy. In addition, no one interferes with your own strength to attack the enemy and either just grab his resources, or completely erase his city from the map. Thanks to the map, by the way, all rivals and friends are in the palm of your hand – you can monitor the progress of everyone.

The key to a successful game is the pumping of the hero and the city, as well as the extraction of resources, as they play one of the key roles in Vikings: War of Clans. That is, you do not need to immediately go to battle at small levels: it is better to first obtain enough resources (build new mines, sawmills, and improve existing structures) and build up the army. Especially at the initial levels, there is no point in fighting, since it will not be possible to obtain much.

In the process of the game, you need to constantly connect your cunning and savvy. So, for example, before attacking other cities, it is worth exploring where the owners have not appeared for a long time – this will greatly simplify the battle and reduce losses among the soldiers. Even better – send scouts to find weak enemy troops.

Bleeding the hero himself opens great opportunities, because only you decide what skills to develop. Do you want the opponents to lament from one blow? Then pump the damage indicators. Play in the defense? Forward to improve defensive skills. But as soon as you pump your kingdom to a high level, most of the game will be made up of fights. The combat system in the game is diverse. You yourself are a commander and decide when to attack, and when it is better to take a defensive position. In any battle, the main thing is tactics, and often the outcome of a whole battle depends on making one decision.
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Still Here


  • Developer: David Smit
  • Cost: $2,99 (iOS), $4,99 (Android)

Probably, many of you are familiar with the children’s book “The Unusual Adventures of Karik and Vali” by writer Jan Larry, who tells about the fantastic adventures of children in the world of insects. This work has forever buried many of us in our souls love and respect for the small “bottom” world and now everyone can plunge into it by installing on their smartphone the game “Still Here”.

From a visual point of view, the game looks simply stunning. The depth of the image of the “lower” world, attention to detail at every level, amazing characters – all this works for the atmosphere of the game. It turned out a kind of “steampunk” in the world of insects.

Visually, each level is a single small masterpiece, filled with atmospheric lighting, weather effects, excellent musical accompaniment. But the tasks that have to be performed at the level are, in fact, the same. At first there is a feeling, as if you are in a kindergarten in a sandbox. You can not go there, you can not come here, and you are forced to collect not scattered toys. But this situation persists for the time being. The game, by the way, would have come up with absolutely any story, but the authors decided to create an intrigue: people left the planet, we need to understand what’s the reason! Do you have enough motivation to go through the game?

You need to find 5-7 lost items, without which the “boss” level will not miss further. These can be parts of the camera or part of the head of the creature. It all depends on what the level habitat will command. We must give credit to the artist of the characters. It was necessary to invent such heroes, the creators of Luntik have much to learn! But back to the gameplay, an example of one level. As a rule, in the center of the location is a beggar. And we play for a small bug, fairy, drona, in general, as someone like it better. With the help of jetpack on pressing on the left or right half of the screen, we move around the limited location in search of the necessary objects, which, as a rule, are not particularly hidden from the eyes.

The main rule is no more than one subject in one hand. So, you need to investigate the level to find them all. Find half of the case. It is necessary to convey to the “boss” intact and intact. In fact, while we will not satisfy the beggar, further there is no road. Here, the main “catching” component of “Still Here” is gradually revealed. Our cyber-fairy has one life to the whole level. Damned the spike – collect all the parts first! And if in the first stages you have to try hard to die, then in the future, it will not be difficult to run into any trap. Accordingly, the further, the more difficult it is to find and deliver the subject. Gradually, there are thorns, electro-traps and air currents, springboards, switches on the levels … The game begins to come to life. There is interest and some kind of hardcore. The real adventure begins.

For all its beauty and atmospheric, interesting voice acting and love for the “lower” world, we could not overcome the sense of monotony that prevailed over us throughout the game. Perhaps this is a subjective opinion.

Of course, “Still Here” deserves attention, it looks great and plays well. In this game you are waiting for an incredibly beautiful world, as well as quite difficult for children and simple for adult gameplay.
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Paladins Strike


  • Developer: Hi-Rez Studios
  • Cost: free

In April, the studio Hi-Res introduced the final mobile version of the popular on the “large” platforms of the game Paladins.

On mobile platforms, the game acquired a top view, and the battles take place in teams of 5 to 5. The studio claims the availability of 20 playable characters from the computer version of the Paladins.

The main menu gives players access to regular and rating battles, rewards for entry and gaming activities, as well as various additional functions: rating, communication, hero manager, store and so on.

The interface does not look cumbersome, although some elements seem superfluous, for example, rewards for entering the game and performing daily tasks could be combined. In the store, players will be able to purchase game characters, runes for character enhancement, dual experience cards and, of course, skins for heroes. The prices in the store bite, so for quick unlocking the characters will have to play every day. In the settings there are adjustments to graphics, the behavior of our characters, for example, automatic sight, and most importantly, it is assumed that the server can be changed. So there is a small chance to pump yourself an account right now, and then calmly transfer it to the nearest server.

Heroes are made very qualitatively, they are easy to recognize and, in principle, a decrease in the quality of models is not noticeable, if at all. The heroes still have the opportunity to choose one of the Legendary skills. One of them is open immediately, and the rest will have to be unlocked for the essence.

Runes, as a matter of fact, give passive characteristics for all characters of the account. They must be bought and installed on a special rune page. In order not to limit players in choosing a role, players are allowed to have up to 6 run-of-the-run pages. Thus, each player will be able to assemble several assemblies of passive bonuses that are suitable for different types of characters. In order not to create an excessive imbalance, to activate the rune you will need not only to deposit money for the rune itself, but also to raise the minimum level to open the cells where these runes are installed. It does not solve the problems of donators completely, but it creates some illusion of balance.

Talents are the same for each hero and open with a level in combat. Every few levels a player will be able to choose one of two talents and thus influence the events in the battle, adjusting to them as much as possible. In fact, there is one large pool of talents from which they are distributed according to the characters, so do not be surprised at the same talents of many heroes.

Thus, Hi-Res still emphasizes the uniqueness of each character in battle, but alas, as it often happens, great online and lots of money give some players a significant advantage in speed of development. The only question is how this will affect the interest of most players who are not ready to invest a lot of money at once.

Now in Paladins Strike 3 combat modes are available, a rating game and the opportunity to practice on turrets. The latter function is especially interesting, since it makes it possible to try all the characters in action without making a purchase. As can be seen from the training mode, the developers have tried to leave the abilities of the heroes as close as possible to the computer version. Heroes, whose abilities were built on the flight, still fly, some began to move faster than jumps. Mechanics of receptions basically remained old, although some skills, for example, the sight, now give additional characteristics, since they lost their original need.

The call of the Juggernaut: the team must defend the control point, which calls the mythical creature of the Juggernaut. This unit will help the team in destroying the enemy base. Actually, this is the mode closest to the classical idea of ​​the MOBA genre.

Siege: as in the computer version of the Paladins, players will have to capture the point. After the capture will appear a wagon, which will need to be delivered to the enemy base. For the capture and delivery of the team receive one point of victory.

Deathmatch: The mode does not need to be introduced, because it has long been known to all fans of video games. The team that wins the first kills 30 wins.

In general, the game was very decent. The presence of a top view, strangely enough, did not reduce the dynamics of the battle – players are still waiting for a rabid action and a cycle of events. However, the influence of the gaming experience or the user’s skills is significantly reduced. The need to disarm opponents has disappeared, and the opportunity to arrange an ambush has been reduced, because there are no more angles of view for the players. But there was a need to interact with the team, moreover, the importance of the game team has increased many times. And the higher the player’s rating, the more obvious this influence. In fact, the game is a good adaptation of the game Paladins, rid of the shooter component and, in fact, very close to the genre of MOBA. Only in contrast to the competitors has more modes, the brand is untwisted at the start, familiar to many heroes, and most importantly, the lack of the need to farm. Thus, the player immediately falls into the thick of events, and the speed of the development of events is very important on the mobile platform. We do not think that the lack of bases, as such, in some game modes can greatly ward off users. So the rest of MOBA games have acquired a strong competitor, which in the near future can easily prove to be, if not the leader, then one of the first among such games.
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Chaos Control


  • Developer: Chaos Control
  • Cost: free

Nobody likes difficulties. It is often easier for many people to abandon the performance of something complex and lasting, albeit promising. Against us, and the rhythm of life: every minute to the list of current affairs are added new and new. Various organizers and task managers help to control all this, and the most convenient of them is the application “Chaos Control”.

This organizer helps to implement the main advice of the genius of productivity and the author of the theory of Getting Things Done by David Allen: if information can be downloaded from the brain to external media, this must be done.

The principle of “Chaos-control” is reduced to four components: setting goals, developing a plan for their implementation, creating the conditions for success and managing chaos.

Let’s say we have several goals in life. Immediately reach them is difficult, so we break the whole upcoming path into a series of phased tasks. For each task, we specify the context under which it can be executed. During the day we are guided by the proposed plan, and all the suddennesses are sent to the special storage reserved for them.

Now let’s take a closer look at how everything is arranged here.

Projects and folders

Projects are our big goals. Folders are the directions to which they relate: work, personal affairs, and everything else. In each folder, we can create as single projects, and combine them into subsections. For each project, you specify the start and end time for work on it.


So in the system of “Chaos Control” are called the steps that we must take to realize what was planned for life. These actions can be single or inhabited within the framework of projects. Each task is assigned a context – a certain condition, in the course of which it is carried out. There is an opportunity to install several reminders that will not let you forget about what needs to be done.


They can be both places and people. For example, if it’s a meeting, it’s clear that you can hold it only at work, and preferably the presence of colleagues. “Chaos Control” offers several standard options (“In the office”, “In the network”, “Home”, “In the morning” and “When there are free 15 minutes”), users can add their own. Here, the only drawback of the application was found – the task is associated with only one context, and everything else has to be written in the notes.

The Place of Chaos

This is a kind of purgatory for all incoming information. Here one can throw off sudden ideas, plans and questions that do not require an urgent solution. Here all this will pass the test of time, after which it will acquire the form of a task or project, and if not, it will go into oblivion.

The “Chaos Control” has two widgets, with which you can go both to today’s tasks, and to the repository of still unclaimed information. It is very convenient, by the way, that access to it can be carried out on the desktop: so the user will not for sure forget that “The Place of Chaos” must nevertheless sometimes be put in order.

In general, we have the most pleasant impressions of the application. Everything is extremely simple and understandable, there are reminders and the possibility of individual adjustment. More from the task manager, nothing is needed.
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  • Developer: Chaos Control
  • Cost: free

Developers from the studio Memorado believe that strategy, shooter, arcade, race and other game genres – it’s all good, but more attention should be paid to applications that develop the ability of the brain, as this contributes to the improvement of life in general. If you agree with them, we suggest you download the Memorado application, which can be called the gym for the brain.

Before starting the game process, the application will ask you to answer a few questions about the following: Do you want to easily remember new names, quickly grasp new topics, be able to keep all your business in your head, keep calm in the environment of chaos, or make the right decisions in stressful situations – depending on the importance of these issues, you will need to assign them an asterisk. Based on your answers, the application will select for you an individual training program.

The Memorado application contains many educational games: you will need to memorize the order of appearance of figures, exclude figures that do not match the rest by certain criteria, add and subtract in your mind, plot routes, indicate the trajectory of the rays, and so on. According to the developers, all these exercises were created by scientists specializing in neuroscience – they will help you develop your memory, concentration, reaction speed and other useful qualities.

In total, the application is available 19 games and about 600 levels, which have a pleasant and not distracting visual design. Tasks are compiled individually and for each day. Also in the appendix there are tests that will determine the growth of your mental development. The application is distributed free of charge, but it has a premium subscription, the cost of which will depend on the period of its acquisition – again, according to the developers, it will accelerate the learning rate by 74%.

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