October 19, 2021

Best Android Launchers | Awesome Collection

Smartphone with android launcher

Buying a new Android device, be it a smartphone or a tablet, we are satisfied with everything, but as time passes, the appearance gets boring and we want something new. But what if before buying a new gadget is still far away, and you want to update the look right now? Then we come to the aid of special applications (themes), the so-called Launchers, allowing you to completely change the look of your Android device.

What Is A Launcher

android launcher screenshot

If you do not know what a launcher is, then we will try to explain to you in simple words. Launcher means – starter (to launch something), in this case we are talking about launching applications in the Android system.

The Android launcher is a graphical way to design the look and feel of the operating system, which includes the desktop, menus, widgets, icons, lock screen, etc.

Currently, there are many different launchers that can be downloaded from the Google Play Market, in the form of a regular application. As a rule, most of them are free, or shareware, in which you are offered a Lite-version, with limited functionality. If you like the launcher, you can purchase the full Pro version with advanced functionality.

How To Change The Launcher

The launcher is one of the most important and basic applications in Android OC, it is this one that provides user interaction with the device. Everything you see on the screen of your smartphone or tablet: desktop, widgets, menus, icons, lock screen, and so on, displays a standard launcher.

To change the pre-installed launcher on your Android device, you need to select the launcher you like in the Google Play Play Market and follow a few simple steps:

  1. Download and install the application itself.
  2. After that, click “Home Screen” and select a new Launcher. Choosing a launcher
  3. Then configure it at your discretion in the appropriate menu.

How To Remove The Launcher

Usually, deleting a launcher does not create problems and can be removed in the same way as any other application or game.

  1. Open “Settings”.
  2. Find and select the desired launcher in the list.
  3. In the menu that opens, click “Delete.”

At this point, the deletion process can be considered complete, all you have to do is just clear the cache and reboot the device.

Best Android Launchers

Nova Launcher

Nova launcher app for android icon

  • Developer: TeslaCoil Software
  • Price: Free

Nova Launcher is a long-known application. It has support for gesture control: if you want to open the list of applications, then just swipe up, make two tapes on the screen to turn it off. In short, the application works best with gestures and folders! The set includes packages of icons and themes, which number about a thousand (look on Google Play), application interface settings, an unread message counter, additional scrolling effects, and much more. Another feature is constant updates with the addition of new functionality and bug fixes. It is worth noting the ability to backup settings to the cloud with their further restoration on the new phone or when resetting it to the factory settings.
Nova launcher app for android screenshot


Apex Launcher

  • Developer: Android Does Team
  • Price: Contains Ads·Offers in-app purchases

Apex Launcher has long been known and remains one of the most popular launchers. Like the Action Launcher application, it is designed to flexibly customize the interface with several additional functions, for example, you can hide the Google search form, the status bar, and even a docking station, which can display up to seven icons instead of four! If you have a child, then you can use the desktop lock feature to prevent accidental changes. You can choose transition animation, change the design, your own icons for shortcuts and folders. Supports up to 9 home screens, with flexible settings for each of them. Convenient gesture control, screen lock, optimization for use on smartphones and tablets. It is possible to display unread messages and missed calls on the icons. And this is not all the features that Apex Launcher offers.
Apex Launcher app for android screenshot


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Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher app for android icon

  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Price: free

Microsoft Launcher is an updated version of the Garage Arrow project and we looked at the key changes that occurred with this update. The application now supports integration with many Microsoft services, including calendar and email.

If your computer is updated to the latest version of Windows 10, you can connect your phone and computer, after which you can quickly and easily “Continue on PC”. This means that you can take a photo and immediately see it on your computer or edit the document in Office, and then continue editing it on the computer. There are packages of gestures, icons, advanced settings. For example, swipe up will not open the list of applications, but will show only your favorite applications, as well as quick settings, such as Wi-Fi, airplane mode, Bluetooth, etc. Daily wallpaper changes – automatically get new wallpapers from Bing or choose your own selection of wallpapers for changing.

It is important to note that Microsoft does not want Android to look the same as Windows 10 Mobile. For example, you will not find square “tiles” here, if you are looking for something like this, then pay attention to the following application. It is a bit strange, but with this launcher it seems that you are using the iPhone on Android-smartphone, so everything is convenient and beautiful.
Microsoft Launcher app for android screenshot


One Launcher

one-launcher app for android icon

  • Developer: one BJ
  • Price: free

An excellent replacement for the standard Android interface will be One Launcher. When it was created, the developer (one BJ) was inspired by the latest versions of iOS – Apple’s mobile operating system. Thanks to this, the launcher turned out to be aesthetically beautiful and very comfortable. Like Apple devices, application icons are located on the home display, rather than hidden in a separate menu. You can combine several applications in folders or leave it as it is. The latter option is ideal for those who use only a small number of programs. The developers paid special attention to the fact that their offspring consumed little RAM at maximum performance. Their work immediately becomes noticeable when you switch from this launcher to some other. Or check the amount of free RAM. In addition, One Launcher is absolutely free and supports all versions of Android, starting with 2.3.3.

One-launcher app for android screenshot


Smart Launcher

  • Developer: Smart Launcher Team
  • Price: Contains Ads·Offers in-app purchases

Smart Launcher is not just an add-on to the stock launcher, and this immediately catches the eye. Home display is presented in the form of a circle with six icons that provide quick access to the most important applications. You also have access to the widget area or you can go to a unique menu. What makes it so unique? Intelligent sorting system. When you install a new utility, the launcher automatically places it in the desired category, which greatly simplifies access to it. A convenient search string is always at hand, so you can easily find the applications you need.

An important part is the lock screen with support for notifications and a variety of topics. To completely change the device interface, download special themes for Smart Launcher on Google Play. In addition, do not forget about the option to hide any utilities or set a password to run them.
Smart Launcher app for android screenshot


Launcher 8

Launcher 8 app for android icon

  • Developer: Smart Launcher Team
  • Price: Contains Ads

Launcher 8 is unique in that it does not look like an Android app. In fact, the only task of this application is to make the interface of your device similar to Windows Phone. And he copes with this task perfectly well. It copies not only the appearance, but also many actions. As a result, when working with the shell, it seems that you are not working under Android at all.

It supports live tile emulation and a scroll bar when navigating through the application menu, which appears when you slide your finger to the right or left across the screen. There are custom themes that allow you to customize the look of the launcher, but most of them are very different from what we used to see on Android. If you do not want your smartphone to look like a Windows Phone 8 phone, then there is no point in installing this application.
Launcher 8 app for android screenshot


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Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

Action Launcher app for android icon

  • Developer: Action Launcher
  • Price: Contains Ads·Offers in-app purchases

Action Launcher has long been a favorite of many users. In addition to the standard features, there are some original, making the program unique. For example, Quick Theme allows you to customize the colors of your interface. The Shutters feature allows access to widgets, almost without installing them on the main screen. There is also a set of elements in the style of Android Oreo. There is an icon setting, quick update of small items and much more.
Action Launcher app for android screenshot


GO Launcher

Go Launcher app for android icon

  • Developer: GOMO Limited
  • Price: Contains Ads·Offers in-app purchases

GO Launcher is an excellent choice for those who want to try a custom home screen design. In addition, GO Launcher is one of the most downloaded utilities on Google Play. The program combines functionality with a great user design. Launcher is based on an innovative 3D engine developed from scratch. It is he who makes the program extremely fast, responsive and versatile. In addition to the engine, you switch between 25 display animation options and get more than 10,000 unique themes. With such a staggering amount of interface customization, you can easily get confused if it were not for DIY Themer.

GO Launcher also has an excellent tool that allows you to hide or block a particular program to protect you from prying eyes. Well, the built-in widgets for optimizing the smartphone increase the performance of the device, making the multi-window mode faster and more enjoyable to use.
Go Launcher app for android screenshot


ADW Launcher 2

ADW Launcher 2 app for android icon

  • Developer: AnderWeb
  • Price: Offers in-app purchases

The biggest big advantage of ADW Launcher 2.0 is customization: you can customize themes, gestures, folder styles, home screens, a list of applications, and even create your own custom widgets. You can continue indefinitely, if you are a fan of settings, then you should definitely download this launcher and test it thoroughly. It contains just an insane amount of settings! You can create an unlimited number of your own widgets and place them anywhere, even on the top panel (where the search bar is located) or on the bottom panel (where you now have 4 icons).

As always, there is the ability to edit every single icon of any application that you have. The latest update has a new set of effects when switching to another screen, as well as the ability to change the color palette of the system to any color (black, red, orange, etc.). In general, in this application, you can do everything that you can imagine.
ADW Launcher 2 app for android screenshot


Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher app for android icon

  • Developer: Evie Labs Inc.
  • Price: Free

Evie Launcher comes with icon packs and widgets. It is possible to hide any applications, quickly launch programs, add unique shortcuts to the main screen with their own signatures. You can create your own wallpaper, change the size of the icons. The program is fast, easy to use, has some original features. Uses the application menu in the style of Pixel Launcher, which can be moved from the bottom of the screen. The application is free.
Evie Launcher app for android screenshot


Lightning Launcher

Lightning Launcher app for android icon

  • Developer: PierroX
  • Price: Offers in-app purchases

Lightning Launcher has a small size and very flexible settings. With this tool you can change almost all elements of the main screen. Perhaps the most unique feature is script support, for example, you can use JavaScript. You may be frightened by the abundance of settings and options, but there is nothing to be afraid of. Yes, there are a lot of settings, but they are easy to understand. But what opportunities!

Almost all functions and elements are configured, be it the ways of placing applications, folders, widgets, home screens, icon sets, fonts, alignment and even renaming of standard elements (not all). If there is no desire to understand, at your service dozens (if not hundreds) of more classic skins, which offer a couple of basic settings.
Lightning Launcher app for android screenshot


Lawnchair Launcher

Lawnchair Launcher app for android icon

  • Developer: deletescape
  • Price: Free

Lawnchair Launcher is an open source project that basically mimics Pixel Launcher. Many of the functions are the same, although there are several original chips. It is constantly updated and improved. Notifications and context menu made in the style of Android Oreo. You can choose different styles of panels and windows, sizes of icons and much more. It is no exaggeration to say that Lawnchair has absorbed all the best that is in the shells of Pixel and Nova Launcher. All of this is complemented by the high performance and aesthetics of the Pixel shell and is seasoned with customization elements from other launchers well known in the Android world. One of the most attractive design styles is the dark theme.

It applies to the appearance of the tray, the home screen widget and the context menu. The possibilities of changing the design style are not as deep here as, for example, in Substratum, but still not bad. There is integration with Google Now (when installing an additional free plug-in). Even in beta, it works better than many old launchers. If you are looking for the best analog of Google Pixel, consider that you have already found it.
Lawnchair Launcher app for android screenshot


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