October 19, 2021

Video📹: opponents in zombie mode Outbreak for Rainbow Six Slyge


Ubisoft introduced infested opponents, with whom the players have to fight in the upcoming zombie mode Outbreak for Rainbow Six Siege from Tom Clancy. The publisher published fresh trailers and a story about the behavior of monsters.


Recall that Outbreak is a zombie mode where three players need to complete a task and fight with a horde of infected opponents. Winning will require knowledge of the features of the thirteen characters assigned to the regime, as well as the coordinated actions of the team. However, the gameplay will be familiar to fans of Left 4 Dead 2 or Killing Floor 2. Opponents are divided into 5 types, under each of which will have to adjust their actions in combat.


Grunts are the most common opponents who show extreme resistance when the parasite detects the presence of enemies. To protect his carrier, he armors his body and becomes more resistant to bullet wounds. Breachers carry bombs that destroy everything in their path. Basically, these fighters serve to create holes in the walls, but can easily undermine you.

Rooters are a rarer species of enemies. They release thorns from the ground to injure and immobilize their targets. Players should exercise caution in battling with rooters, as they become extremely dangerous on the verge of death. Smashers are the strongest monsters. The parasite strengthens the body of the carrier, making it virtually impenetrable for bullet wounds. They will destroy the walls and will not get damaged. But on the back of the crusher, there is an unprotected area that players can use to kill him. Apex is the top of the food chain. He sends waves of infected to the players, but he does not attack the forehead. In addition, these monsters throw dazzling shells, which can resist only Finka or Doc. Apex will be a real test in the team game.


The Outbreak event will begin simultaneously with the launch of Operation Chimera, on March 6, and will last one month.

source: YouTube

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