October 19, 2021

Top 10 best games and apps for iOS and Android for August 2018


Each month, we choose the top 10 games and apps for Android and iOS. And this time the most interesting new items appeared in our TOP, which appeared in the App Store and Google Play in August.

If you for some reason missed our last “top ten” of the best games and applications, please follow this link.

Pocket City


  • Developer: Bobby Li
  • Cost: $ 4.99 (iOS), 2.99 $ (Android)

AppStore and Google Play are overflowing with town-planning simulators, which pursue one goal – squeeze more money from the user for crystals, premium buildings and other husks. And now, finally, a good paid game called Pocket City appeared, where nothing of this exists. It’s interesting, is not it?
When you start the game you will be offered two modes: sandbox mode and city mode. They differ in that in the first one everything is open at once and you are immediately given a million dollars for construction, in the second you have to gradually open it. Most of the time we spent in the second mode.

The goal of the game is to create a metropolis from scratch. In general, everyone knows the goal of each town-building simulator.

You have the opportunity to build three zones – residential, commercial and industrial (there is a graph showing which of them the townspeople need). By building them one by one, one can develop. A bit monotonous, but over time, pour into this rhythm of life. Also, you have the opportunity to influence these indicators, building parks, beaches and attractions to attract more residents.

In general, after careful study of the game, we came to the conclusion that this is quite an interesting economic simulator, because these scales depend on the happiness of the population, which in turn depends on many different factors: the presence of traffic jams, the availability of zones, crime, ecology, health care, taxes and many other factors. And all this must be monitored and regulated.

Over time, when the city grows, there will be various natural and local disasters. They can be considered robberies, fires, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions and much more. And it’s very cool, because such things are very diverse gameplay, and it’s nice to watch these events. Of course, robberies and fires can be easily managed by building fire stations and police stations.

Of course, with natural disasters there are incidents, since they completely destroy buildings on earth, which will be touched. For example, we had an eruption of a volcano in the vicinity of power plants and the whole city was left without light. But this is so, little things, since you can rebuild everything back almost instantly.

All the space in which the action of the game takes place turned out to be not too big, since already by the 30th level the area of our city occupied half of all available space. But, in general, this area is enough for imagination, as it is enough for all the necessary buildings and do not have to demolish something to build new buildings.

The graphic component is quite suitable for the game, but it is better not to consider it near, because you can see that it is far from ideal.

And if you do not bring the camera closer, everything looks great. Sometimes it’s just nice to look after the life of your city. Cars drive on roads, pedestrians ride bicycles or walk on sidewalks and do their own thing. And in the forests you can see deer and other living creatures.

In general, the game was very decent and very similar in terms of gameplay to the old Sim City.

It has a variety of possibilities for playing and just for watching life.

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Fruit Master


  • Developer: Ketchapp
  • Cost: free of charge

In 2010, the legendary game Fruit Ninja was released. It was necessary to cut the fruit into small pieces and at the same time to be surprised by the multi-touch capabilities in the smartphone. Now, like Ketchapp employees who created the game Fruit Master, in which you need to throw knives and prepare cocktails in parallel.

The semantic load of the Fruit Master minimum. The upper part of the playing field is intended for rotating fruit. There are watermelons, oranges and lemons. At the bottom are a blender and knives.

The latter can be sent to the fruit bouquet by a usual tap on the display. Immediately after pressing the weapon flies up. The task is to knock down all the fruits and not miss. If the knife is flying past the target, the passage ends.

Each successful level ends with a new cocktail. When there are four, the game will prompt you to spin the wheel of fortune. With its help you can win coins, crystals and other delights of life.

Cocktails are automatically sold for sale and coins are brought. You can spend money on new knives and throwing asterisks.

It’s easy to play Fruit Master. In this case, the game is quite interesting and makes you want to pass the level to the end (it’s unlikely to be done from the first time).

In general, the game Fruit Master can be called a worthy representative of the arcade genre. There are no fascinating plot lines and top graphics, but the game spends extra time perfectly.

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One Hour One Life for Mobile


  • Developer: Wereviz
  • Cost: $ 4.99 (iOS), $ 4.99 (Android)

A few years ago, a programmer, writer, musician and game designer Jason Rohrer released a game called “One Hour One Life”, which is a multi-user “survival” with unusual conditions: each character takes only one hour to live.

Last week in the App Store and Google Play, finally, there was a mobile version of this game called “One Hour One Life for Mobile”.

In the game, a new character can appear as an adult or as a child of another player. Every minute he gets older for a year, and the game ends an hour later, or if the hero dies. Players can create an unlimited number of characters. The overall goal is to build a civilization while taking care of our own “children.” For this purpose in “One Hour One Life for Mobile” you can create about 10 thousand items.

Another interesting point of the game is that after each of your deaths you have the opportunity to look at the genealogical tree in general, in order to find out how your descendants live.

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Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn


  • Developer: Mad Dog Games, LLC
  • Cost: free of charge

On iOS and Android, there are very few good, worthy of attention, games in the genre of beat’em up, as many developers go in the direction of simplifying the gameplay and management. Therefore, the game “Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn” appeared last week surprised us.

The game “Shaq Fu” originates in the distant 1994. Then she was a fighting game. In 2014, Big Deez launched a company on Kickstarter to sponsor a new game about Shakil called “Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn”. And it was not a sequel, but a restart of the game in a new graphics, a storyline and other things. In June this year, it came out on various platforms, and this month – on iOS.

In the story, you are an African-Chinese orphan Shak Fei Hun, who was no different from his peers, except for large sizes and marks on his neck. Once, the village was attacked and it turns out that your mentor was a defender of the land, and you – the hope that evil will not win. To do this, kill the demon-celebrities.

In general, the plot is very peculiar. He, like a tank running through modern realities, neglects the everyday framework. Jokes are absolutely the same (strange, as they were generally missed in the age of tolerance). Developers go on the edge, releasing jokes about sexism, racism and homosexuality. What is worth only the boss of “Baby Face” who appears in the form of a cock and is a parody of Justin Bieber. Although to some extent all this is quite amusing.

In terms of the gameplay you will find the classic beat’em up of the times “Fighting Force”. You need to run around the streets and destroy the enemies in batches. You have in your arsenal a standard blow, blow-combo and super-attack, scattering all around. Sometimes you are given costumes that provide unusual skills, but they are rare.

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn has two problems. The first – the same enemies, which can be divided into four types: ordinary dohlyaki, thick pitching, demons and arrows. Of course, sometimes their skills and costumes vary, but this is almost not noticeable. However, the old games had the same problem. Perhaps it’s all about the genre.

The second is not very comfortable management. The buttons are small, Shakil sometimes gets stuck, the invisible walls / borders of the screen and many other problems that interfere with pleasant pastime in the game. But it’s worth to adjust to it and everything becomes much easier.

The graphics in Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn are very pleasant. There are no angularities, no other problems. And it’s a pleasure to watch the tricks, especially when they are shown in slow motion or when the enemies fly into the screen.

In general, the game “Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn” is a good example of the genre of beat’em up: beautiful, cheerful, with a sarcastic plot and jokes.

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Hipster Attack


  • Developer: Televisor Sp. z o.o.
  • Cost: $ 2.99 (iOS), $ 1.99 (Android)

Nowadays, there are so many kinds of coffee, that the most ordinary black coffee is hard to find. In any case, in a new game called “Hipster Attack”, it’s definitely in short supply. In this regard, in a world where it is almost not left, the office plankton should stand up for the protection of the last bastions of black coffee.

The gameplay is reminiscent of the famous “Plants Vs Zombies”: you will have to collect a miracle drink and display units that will save coffee shops from furious hipsters. The roles of defenders will be played by office workers, bouncers and many other people who crave for ordinary black coffee.

Perhaps, “Hipster Attack” is an attempt by developers from the Televisor company simply to show in an ironic way what is happening in the society, or maybe not.

You expose the selected workers on the left side, and on the right come the hipsters. The currency for buying new workers is black coffee, which falls from the sky or is produced in coffee machines. There are still dollars that you can spend on temporary gains, but you can completely cope with them.

In general, the idea with hipsters is original, it can not be denied. Office plankton attacks them with job offers and the like. As a result, the “humanizing” of the hipster takes place – the mustache, the forelock, the beard, and then the clothes fly off. As a result, the embarrassed adversary in some shorts runs away from the battlefield. If you do not cope and the enemy approaches your worker, then he beats him and kisses him to the hospital.

In general, hipsters are similar to each other with slight differences in clothing. Workers are a bit more diverse, but they do not differ too much.

However, playing the “Hipster Attack” is interesting, so rather download the game on the links below and enjoy.

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Flowlingo: Learn Languages


  • Developer: TheMeatly Games, Ltd
  • Cost: free of charge

With the application “Flowlingo: Learn Languages” you will quickly learn to read foreign articles and watch videos without translation.

The most effective way to learn a new language is to fully immerse in the appropriate environment. When everyone is around in a foreign language, then, if you want it or not, you soon begin to understand it. And then read, write and talk.

The application of Flowlingo suggests using this method of training without moving abroad. With it, you get the opportunity to read articles, watch videos, learn fragments of books in your chosen language. The application has an instant translation function, so if you suddenly encounter an unfamiliar word, you can always see its meaning.

At the first start, Flowlingo will offer you to choose which foreign language you are going to study. The application supports 22 translation directions, including Russian, English, Spanish, German and French.

In the main window there are links to popular sites in your chosen language. You can open any article and start reading. If there are any difficulties, just select a word or a sentence so that its translation appears.

The next tab contains links to the video. Basically, these are short news stories, training videos, movie trailers and children’s cartoons. Each is accompanied by a simultaneous translation. A great way to practice listening.

The most remarkable thing about the application’s work is that all the words that caused your difficulties automatically fall into your personal dictionary. Here you can assign to each of them a corresponding image and save as a flash card. Their program will periodically offer for repetition until you firmly digest a difficult word or phrase.

Another nice point is that the application Flowlingo is distributed free of charge and does not contain advertising.

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SwiftKey Keyboard


  • Developer: Televisor Sp. z o.o.
  • Cost: free of charge

SwiftKey is a well-known alternative keyboard labeled Editor’s choice.

After installation and startup, the setup wizard appears: the SwiftKey activation screen and the input method switching. In addition, the wizard has the option of forecasting, or personalization. In turn, it assumes: synchronization in the cloud, social networks (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote) and exchange of user data between devices. Also SwiftKey can change the writing style based on messages in social networks.

In the list of active languages, you can specify Russian – the application downloads online databases for auto-correction and prompts. In terms of multilanguage SwiftKey shows itself very well – the application supports more than 80 languages, and with dictionaries.

Another feature of this keyboard is the wide possibilities for setting up the interface. First, it’s more than 70 themes. Secondly, the change of layout modes: full-screen (Full), for thumbs (Thumb) and compact (Compact). You can fasten or unlock the keyboard on the screen. And, thirdly, the layout display can be easily switched on the fly, through the shell menu.

If we talk about the convenience of writing, then for this answer “smart” autocorrection and personalized tips. In addition to this, gestures are supported.

An alternative method of writing text is SwiftKey Flow, it’s also a svap-input. Allows you to create text without interruption from the keys, using gestures and hints. All finger movements are displayed as a color line, while SwiftKey suggests the word variations on the corresponding panel.

In general, in terms of its capabilities, SwiftKey can be called one of the best alternative keyboards with personalization functions and a variety of design layout options.

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Business Card Reader Pro


  • Developer: ABBYY
  • Cost: $ 7.99 (iOS), $ 7.99 (Android)

The smartphone of a modern business person is not just a gamepad with a camera and a media player, but an indispensable assistant, who can charge a lot of routine duties to free up time for really important things.

Below we will talk about the application Business Card Reader Pro, with which you can easily transfer data from business cards to your smartphone contacts.

Many people are forced to keep a lot of contacts of employees, business partners, suppliers, etc., at the same time they have to manually transfer them from the business card to the phone. Business Card Reader Pro solves this problem in a fairly simple way – the built-in text recognition algorithm allows you to save all the necessary data on the device with one single snapshot.

The program receives a photograph of the business card, automatically cuts and aligns it, and then transfers the data of the owner or company. At the same time, Business Card Reader Pro can work with several languages at once (25, including Russian), automatically add the country and city code, search for the indicated addresses on Google Maps and much more.

No less competently organized and storing business cards, the user can sort them by various parameters, including georeferencing, stored in the cloud for viewing on other devices, send via E-Mail or SMS, add notes, photos, export to Excel and much more.

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Pool Break – 3D Billiards and Snooker


  • Developer: Kinetic Bytes
  • Cost: $ 0.99 (iOS), 49.99 UAH (Android)

Pool Break is one of the best virtual billiards for iOS and Android. In fact, these are two dozen games in one application: pool, snooker, carrom, croquinol and their variations.

Immediately after launching the application, the player is asked to make a choice in which of the billiard types he wants to try his hand. Even if the gamer turns out to be unfamiliar with the rules of some kind of game, it will be explained to them by the built-in training notifications. In extreme cases, you can learn everything in practice, on the move entering into a duel with artificial intelligence.

If everything is clear with the pool and snooker, then far from everything is known about carrome and crokinole. Problems with the development of their rules should arise precisely. After choosing a variety of billiards, the player is asked to determine the size of the table (7, 8, 9 feet) and its shape (conventional or hexagonal).

You can play with artificial intelligence, with another user alternately on one device or over the network. Management in Pool Break is intuitive, there is quite a good visual component, there is the possibility of detailed image and physics settings.

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Monster Fishing Legends


  • Developer: PlayFlame OU
  • Cost: free of charge

Monster Fishing Legends is a game about fishing, a very unusual fishing … Millions of years the oceans were home to giant monsters. Until today they were nothing more than legends. Do you have enough courage to go on a boat to the open sea and try to find out the truth?

In the game Monster Fishing Legends, you’ll swim next to the eel-like sweetheads the size of a skyscraper, admire the giant intelligent floating tree, you’ll be able to catch a mermaid on a candy with stuffing and make a terrible hydra pose for a photo in local newspapers.

With simple one-touch control, this adventure is available to seamen of any age. Be ready to cunningly feed and catch on the hook dozens of unique sea monsters, and beware of dangerous undercurrents, otherwise they will take away your bait. Get ready for pitching, because the more you swim away, the stronger the monsters will be! You are the main hunter of monsters in the world, and only you are able to discover what mysteries hide the depths of the waters.

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