October 19, 2021

Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android

Best voice recorder app

Voice recording apps can be used at lectures, seminars, various public events. They are also well suited for quickly capturing their own ideas. If desired, the recorder can easily be turned into an audio diary. Only you need to ensure that he does not fall into the wrong hands.

Most Android smartphones come with built-in voice recorders. They work well, but they lack functionality. It is best to use third-party applications. Voice Recorder has everything an ordinary user needs. It is easy to use and has many features. Parrot and Cogi can offer interesting features that are ideal for students and journalists.

Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder app icon
Easy Voice Recorder makes it easy to record audio anywhere and anytime. One of the features of the application is the recording of sound in the background, even when the smartphone screen does not light. Easy Voice Recorder supports several file formats, including AMR and PCM. There are popular formats like MP3 and WAV. The program comes with useful widgets and shortcuts that will allow you to quickly start recording at any time. Another interesting feature is support for the Android Wear operating system for smartwatches.
Easy Voice Recorder app screenshot
In the application, you can delete unnecessary parts of the audio recording, as well as increase the volume. There is an option to suppress echoes or background noise. The professional version of Easy Voice Recorder for $ 4 will automatically (or you can also do it manually) upload all the recordings to Google Drive or Dropbox. The professional version has support for a Bluetooth microphone and the Tasker scheduler application.

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Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder app icon
Voice Recorder has more features than the previous application. There are all the features described above, but something else is added to them. There are settings for the sensitivity of the recorder, support for an external microphone, saving recordings in MP3 format with improved sound quality.

Particularly noteworthy is editing records. Voice Recorder allows you to trim tracks, copy individual fragments from them, insert third-party fragments and delete unnecessary parts directly in the application. You can listen to the final version before saving. The disadvantage is the lack of automatic upload of records to the cloud. But this can always be done manually. There is no PMR support, but the WAV format is supported. The application comes free and is supported by advertising. Voice Recorder offers all or almost all of the features you need. Of particular note are the various recording editing options.
Voice Recorder app screenshot


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Parrot Voice Recorder

Parrot Voice Recorder app icon
Parrot may be the most feature-rich audio recorder on this list, and its beautiful interface makes interaction with the app especially enjoyable. Parrot was created for experienced users such as teachers, lawyers, businessmen, journalists, etc. It is easy to use thanks to its convenient interface, and a set of functions can leave many other programs far behind.

The free version allows you to use the built-in, external or wireless microphone for recording. Near each track the date of its creation is indicated. This is especially convenient if Parrot is used for work or study. For example, you can quickly find a specific lecture. Supported by Android Wear OS. You can reduce echo and background noise, as well as increase the volume. There is support for various recording formats, as in the applications mentioned above. You can adjust the start and end of recording automatically based on the volume level. There are also options for boosting bass and reverb. The latter makes it possible to listen to the recordings as if the user is sitting in a small room or a large room. There is synchronization with cloud storage, support for Google Drive and Dropbox.

The paid version provides access to the recording of outgoing and incoming telephone conversations in automatic or manual mode. The user can preset the date and time the recording began, as well as its duration. This allows, for example, to automatically record the teacher’s voice from the beginning to the end of the lecture. Even if a student forgets to turn on the recorder, the application will do everything on its own.
Parrot Voice Recorder app screenshot


Cogi – Notes & Voice Recorder

Cogi – Notes & Voice Recorder app icon
Cogi offers not only a beautiful interface, but also functionality that no other application can compare with. The developers added the ability to save photos along with audio recordings, and this is really an unusual solution.

Cogi actually offers features that come in handy for many people. For example, you can quickly record passages lasting up to 45 seconds, forming from them a single track. This will allow, for example, to single out only the most important points from a long lecture. In addition to photos, you can add text notes to audio recordings. Thus, the user receives a voice recorder combined with a notebook. You can use tags to quickly find and manage files.
Cogi – Notes & Voice Recorder app screenshot
Cogi comes in three versions: free, standard, and professional. Free rate is limited to 500 MB for information storage. The standard version costs $ 15 and supports access to 50 GB of cloud storage. The Pro version offers 250 GB of cloud storage for $ 40. Paid versions also allow you to record telephone conversations. Cogi is a great app, but its cost is very high. For example, Evernote is much cheaper, and in terms of functionality it is practically not inferior to Cogi. It does not have only telephone recordings (in the free version). If you need to save money and at the same time get advanced functions, such as adding images, links, videos to audio recordings, Evernote is definitely worth considering as an alternative.
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Rewind app icon
All modern smartphones have standard voice recorders. But with their help it is quite difficult to capture spontaneous moments, such as the first words of the child. It is also impossible to leave the built-in recorder in the background. This is where Rewind comes to the rescue. This application runs in the background and turns on when recording sound of a certain volume. There is a function to start recording by shaking the device. Rewind is a great option for saving conversations. You no longer need to worry that you are missing something.

If the device memory is full, the program will begin to delete the oldest entries. The application can be configured to save only the last 30 minutes of audio recordings. To save memory space, you can choose the mp3 format instead of WAV. Even if the application does not use the entire memory of the smartphone, it still requires significant resources to work in the background. But Rewind is definitely a useful tool. The application is free and has no ads.
Rewind app screenshot


Voice Memos

Voice Memos app icon
A common problem when recording long lectures or interviews is the difficulty in finding individual fragments. It’s not easy to find a few phrases in a record that lasts 2 hours. Of course, you can record time manually. But it is not too convenient. Voice Memos is an application that allows you to quickly find fragments of an audio recording using tags.

The application does not have any unusual design or special features. To start recording, there is the usual big button. A special button is also provided for adding tags. In this case, a timestamp with a unique color is added to the record. You can add tags even after recording. Tags cannot be renamed. They just show a timestamp. Voice Memos can be downloaded for free on the Play Store.
Voice Memos app icon


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NOTEBOOK – Take Notes, Sync

NOTEBOOK - Take Notes, Sync app icon
Zoho is a note-taking app in which voice recording is just one of the features. You can create individual notes, organize them into categories, combine text recordings with images and audio files.

Create notes with one click. The entire track is displayed as a sound wave that looks very beautiful. You can adjust the color of the voice memo, rename it and move it to different notebooks. Very useful is the built-in alarm function. You can configure to receive reminders at the moment when you need to view the note and listen to the audio recording.
NOTEBOOK - Take Notes, Sync app screenshot
You can use the lock feature to keep content private. Then strangers will not be able to access the records. Zoho does not have any unusual functions, but it performs its main tasks well. This is a great choice for students.
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Otter Voice Meeting Notes

Otter Voice Meeting Notes app icon
Otter is one of the most advanced voice recording applications on this list. It is convenient to use in classrooms, at various public events, during interviews and business meetings.
Otter Voice Meeting Notes app screenshot
After saving the file, the program generates keywords to simplify the search. During playback, these keywords are synchronized with the audio file. Otter can be downloaded for free from the Play Store, but the total recording time is limited to 600 minutes per month. To remove this restriction, you need to switch to a paid tariff, the cost of which starts at $ 10 per month.
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