October 28, 2021

7 Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android – Awesome Collection

Android ad blocker

As the engine of commerce, advertising for most of us does not cause rejection. Sometimes advertising can be useful, even interesting and fun. However, when it comes to working with gadgets, its excess is annoying. According to recent studies, while surfing the sites, up to half of mobile traffic is spent on advertising. So there is nothing strange in the desire to get rid of it.

To ensure that your Android device doesn’t have any unpleasant curiosity due to a full-screen banner that doesn’t come from, or just a browser advertisement, we have compiled this top Android ad blocker.

AdAway (Root rights required)

AdAway android ad block app icon

  • Developer:  F-Droid Limited
  • Price: Free

AdAway is a simple ad blocking application. It uses the modified hosts file to send all ad requests to In other words, the request does not reach anywhere, and you do not see ads. The application supports modified or custom host files, and the user can download the base file from the application itself. Host files are stored in the read-only part of the Android system. This means that it requires the provision of Root-rights to the application. The application is free, but the site provides an opportunity to donate any amount to the developers. The only disadvantages of AdAway are: the inability to download it from the Play Store (and only from the F-Droid site) and the need to provide Root rights.

AdAway android ad block app screenshootAdAway android ad block app screenshootAdAway android ad block app screenshoot
Video guide how to install Ad Away on your smartphone.

Download on F-Droid

Adblock Plus for Android

ABP android ad block app icon

  • Developer:  eyeo GmbH
  • Price:Free

Adblocker Plus is perhaps the most popular ad blocking application from this list. It works both on “root” devices, and on those where Root-rights are not granted. The application runs in the background and filters web traffic in much the same way as its browser extension. You just need to run it once, adjust and collapse. Then it will continue to work in the background on its own. Detailed instructions for installing and configuring the application are on the developer’s site.

Video guide how to install Adblock plus for android device.


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AdGuard for Android

Adguard Content Blocker icon

  • Developer:  F-Droid Limited
  • Price: Free

AdGuard is something like a list of banned addresses. The app blocks ads just like Adblock Plus. AdGuard runs as a service in the background and filters web traffic. It works without Root rights, but requires additional configuration. AdGuard also tracks all your web traffic, similar to applications like GlassWire. The application has a very nice and intuitive interface. The free version blocks ads only in web browsers, and the premium version costs $ 24.99 per month, but with it you also get the premium version of AdGuard for Windows or macOS.
Adguard Content Blocker 1

Video tutorial how to set up adblocker on your device


Google Chrome: fast browser

google chrome icon

  • Developer:  Google LLC
  • Price: Free

There are many different browsers with built-in ad blockers and these built-in blockers can filter out most of the ad traffic. One of the most popular barriers in principle is Google Chrome and it also has a built-in tool to block ads. Unfortunately, it is not capable of blocking all advertising content, since it leaves advertising banners embedded on sites by search engines. There are other browsers with built-in ad blockers, including: Brave Browser, Firefox Focus, Kiwi Browser, Samsung Browser, Firefox and Dolphin Browser. All of them work approximately equally and you need to choose which one to use depending on your personal preferences in design and functionality.

google chrome


Block This


  • Developer:  Sava Georgiev
  • Price: Free

Block This is not the most popular tool on our list, but it is definitely worth a look. Block This is as effective as the other applications from our top, it works with open source and is completely free to use. The application uses the same VPN settings as Adblock Plus and AdGuard, but uses DNS blocking instead of a filter. The developer claims that this method consumes less battery power than standard ad-blocking applications, because most of the work is done before the data goes to your device.


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NetGuard app icon

  • Developer: Marcel Bokhorst
  • Price: Free

NetGuard is an application popular in certain circles of users, which has managed to prove itself as a mobile firewall. With it, you can flexibly configure network traffic and set rules for all applications.

Starting with version 2.12, ad blocking has been introduced in NetGuard. But it is only available in the application, which is located on the official project page on GitHub. The capabilities of NetGuard, published on Google Play, are limited only by a firewall.
To activate the ad blocker function in NetGuard, you need to do the following:

  1. enable the “Traffic filter” and “Block domain names” items in the additional options in the “Settings” section;
  2. Download the hosts file with the addresses of advertising servers in the “Backup” section (it is possible to import your own hosts files into the application);
  3. enable NetGuard on the main application screen.
  4. After these steps, open a browser and launch the test page www.netguard.me/test. If everything is set up correctly, you will see the green sign “Ad blocking works”. As the developer notes, it may take several minutes to correctly block an ad until the DNS addresses are updated.

NetGuard blocks ads in almost all mobile browsers and in many applications, including system ones. Sometimes you need to turn off traffic saving. The program not bad cuts advertising banners, but in most cases leaves an empty space on the web page under the advertisement.

Video tutorial how to install NetGuard on android gadget.



dns66 app icon

  • Developer: F-Droid Limited
  • Price: Free

This small utility, like NetGuard and Adguard, uses local VPN to block ads and works at the DNS level. DNS66 filters traffic only for a certain period of time when the connection is established. This allows you to significantly save battery power. However, the disadvantage here is the fact that the DNS66 service has to be manually started each time after the device goes into sleep mode. DNS66 requires a device with Android 5.0 and higher. You can download the application on F-Droid or on GitHub.

When you first start the application, you will see a start window with three tabs. The most important of these is Domain Filters. Here is a list of available filters with ad server addresses. Green indicates the filter is in use, red is not used, and gray is ignored. All you need is to select one of them, highlighting it in green. You can use any filter and even several at the same time, but all this is at the level of experiments. I would recommend to stay on the already proven Adaway. In addition, if desired, it is possible to add custom filters and DNS servers.

DNS66 service is enabled on the first tab by long pressing the huge button in the center of the screen. From this point on, all ads (or most of them) in the browser and applications will be blocked.
In general, DNS66 is a very easy-to-use utility that does not require additional settings and does its job well. Write in the comments if you use ad blockers on mobile devices, and which ones do you think are the most effective.

DNS66 app screenshot


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