October 28, 2021

Top 10 best games and apps for iOS and Android for July 2018

Top 10 best games and apps for iOS and Android for July 2018

Each month, we choose the top 10 games and applications for Android and iOS, and this time our top included the most exciting new items that appeared on the App Store and Google Play in July. If you for some reason missed our last “top ten” of the best games and applications, please follow this link.

Drone Storm


  • Developer: Fast Tap, OOO
  • Cost: free of charge

Nowadays, with the help of drones, beautiful landscapes are removed, they participate in exciting races and even deliver food. However, in the future everything can change. In the game Drone Storm robots will turn into a formidable weapon that will protect the planet from invaders. Your task is to repel enemy attacks and prevent them from capturing their native land. The mechanics of the game resembles the Arkanoid, while in Drone Storm good graphics, advanced system of improvements and brutal bosses.

Everything starts with a background. On our planet attacked space invaders, who want to destroy all life. The only hope is the battle drones, which go to the battlefield to save humanity. They you will manage.

The meaning of the game is simple. At the bottom of the playing field is a combat cannon that fires drones in the right direction. Trajectory you can choose yourself: to do this, make a swap with your finger, aim and release it. The goal is to destroy as many enemies as possible.

On the hull of each enemy weapon there is a figure. Behind it lies the number of strokes that it will withstand. Our fighter, too, does not lag behind – with each level from his muzzle will fly more drones. The number of charges with ease will exceed 40 soldiers.

On the hull of each enemy weapon there is a figure. Behind it lies the number of strokes that it will withstand. Our fighter, too, does not lag behind – with each level from his muzzle will fly more drones. The number of charges with ease will exceed 40 soldiers.

The game Drone Storm just will not let you get bored, because it is endowed with a lot of special effects and a bunch of action. Each impact of the drone is accompanied by a booming sound – the developers literally give a sense of the moment of collision of metal bodies. In addition to this, intense music plays against the background. She makes it clear that the battles here are not comic. The fate of the whole Galaxy is at stake.

For a change in the game there are all kinds of bonuses. For example, the selected medicine cabinet icon adds one drone to the shooting queue, and horizontal and vertical lasers break everything in its path. Thanks to this game has a strategy note: sometimes it’s better to hit exactly than strongly.

Drones in the game a lot. There are conventional devices of different sizes, which do not differ in additional features, but there is, for example, a drone defender. He drops out of the boss level 250, besides, he must be assembled from five parts. Difficult, but it’s worth it. Such a fighter deals three times damage to triangular enemies.

For purchases you need to save credits or buy them for real currency. In the store there are packs from 200 to 8500 coins.

For success, it is necessary to apply the so-called leverage method, that is, to obtain the maximum benefit from one drone. The secret is simple: you breach the defense of the enemy and throw the detachment into the rear. The balls will concentrate in one place, they will fight back from the walls and cause a heap of damage.

Drone Storm is suitable for everyone. Developers position the game as a time killer, which will brighten up a spare minute.

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Versus Run


  • Developer: Ketchapp
  • Cost: free of charge

The speed of decision-making in life is very important. With it, we improve the mind, and at the same time learn to think about the consequences. Practice and achieve results will help you play Versus Run. In it you need to collect bonuses, evade obstacles and do not forget about the enemies that are catching up behind.

Developers introduce the course quickly and efficiently. The rules are formed in four cards. If you want to jump to the right, click on the last half of the screen, if left – in the left. In addition, you can not step on obstacles and linger on the road. If you drag a lot of time, the enemies will catch up.

The playing field is a labyrinth. Your task is to quickly move along its back streets and not step on the platform. At the first touch to the ground the game will end.

The process complicates the motion of the plates. They spin, shoot and just interfere with the passage. It is necessary to notice the barrier in time and avoid contact.

Sometimes on the way there are pipes. They should not be afraid. Zaprygivaete in the tunnel and collect bonus crystals – almost like in the “Mario”. Stones are needed to unlock new characters.

Also do not forget to look forward in the direction of motion. There are many dead ends on the maps. If you get into them, only the restart button will save.

Versus Run – a live game for the clever gamers, which will brighten up the free minute and will not let you get bored.

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The Walking Dead: Our world

Top 10 best games and apps for iOS and Android for July 2018-Our-world-Logo

  • Developer: Next Games
  • Cost: free of charge

Finnish studio Next Games officially introduced the game with support for augmented reality – The Walking Dead: Our world. The novelty, which lasted almost a year, is already available for download in the App Store and Google Play, and completely free.

As expected, The Walkind Dead: Our world is something average between the games of the original series of “Walking Dead” and Pokemon Go with the expected preponderance of the former.

The essence of The Walking Dead: Our world is pretty simple. The player will perform quests, which mainly consist of killing zombies and escorting civilians to cover, getting rewards for them, building bases and upgrading their weapons arsenal.

As the story progresses, characters familiar to fans of “Walking Dead” will appear in the game based on the comics and serials of the same name, and help the hero to pass extremely dangerous and complex missions.

Many tasks are compatible with augmented reality. If this option is available, a corresponding radio button will appear in the upper left corner of the game interface, which will transfer the mission to the real plane.

To expect from the regime of augmented reality of something supernatural is not worth it. At this stage, the game lacks a clear consistency when placing objects in the real plane. Because of this, often even within the same AR-scene, half of the characters can clearly stand on the ground, while the remaining levitate about half a meter above


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Life Is Strange


  • Developer: SQUARE ENIX IN
  • Cost: free of charge

Life Is Strange is a mobile version of the popular “Quest” of 2015. This is a bright and atmospheric adventure game, broken into five long episodes.

Quest features a well-developed three-dimensional graphics, a twisted plot and a number of won awards. Unlike casual games, Life is Strange offers a solid portion of content, it’s an adventure for several tens of hours, not a one-time time killer. Life is Strange is more like a graphic novel with a high degree of interactivity. If the console original has bypassed you, then we recommend not to skip the version of the game for iOS and Android. For connoisseurs of quality “Quest” game can be a real gift.

As for the visual part of Life is Strange, it’s just amazing. The game is based on the Unreal Engine, so on mobile devices it looks luxurious. Graphics and characters in the adventure are perfectly worked out and realistic. From local visual beauty is breathtaking. Although some people’s movements look a bit unnatural, in general, the Life is Strange graphics are at a very high level. What is called an AAA class. The color palette is rich, and dynamic lighting and weather change contribute to a deep immersion in the adventure.

Music is quite consistent with the genre of “adventure game” and completely transferred from the original. Perhaps the only drawback is that Life is Strange is entirely in English, there is not even a translation of subtitles, let alone voice replicas of characters.

The adventure story in Life is Strange twists around an 18-year-old girl named Max Cowfield. She studies for a photographer and has an amazing gift – she can rewind time at any time, which allows her to make a choice in the past and watch the so-called. “Butterfly effect”. At the beginning of the game, Max sees how the hurricane is catastrophic in its consequences. Its task is to prevent the destruction of the city, but the main storyline does not become the only one in the game.

In the first episode, you save the life of your best friend Max, Chloe Price. Students will soon begin to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Rachel Amber, their classmates. During the investigation, the girls find out very intriguing details about the hidden life of the town. It turns out that by changing the past, you can stay without the future. Management in Life is Strange, like other adventure games, works in the style of “navigate and push”, everything is clear and simple. To look around, you just need to slide your finger across the screen. To go to any object – just click on the ground next to it. Any object that can be interacted with in the game is highlighted – just touch it to select one of the two available actions – “Watch” or “Use”. If the control scheme of just one touch does not suit you, then in the settings you can turn on the virtual joystick.

As soon as Max’s ability to rewind time becomes available, you can activate it by clicking on the button in the upper left corner. You can rewind the scene or enable acceleration if you can not wait. You can also use “quick undo” to return to the point where the player needs a solution. Sometimes you have to rewind the same scene several times to get all the valuable information for making a decision. All decisions made in Life is Strange affect the development of the plot.

Life is Strange – this is, perhaps, the most high-quality port of good adventure for mobile devices from consoles. This game has everything to become popular: luxurious graphics, fascinating history and many hours of gameplay.

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Ketchapp Summer Sports


  • Developer: Ketchapp
  • Cost: free of charge

Summer is an ideal time for sports. Exercise in the street can be done without unnecessary layers of clothing and is completely safe for health. But if you pull yourself up and push yourself really out for some reason you do not want, we suggest you download Ketchapp Summer Sports. This game combines several types of activity and will allow you to stay in shape (though only on the smartphone screen).

The game begins with training. The meaning is simple: the character runs independently, and we need to press the display in time. It is necessary to do this at a time when the hero runs through special yellow-orange zones. If you hit the yellow bar, acceleration or jump will be more effective.

Another variant of interaction is a long tap. The latter is useful for maximizing speed. Questions should not arise, since the training is extremely lucid.

There are four types of activity in the game: running with obstacles, javelin throwing, long jumps and bicycle racing. The mechanics for everyone are similar, but still different. For example, when running it is enough to press the display in time to dial speed and overcome obstacles. In the case of jumps in length, you first accelerate with a long push, then tap just before jumping.

Activities smoothly change each other. Your task is to set new records. In parallel with this, we advise you to collect coins, which will be useful for unlocking new items of clothing in the main menu.

And although the game is diverse, you can pass it with one hand. The story is the same as with other Ketchapp products: the gameplay is as simple as possible, but it drags on for many hours. Therefore, Ketchapp Summer Sports is suitable for all those who miss the excellent time-killers.

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Asphalt 9: Legends


  • Developer: Gameloft
  • Cost: free of charge

Asphalt is a special car simulator that does not pretend to be realistic, but offers a lot of positive emotions.Asphalt 9: Legends is the most arcade game of the series, and the developer emphasizes this with the TouchDrive autopilot system.

At the beginning of the game you are put behind the wheel of the red Ferrari and show that the race may well become an ordinary runner.

Artificial intelligence automatically controls your car, but it gives you the ability to control the brakes on corners, mindlessly throwing supercars with the price of aircraft in a skid, pressing the button nitro in the hope of going even faster and responding instantly to the choice of direction when the track is divided.

Fortunately, TouchDrive can be switched to the usual buttons or gyroscope.

It is worth noting that without an autopilot to control the car in a new series of arcade racing is extremely difficult. When you switch control, consider that you choose between the normal mode and the pro. It’s good or bad, it’s up to you.

Asphalt 9: Legends is a direct continuation of Asphalt 8: To take off, which came out in 2013. It would seem, between the games of 5 years, but outwardly they are very similar and almost do not differ in gameplay. Both games show how not to behave behind the wheel in real life.

To go faster, you need as much nitrous oxide as possible. To replenish its stock, you can not only collect scattered on the road bottles of different colors, but also ram your opponents or perform wild tricks.

Tricks for the 9th version of the game were actually written off from the 8th. To a greater extent, these are 360-degree lateral upheavals, which can be performed after a collision on special jumps. Kind of like this and not an indispensable element of the game, but without a supply of nitro you will not go far, so you will fly like a DeLorean DMC-12 from a popular movie.

In the game you have to prove that you deserve the status of a legend. To do this, you will pass career assignments, collect parts and cars from drawings, collect cards.

This is not only the most arcade, but also the most dynamic race on any of the mobile devices. Events are so fast that you do not even notice how the next track is coming to an end. This is definitely not Real Racing 3 with its measured realism.

The graphics in the game can be called stunning, but at maximum settings it is only on flagship smartphones and tablets.

Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini – in the new Asphalt you will be able to ride any of the most thoroughbred iron horses from different parts of the world, and there are more than 50 of them. The series was always famous for its beautiful wheelbarrows, and the 9th part was no exception.

In the career mode, you are waiting for more than 60 seasons and in total more than 8 hundred of races. This will be more than enough to consider all the stunning locations that the game will offer.

Each track is constantly divided, offering several ways for the passage of the next intersection. Determining the direction is difficult even in the TouchDrive mode, not to mention manual control. This will make you pass each track several times, and knowing the shortest path will definitely play into your hands online.

The space for tuning moved here from the previous game series. On the one hand, it is insanely large. On the other hand, it’s linear, and it’s not so interesting.

Of course, the modern parts of the racing saga on the iPhone and Android look dozens of times steeper, but I want to study them all the way down and down less and less.

If you like games of this series, be sure to try and new. You definitely will not be disappointed!

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Alto’s Odyssey


  • Developer: Snowman
  • Cost: free of charge

A team of three developers from Toronto, calling itself Snowman, announced Alto’s Odyssey back in late 2016. In early February 2018, pre-order was opened, and last week the game finally saw the light.

The sequel to Alto’s Adventure did not become a revelation, but it surpassed the original in all respects. And it’s great. Many have been waiting for a new hit for more than a year, and, looking ahead, we want to note that we are delighted.

Indie studios Snowman managed to refine the idea of high-speed ski descent, turn it from a relatively banal arcade into an adult project of the AAA class.

In the game Alto’s Odyssey it will be nice to hang, wearing headphones, in between the tasks of insane everyday life. She will also come to relax on the way home at the end of a hard day.

During the next endless descent on the board, interesting ideas and steps for their implementation appear in the head, there is an intellectual relaxation.

Alto’s Adventure began the adventure story of a clever boy named Alto. He likes to conquer the mountain slopes on a snowboard with his friends and does it with feeling and sense.

In the first part of the game, he travels to the snow-capped Alps to drive through the hills, forests, ruins and other locations, visit local villages and challenge their elders.

Alto’s Odyssey brings the gameplay from the fierce snows to the very heat of the endless desert. You do not need to get acquainted with the first part of the game, before you try the second one – it’s a new project, and you can start with it already.

In the fresh part of the game you will roll down the board over the hot desert sand, balance on the ropes that hold the balloons, perform tricks over the vineyards in the oases. Still waiting for you are amazing canyons, temple cities and many other locations.

On the gameplay, Alto’s fresh adventure is not much different from the first part. It’s a side-scroller in which you roll over the mountain automatically and control jumps and stunts with tapes anywhere on the screen. But there are nuances.

In the new game appears an interesting element – a balloon filled with hot air. From it you can push off, and it famously springs, allowing you to overcome even the widest abysses. It’s fascinating.

If you are used to the Alto’s Adventure slides and understand the laws of the game, absolutely new people are waiting for you here. It was over them that the developers worked so long.

In addition, the sequel has a dynamic change of weather conditions and time of day, almost two dozen new jobs that will not let us get bored.

The game does not cease to amaze with every new call. It requires you more and more new approaches and does not get bored, despite the relatively monotonous gameplay.

Each level of the game is three different tasks, after which you will be given as much more. You will do tricks over air currents, twist a somersault through the gorges, tear off the flags from the ropes.

Coins are scattered on the slopes, they will be useful to you in order to make outfits in the workshop. Here, for example, you can collect a helmet that will protect you from one collision with an obstacle, or a pickaxe that will help you get out of the gorge.

The game introduces you to the mountain slices, by which you can slide, once you get a normal snowboard. This is a new mechanic, which will add variety to the gameplay.

To start sliding on the cut, touch the screen and do not release your finger until you need to jump off. If you do not learn this, you can not go through many big obstacles in the game.

The developers set a goal – to make the most interesting project for the user.

“… we focused our attention on making the world of Alto’s Odyssey as magical as possible …” (Ryan Cash, founder of Snowman, in an interview with Red Bull)

“Alto’s Adventure was the beginning of a whole story for our characters, which we will be able to tell for many years.”

The game looks really incomparable, it has an excellent musical accompaniment and even a special Zen regime that offers to plow its spaces without restrictions.

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Punch Club


  • Developer: tinyBuild LLC
  • Cost: $ 0.99 (iOS), $ 3.99 (Android)

Retro has long been a fashion in the game industry, and therefore new items that correspond to this trend, appear in stores with an enviable regularity. Most of them are of no interest, and only a few are worth the attention of gamers. Among the latter is the game Punch Club.

The value of this game is not limited to retro stylistics, but above all, it is the original gameplay. Using the characteristics of American militants of the 80s, the project is not a fighting game at all, which one might think first, but a real simulator or a soldier’s manager.

The history of the Punch Club begins with the murder of the father of the protagonist. An orphan is picked up by a former policeman and retains in his upbringing. Nothing particularly good from this does not work – a young man grows a real gouge. Once he is attacked by evil persons in a dark alley, and he turns them off in front of a man who turned out to be his father’s former friend, in combination – a coach. He invites the guy to take part in the fighting tournaments, and from this moment, actually, the game process begins.

You have to constantly “pump” your hero, tracking the indicators of strength, agility and endurance. To maintain them, you will need to train regularly, but for training you need money, and you can earn them only at the construction site. Building the same as training, takes a lot of energy, which should be restored with food and sleep – on the first, again, money is required, for the second – time. In the end, you need to make your character a mode, considering that the ultimate goal is the championship in tournaments.

Fights in the Punch Club will take place almost without your intervention. Their outcome will depend on the chosen style of struggle and the characteristics of both rivals. The process of training, championships and household activities is accompanied by a story about revenge, friendship, betrayal and other things gleaned from old classic Hollywood fighters.

In summary, it should be noted that the game successfully combines retro elements and original gameplay. You should definitely try it!

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Death squared


  • Developer: SMG Studio
  • Cost: $ 0.99 (iOS), $ 0.99 (Android)

In the asset of the Australian indie studio SMG Studio, there are already some good mobile games, including Thumb Drift, Over The Top Tower Defense and the One More Line series (Jump, Bounce). In 2017, developers released an explosive puzzle game Death Squared for consoles, which offered a cooperative passage for two and four people. Then the game was ported to the Nintendo Switch, and recently it was released on iOS and Android.

In Death Squared, you have to control the square robots. The task is simple – you need to hold the robot to a certain point at a level, on the way overcoming treacherous traps and dangers. Despite several annoying aspects and simple humor, the combination of amusing puzzles and game design will bring many pleasant minutes both during the passage in cooperative and in solitary mode. When playing in solo mode, solving puzzles does not require simultaneous actions, but you will have to adjust to managing two different characters.

The mobile version of Death Squared disappeared full-fledged multiplayer, but there was a cooperative mode, where you and your friend can play on the same smartphone or tablet, managing characters with the help of two joysticks. Although some puzzles that require coordination are easier to solve together, coordinating actions with a partner can be a problem.

The existence of a cooperative and single-user mode is an interesting approach for mobile games, which, in fact, offers two game processes in one project.

Developers have applied another non-standard approach: the left joystick is responsible for controlling the red robot, and the right one is blue, although it usually happens vice versa (left-blue, right-red). For example, on the Nintendo Switch console, the left Joy-Con controller is blue, and the right one is red. When playing in the single-player mode of some players, this discrepancy may be a bit confusing, but the co-op will not have problems.

Behind the movement of your character you need to closely monitor and not too close to the edge of the protective block, otherwise your robot can get under the bombardment of lasers. This can be somewhat annoying at times when you need to take a few very careful steps to solve a puzzle and even the slightest error works against the player.

The game offers a large number of levels: 80 story and about 30 additional levels of increased complexity, which open after the passage of the story campaign.

To play in a minimalist style and square protagonists, the quality of the picture of Death Squared is more than worthy. Particularly touching hats and masks, thanks to which robots are felt by real characters, and not just square boxes in the labyrinth.

Death Squared manifests itself in all its glory when playing in the command mode and, perhaps, to someone the console version will seem more interesting. But the mobile version has something to offer. You can play alone or play with a friend on one smartphone or tablet

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Hello Neighbor


  • Developer: tinyBuild LLC
  • Cost: free of charge

Hello Neighbor – this is a very extraordinary game, which was released at the end of last year on Steam, and now moved to iOS and Android. Users rated the game differently, and we wanted to figure out why.

Hello Neighbor developed the studio Dynamic Pixels. The publisher was TinyBuild Games, which released such hits as “Dungelot”, “Party Hard”, “Punch Club” and other equally famous games.

The plot of the game is as follows: on a typical summer day you played the ball when you suddenly heard a scream from the neighbor’s house. Who could scream like this? You decided at all costs to find out what is happening there. Therefore, time after time you will go there and stumble on the same rake. That is, prepare morally to the fact that you will be caught many times. And it does not matter whether you put the “friendly neighbor” regime or not. He will catch you again and again, especially if you play Hello Neighbor for the first time.

Why for the first time? Because you simply will not know what to do, because the sequence of actions for passing the game is likely simple and understandable only to the developers themselves, and simple users will have to pore over so that this sequence is understood.

In a huge house you will need to find five items that are in the most inaccessible places. And further – it is more difficult, because in the second act you can not escape from the vast territory of a neighbor and it will forever get under your feet, and in the third the house becomes incredibly gigantic in which it is very difficult to navigate, even with passing. Difficulties are added by the change of the time of day, because at night, practically nothing is visible.

Pleases that you can escape almost through any hole: whether it’s a door or a window (you first have to break it by throwing an object at it).

The second and subsequent times are much easier, since you will already know approximately what lies where.

Management is quite well adapted for mobile platforms, although it should get used to it. At first, it’s terribly annoying that two buttons are assigned to each button and the character does not always perform what you ordered him. So, the developers combined the leap and the opportunity to sneak, the opportunity to deliver or throw an object.

The graphic component of the game pleases. All is executed qualitatively and characters with scenery are pleasant to look. The only thing that grieves – the “fish” eyes of the main character, but his face almost never flashes, so you can forgive this “style of the mobile version.”

Separately, I would like to note how the developers made the model of distribution of Hello Neighbor. The first act is available for free, and if you liked the game, then here’s an opportunity to buy the full game. Did not like it – well, in any case, you have not lost anything. It would be desirable, that more developers adhered to such model of distribution as it would reduce quantity of returns of games and superfluous expenses.

In general, Hello Neighbor is quite an original game with elements of stealth and colorful graphics, which can upset users by the fact that there is an eternal opportunity to be caught and search for items that is not always amenable to explanation. Because of this, many of you will want to spit on everything and give up. But on the other hand, it has its own intrigue, and I really want to know what this neighbor is hiding in the basement.

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