October 28, 2021

Video: a video about the Winter Soldier, Venome and the Black Widow in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite


Capcom has published a new trailer Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, dedicated to three upcoming characters. With the release of the next add-on, which will be released on December 5, the Winter Soldier, the Black Widow and Venom will appear in the fighting game.

A winter soldier prefers to fight with an opponent, using techniques on the ground, rather than in the air. His special blows throw away the enemy far away, and the projectiles emitted bounce off walls and floor. Also, with the help of his cybernetic hand, he activates a strong shield that absorbs all damage taken.


The black widow, as the developers say, “has in the arsenal all means to solve any problems.” Being in the air, she can perform a unique jump and launch several shells into the enemy. And in close combat, she uses electrified batons.


Finally, Venome’s distinctive ability is manipulation of the opponent’s consciousness. He can force him to perform actions from which the hero will only win and be able to execute a crushing combination of punches. All listed characters will be sold not only in the collection, but separately.


Also, Capcom announced a free weekend with Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, but only for PS4. Download the game will allow from November 24 to 27, and during this period, everyone who wants to test the fighting game will be available to 30 main characters.

source: Eurogamer

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