October 19, 2021

Top 10 best games and apps for iOS and Android for May 2018

Top 10 best games and apps for iOS and Android for May 2018

Each month, we choose the top 10 games and applications for Android and iOS, and this time we’ll tell you about the most interesting new items that appeared on Google Play and the App Store in May.

If you for some reason missed our last “top ten” of the best games and applications, please follow this link.

Slaughter 2: Prison Assault


  • Developer: Sergey Sukharev
  • Cost: $ 0.99 (iOS),$ 2.49 (Android)

The game “Slaughter 2: Prison Assault” was developed by a small team of indie developers. As a rule, such projects are not ideal, but in them there is something that attracts.

The place of the game – prison Berdek and the adjacent city. The staff of the penitentiary institution was brutally murdered, the neighborhood of the local settlement is filled with frenzied runaway prisoners. To suppress the mutiny and stripping, a special-purpose squad is sent to the scene of the incident, of which you are an ordinary member …

“Slaughter 2: Prison Assault” is a third-person shooter where you will be forced to shoot frenzied prisoners in a tight company of comrades-in-arms. However, most of them have somehow acquired not only firearms but also powerful enough equipment.

Our hero is brutal enough. He not only copes with weapons of a very different caliber but also successfully wields a combat knife with direct contact with opponents.

In the process of passing from time to time, runaway convicts will try to arrange a trap for you, locking up servicemen in various premises. In such conditions, you find yourself in a significant minority and no longer heroically purge the rebellious prison from ill-wishers, how many are fighting for your life. By the way, this kind of battles with the latest update is highlighted in a separate game mode – “Arena mode”.

For all this bacchanalia is a criminal named Tsantsa. Apparently, he was so nicknamed for his love of side by side, which in part resembles a dried head. How all this happened and what goals are pursued by the prisoners, you will be told the magazines, diaries and notes of prisoners and prison staff scattered around the rooms …

Tsantsa himself is by far not the only ringleader of scoundrels. There were enough thugs in Berdek who, after gaining freedom, quickly equipped and armed themselves to the teeth. With each of them you will meet in a special battle.

As for the game process itself, it does not always boil down to “run-shoot”. In “Slaughter 2: Prison Assault” elements of stealth are realized. But the developers took into account these elements of the gameplay in a way that they can be avoided. True, the higher the complexity, the more difficult it is to avoid tactical tricks.

Graphics in “Slaughter 2: Prison Assault” is at a decent level. Opponents are well enough detailed, and even there is a physical model of behavior of bodies. Locations in the game are huge, so there are not as many items on them as we would like. Otherwise, performance would leave much to be desired. But in general, the levels are impressive in size … After all, everyone is already used to almost room levels.

Management in the game is implemented by two sticks (movement and shooting). Simple and convenient. However, for the best responsiveness, it will be necessary to tinker with sensitivity.

In general, “Slaughter 2: Prison Assault” can be called a very good project. In such games it is interesting to play, as they stand out among modern analogs, mutilated by monotonous game sessions and endless farm of the same content. Such games need and it is important to maintain at least to ensure that the mobile applications market is not formed under the dictation of the industry giants, who benefit from producing products with casual classic game mechanics.

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery


  • Developer: Jam City, Inc.
  • Cost: free

“Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mistery” is a game about the magical world of “Harry Potter” in which you will use spells, cook a love potion and teach the arrogant students from Slytherin.

Before waving a magic wand and feasting in the spacious halls of Hogwarts, you will need to create a character.

Journey to the world of magic and magic, as in books, begins with Kosy Lane. There you will reserve textbooks, and Olivander will solemnly hand the magic wand.

“Harry Potter” has always been a story of friendship, so you can not go on a dangerous journey without a good company. At the beginning of the journey you will meet a strange first-year student, in a conversation with which you will learn the background of the main character.

It turns out that you have a famous brother who discovered some secret at Hogwarts. After that, he went insane, was expelled, and later disappeared altogether. Because of this, the protagonist also wants to learn magic, in order to find the missing relative. Of course, you will not match the importance with the boy who survived. Nevertheless, at school you will be recognized and even a little afraid.

At Hogwarts you need to choose a faculty. Formally, the distributing hat deals with this, but the dedicated Harry Potter fans remember: you can choose the faculty yourself. After a quick tour, armed with a magic wand and patience, you will go to the classroom.

From now on, you will be engaged in the usual things for free-to-play-games: passing tasks, collecting resources and gaining experience. Quests can be done in two ways: wait until they are completed automatically, or spend energy points. If you do not want to wait, you can cheat by transferring some money to the account of developers.

As a reward for the tasks you will receive points of performance, coins, crystals and access to clothes and hairstyles, which you can then buy. There are a lot of wardrobe items, so if you want to dress up in a fashionable cloak or buy a more elegant mantle, you’ll have to work.

The tasks themselves do not require special knowledge in dark arts or potions. But to get acquainted with the world of “Harry Potter” is desirable. Periodically you will be asked questions, answers to which you can receive an additional reward.

In addition to boring lessons, there will be plot tasks related to the missing brother and the secret of Hogwarts. In addition, you will have to participate in duels and earn points for the faculty. To do this, learn spells in time and pump the character.

The game has three characteristics: knowledge, courage and empathy. After pumping them, you can wrap the most difficult situation in your favor.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mistery could be an excellent addition to the main story. The actions of the game unfold after the first victory over Voldemort. The player meets familiar characters, among whom are Bill Weasley and Nymphadora Tonks. The terrible secret, around which the plot is built, is also there.

However, having all the trumps, the game does not even try to make you feel empathy for the heroes. Characters are either flat or scary cartoons. Their motives are not disclosed or so primitive that they simply do not believe in them.

Here we have a sweet eccentric, a strict elder, a Mudblood, and of course an arrogant wizard from Slytherin, like Malfoy, just a girl. And if the behavior of the first can be justified by parents, then this simply plays the role of villain.

Because of this, it becomes a little sad. Developers of mobile games can create interesting stories, but instead of a deep steep story, you get just a sea of fan service. And this is not always good.

Mobile game about Hogwarts took a lot from books and movies, but new in it a little.

But even despite the spineless plot, you can get positive emotions. Again to be at the desks of the famous school, listen to Dumbledore’s instructions and arrange a magic duel with other students – the dream of all Harry Potter fans.

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Sky Dancer: Free Falling


  • Developer: Pine Entertainment
  • Cost: free of charge

Studio Pine Entertainment, which gained fame thanks to a huge number of popular games and applications for mobile platforms, introduced in May a new game called Sky Dancer. Despite such a poetic name, the gameplay is unlikely to remind anyone of the dance. Everything that happens in the game is closer to free falling than to heavenly dances. Nevertheless, the game looks very attractive.

The person acting in Sky Dancer is a person who was lucky in life not only to be completely devoid of fear of great height, but also the consequences of landing from this very height. That is, you have a long time to remain in free fall, to overcome huge distances, not only in the horizontal, but also in the vertical planes, and your limbs will be in perfect order.

Before the start of the game process, you will be offered to pass a small training introduction, which can be considered superfluous, since the management in the game is implemented very intuitively. As usual, the hero quite successfully runs without your help, but all the other acrobatic somersaults will depend on you. To make a jump in the game, you need to attach two thumbs to the screen at once, and one finger will be enough to move left and right.

The game location in Sky Dancer resembles a huge number of different platforms, located high above the ground and hovering due to unknown forces. You need to stay as long as possible in a state of movement, and for this you will need to jump over various obstacles on the platforms themselves, as well as rather skillfully move to new platforms – so, it’s up to the coordination and timely pressing of the interaction elements.

In addition, during your heavenly race, you also need to collect coins, but this action is more advisory than mandatory. The currency collected in the game can be spent on the purchase of new characters. In total, they are slightly more than 10 in the game, and some of them require really high investments for unlocking. In conclusion, it should be noted that the Sky Dancer is pretty nice graphics, and long falls are breathtaking even through the smartphone screen.

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Sling Kong


  • Developer: Protostar
  • Cost: free of charge

In the gameplay, Sling Kong is somewhat reminiscent of the popular Doodle Jump project. There the character skipped from one platform to another, rising higher and higher, while in Sling Kong he clings to objects and literally flies from one to another. The task of the user is approximately the same in both cases – to climb as high as possible and earn more points.

Initially, only one character is available in the game – a monkey that wraps objects around and hangs on them until the player tries to stir it up. This is done by dragging the character finger down or to the side with the subsequent flight of the monkey to the next hook. The relief of the “rock”, if you can use the terms from rock climbing, is extremely simple – one or two objects are most often visible nearby, and there are not more than two objects for which you can grasp.

The character is constantly hampered by obstacles, which are only three kinds. There are fire-breathing flowers, periodically stopping to let out a flame and allowing to slip past them. There are sawblades moving from side to side or motionlessly suspended in the air. Finally, there are traps, representing two stone columns, beating against each other.

Most often, all these objects do not pose any danger and you can easily pass by them without much effort. What really spoils a successful passage is the haste – all the leads, if you hold on to them for a long time, they will disappear after a few seconds, and the character will fall down. And if he does not land on the neighboring, he will immediately die without the possibility of resurrection.

Hooks are of two kinds: blue and red. They differ in that you can hang on the blue for about seven seconds, and the red ones start to flash at the first touch to them. Because of this, haste often begins: there is little time, the fire burns, the stones are beating, the discs are spinning, and the hook flashes and is about to disappear. Therefore, it is very easy to accidentally die, sending the character in the wrong direction.

The same can happen when trying to collect all the coins, the number of which is catastrophically small at the level. Gold is used only for one purpose – to participate in a local lottery, where the prize is a new character. They are constantly changing, so you will be able to collect a complete collection with time, but there is a “ticket” of 250 coins. For one passage the player collects about ten, and sometimes even less, coins, so that it is necessary to earn a virtual currency here as it may seem at first glance. However, periodically Sling Kong gives additional coins in large quantities – they are handed over for another lottery, where the character, as if in the “Field of Miracles”, must catch on to one of the parts of the local drum. The game can give from fifty to five hundred units of currency, doing this about once per hour. Whatever the result, it is large enough to win new creatures several times a day.

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Homo machina

  • Developer: ARTE Experience
  • Cost: $ 2.99 (iOS), 3,49 € (Android)

About the human body can talk for a very long time. In the whole history of it was written a lot of treatises, textbooks and books. Perhaps the most famous book on the human body is the work of Fritz Kahn called “Der Mensch Als Industriepalast”, which is literally translated “Man As a Plant.”

Based on this work, the studio Darjeeling created a quest called “Homo Machina”.

The essence of both the work of Kahn and the games from Darjeeling is this: a man is one big factory, on which little people come to work. They are broken into brigades: there are those who are responsible for the eyes, nose, ears and so on. The people should work together, otherwise the whole plant will stop. In the meantime, the head office is in charge of everything. He gives commands to all other people on the phone / nervous network.

At this plant, we will stay the whole day, from the very waking up to the evening, and in the end we will visit the important places of the human body, from the senses to the heart and lungs.

In each department, we will have the opportunity to go through a variety of mini-games, the goal of which is to help the little men do their work. They pass easily and interestingly, so they do not have time to get bored.

The developers tried to keep closer to the original concept, although there are some upgrades in comparison with the original for the needs of the game process. But in terms of graphics everything is done simply and tastefully.

And, of course, you should not miss the fact that this game can be used to learn more about your own body. Of course, people do not live inside us, but the basic principles of the organism can be understood.

The team Darjeeling tried to glory, so in the end the game “Homo Machina” turned out to be surprisingly balanced in terms of graphics and gameplay. In this case, thanks to this game, everyone can learn a little new about their own body.

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  • Developer: Street Lamp Games
  • Cost: $ 0.99 (iOS), free (Android)

The mobile games market is full of various puzzles, among which you can find both classical and very unusual. Typically, touch control is perfectly combined with games of this kind, primarily because most puzzles are not cluttered with an abundance of elements or virtual buttons, and all control is reduced to tapping and dragging objects with your fingers.

Bombarika is an unusual puzzle, because it is not based on solving puzzles or moving blocks. This is an isometric game with a great visual style, reminiscent of the Go series from SquareEnix, Monument Valley and Vandals. However, unlike these games, you do not need to manage the main character. The task here is very simple and trivial, you just need to drop the bomb in a safe place before it explodes. True, it will not have to be done in the usual way, but with the help of the objects in the room.

The interface of the game is very minimalistic, but for some moments you still have to follow. For example: in the upper left corner of the screen there is a timer in a red hexagon, and to the right of it there is a pyramid icon that displays the amount of collected collectables (ricas). Rikas are small pyramids placed in rooms. With their help, you can buy various items and opportunities, including bombs with different effects (one of the effects, for example, adds more time to the timer), explosives or Metabomb, which will double the number of your ricas.

In Bombarika it is also possible to put the game on pause (button in the form of a light bulb in the upper right corner of the screen) and to study the layout of each room or level to find out which objects can be pressed, moved or influenced in some other way.

As the game progresses, the game becomes noticeably more difficult and practically does not restrict the player, except for the first training levels. You will have to think carefully about how to work on the environment and deliver the bomb to the exit so that it does not explode. In each room there are different solutions, imperceptible at first glance. For example, in some areas the bomb will need to be rolled into the safe, where it will explode, opening the way for you to the next location. In other rooms, the trajectory of the bomb will depend on the draft or the direction of air flow from the fan.

If we talk about the content and diversity of the gameplay, Bombarika can be safely put on the level with the best games in the genre of puzzles. The game is funny, accessible and not as simple as it seems at first glance. This is really a quality project, where developers paid a lot of attention to details.

For example, in the living room you can meet one of the tenants, who plays the console Atari in front of a large TV, while the other is busy eating breakfast, while very naturally nodding his head from side to side. Although in Bombarika there is not a heaped graphics, it is these moments that give the game the feeling of a real living world.

Also it is necessary to note the melodic soundtrack, which only emphasizes the atmosphere of the game. Bombarika tightens its simplicity, pleasant graphics and unusual gameplay. If you like projects where you need to think, Bombarika will certainly give you many pleasant minutes.

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The Lion’s Song


  • Developer: Mipumi Games
  • Cost: $ 2.99 (iOS), 5,49 €(Android)

The Lion’s Song is an adventure game from the independent studio Mi’pu’mi Games, which included employees of the famous company Rockstar. The project includes four series, the action of which takes place in Vienna in the early twentieth century – on the eve of the First World War. The first episode, released in 2016, won many awards, and now the whole game has become complete and complete.

The Lion’s Song is a game that immerses users into the atmosphere of Austrian bohemia – people of art and scientists – the beginning of the last century. Together with the main characters, each of whom has a unique mindset, you will participate in the vicissitudes of their lives, seek creativity and inspiration.

The creators of The Lion’s Song managed to perfectly show the atmosphere of Vienna in 1914, including due to the unusual visual style, made for sepia. Unlike many retro games, full of colors, The Lion’s Song aims to minimize the number of colors – something similar we observed in the projects Papers, Please! or Aviary Attorney.

The variety of the palette in the picture is transmitted by all shades of brown and it looks really stylish and beautiful. The authors of the game paid much attention to detailing the picture and its historical authenticity, and the musical design only emphasizes the unique atmosphere.

The first three episodes tell of the fate of two girls and a young man who are trying to break into the world of high art and basic science, passing obstacles and creating their masterpieces. In the first part, entitled “Episode 1 – Silence”, we will get acquainted with the story of the violinist and composer Vilma, who is poisoned in the Alps in order to find the lost inspiration and complete the play for a very responsible concert.

The hero of the second episode is the talented artist Franz Markert, who is able to distinguish aspects and nuances of the personality of people and display them on canvas. In this case, he himself can not disclose the properties of his own character, and, depicting other people, not only trains his skills, trying to achieve recognition, but also tries to know himself.

The heroine of the third story is Emma Reznichek, a talented mathematician who is trying to succeed in the world of science. To do this is quite difficult, since mathematics is not considered an occupation for a woman, which means that she will have to reach the goal, posing as a man.

The final, fourth, episode entitled “Completion” reveals the secret to the prologue of the previous parts and as a result we find ourselves in a train compartment in which four people go to the front (we remember that the action of the game takes place during the First World War) and each of them somehow connected with Wilma, Franz and Emma. The title of the series speaks for itself – this part connects all three story lines into one.

The Lion’s Song can hardly be called adventure in the literal sense, rather, it is a visual novel in which all the inventory replaces the replicas in conversations with the interlocutors and the choice of the destination or object for interaction.

The Lion’s Song inherits one of the chips from Telltale Games, giving players a choice. All the elections made in the episode will have an impact on the development of history in future and previous series, and the success of the character will depend on the decisions taken. Certain key decisions are displayed in the final table and, if desired, the player is given the opportunity to replay some points.

The first part is offered free of charge and its passage will not take much time – about half an hour. But the other series are more lengthy and they will have to spend an hour and a half (this is if you play, not trying to get all possible achievements and not trying to sort out possible variants of events).

Indie project The Lion’s Song will appeal to all lovers of interactive stories and unhappy adventures. The game has an interesting visual style, a unique setting with an excellently transferred atmosphere of Austria of the early 20th century and offers several fascinating storylines.

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Minesweeper Genius


  • Developer: Mother Gaia Studio
  • Cost: $ 1.99 (iOS), $ 1.99 (Android)

The genre of the “sapper” is considered very ancient, but the developers rarely bring something interesting to their options on this topic. Studio Mother Gaia decided to breathe new life into the familiar “sappers” and released the game “Minesweeper Genius” last week.

The essence of the game is the need to safely hold your character Aristotle to exit on the field, full of mines. And like in any “sapper”, there is only one right path to it, the other cells carry death to your character.

In the search for mines, the developers came up with an unusual solution – to combine the familiar gameplay with another interesting genre – the “nongram”. For those who do not know what this is, let’s explain in more detail: on the left and above are numbers that indicate how many mines are in a given row or column. And at their intersection, you can find these very mines (or not). For your convenience, all the explosive cells can be marked with flags. If you blow up, you will have to go through the strip again, but all your marks will remain in place. A very unusual and interesting approach to the old genre.

The task is complicated by the fact that there are special cells that swap rows and columns or move cells within one of them. Also, naturally, the figures change, which is also a kind of hint.

All levels are generated randomly, so you are unlikely to meet two of the same levels. In this case, each of them really go through, because it is monitored by artificial intelligence, which, when creating a new level, independently tests it and, if necessary, simplifies and adds hints.

If you are tired of solving more simple problems, then from the third level, you will be able to use fields of increased complexity. They are larger in size and much more dangerous for an unprepared sapper.

Graphics for all its simplicity causes only positive emotions. Well, in fact, why do any graphic delights in the “sapper”? But Aristotle himself worked out qualitatively. And if you are a bit hesitant at the level, then he will execute the only correct decision for himself – fall asleep. Naturally, to your new team.

In total, the game has 130 regular levels and 55 levels of increased complexity. But this, of course, is arbitrary, because taking into account the procedural generation of levels, there are an infinite number of them. For each level you can get three stars. For every death you lose a star. Three deaths mean that the level is failed and you will be offered a new one.

As a result, an unusual approach to the usual genre, pleasant graphics and an infinite number of levels of varying complexity make “Minesweeper Genius” an unusually interesting and fascinating game that everyone should try.

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  • Developer: Code Organa
  • Cost: free of charge

The Brushstroke application is a powerful tool with which you can turn any image or photo into a real artwork for a minimum of time, and the application will do it neatly and realistically.

To begin with, select an image from the gallery or take a new photo. Next, you need to select a filter. There are a lot of options available, so do not hesitate to experiment, achieving the desired result.

In the application about 40 different artistic effects for every taste. There is an imitation of different types of paints with different styles of drawing. In other words, there is something to choose from. You can also adjust the color gamut at your discretion, make it more “warm” or “cool”, add reddish or bluish shades. Here, too, dozens of options, the choice is wide.

After selecting the effect and scale, you can choose the type of “canvas” for your “picture”. There is paper, and classic canvases, and other surfaces. This seemingly insignificant step can greatly affect the final result. At the end of the work, you can change the level of contrast and brightness at your own discretion, and also sign a finished picture.

The resulting image can be saved in the memory of a smartphone or tablet, downloaded to a page on a social network or printed. To get your work in hard copy, you should specify the desired dimensions, and also choose the appropriate frame.

In general, Brushstroke can safely be called one of the best graphics applications, which opens up great opportunities for creativity. Convenient interface and a rich selection of filters and settings allow you to quickly create a truly unique artistic masterpiece. If you have long wanted to try yourself in the role of an artist or just want to make your photo creation more diverse and interesting, then Brushstroke must be on your list of applications.

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Dashlane Password Manager


  • Developer: Dashlane
  • Cost: free of charge

Dashlane Password Manager is a tool for creating, storing, replacing and automatically entering logins and passwords from various Internet accounts. With it, you can store personal and bank data, notes with any other information and copies of checks from payments made online. Access to the repository is provided through applications for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. Also, to quickly open sites and automatically log into your saved account, you can use the extension for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera.

The Dashlane product is designed for both individual and corporate use. Ready-made tariff plans for business depend on the number of employees and are suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Organizations with a number of 500 people are offered an individual cost estimate. The Smart Space management console allows you to create personal and working repositories for all participants and monitor the level of security of their work. The administrator can manage the access settings for records and receive reports on the status of corporate security. Integration with Active Directory is available. Companies from 50 employees are provided with the services of a personal manager.

To log in, a master password is used, which is known only to its owner. All information is protected by AES-256 encryption. Account data can be imported from browsers, other similar services or a CSV file, and saved as the first time you enter it. The Password Changer allows you to remotely change passwords on supported sites, the list of which is expanded in accordance with mass requests. The security panel identifies unreliable, obsolete, repetitive and hacked passwords. When generating new ones, you can adjust their length, pronouncing, register of letters, the presence of numbers and symbols. For continuous data access, you can backup and synchronize all the devices you use. Two-factor authentication is activated on the computer and can be used both for connecting new devices and for each input to the storage. The second factor is provided by third-party applications, such as Google Authenticator. For Android and iOS, you can replace the input of the master password by scanning the fingerprint.

Key features of Dashlane Password Manager:

  • remote password change on some sites
  • notifications about the threat of account security
  • HackerOne – reward program for found vulnerabilities in the service
  • discounts for a one-time subscription payment for three and five years
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