An exclusive feature is added to the mobile version of Gmail.

Users of Android-smartphones in Gmail are waiting for a surprise – the appearance of the Smart Compose function. For a long time, it was available exclusively for Google Pixel 3.

This feature is notable for allowing you to write a letter faster. As the developers explained, the program examines frequently encountered phrases in your letters, and also captures the main essence of the message. Based on the information collected, the system will be able to offer the user a possible version of how to finish the begun phrase. For example, if you specify “Dinner on Saturday” in the subject line of the letter, and in the text you start writing “do you have time …”, the program will offer an ending “for dinner on Saturday”. To choose this option, if it suits you, you just need to press a finger on it, and if it does not fit, then just keep typing.
An exclusive feature is added to the mobile version of Gmail 1
Smart Compose was originally an experiment in the web version of the mail service, but then it was promised to be distributed to the mobile version of Gmail. At first they wanted to make it an exclusive chip of Google Pixel smartphones, although in reality it became even more exclusive – only owners of Pixel 3 models could use the service. But now, apparently, they have begun to distribute it to other Android devices. It is reported that Smart Compose has already received Gmail users who own Pixel 2 and 2 XL, OnePlus 6T and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Perhaps the service is available for other smartphones. If you want to check, make sure you have Gmail version 9.2.3 installed.
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