October 28, 2021

Ubisoft supported the creators of Fortnite and left Steam

Ubisoft supported the creators of Fortnite and left Steam

The Division 2 game from Ubisoft will not be released on Steam, but on the Epic Games Store platform. Its release will take place in early spring.

At the end of last year, the creators of the popular Fortnite made a loud statement about disagreement with the high percentages that Steam gets from selling games, and opening their own online store. It offers developers more loyal conditions, but until recently the range has been presented to indie games and Epic’s own products. Now one of the major publishers has joined this project, Ubisoft, which will add a game of AAA level – The Division 2 to the list. Experts predict that Ubisoft may become the first sign, and in the future, other venerable participants will pay more attention to Epic Games Store gaming market.

Ubisoft supported the creators of Fortnite and left Steam

In The Division 2, which has been developed for more than two years, players will have to survive in a world on the verge of extinction. Seven months after the outbreak of the deadly virus was recorded in New York, the characters get into destroyed Washington. There, various groups are fighting among themselves, seeking to seize power in the country. The developers promise that the final story will be released as a free add-on. The main campaign, players can take place in a solo mode, and teams of four.

From March 15, the new product will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC with Windows. Epic Games promised that within the year other Ubisoft games will appear in the store.

Source: epicgames

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