October 19, 2021

Awesome Calendars Apps For Android

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The calendar is not the most interesting feature in a smartphone, but for many users, one of the most important. A standard Google calendar comes with every Android smartphone, and most people are limited to it. But what if Google Calendar is not able to provide the desired design or features? In this case, third-party applications come to the rescue.

Here are a few key features that we paid attention to when compiling the list. The button for adding new tasks and reminders should always be available. Processing phrases and translating them into reminders. For example, a phrase like β€œa meeting with Ross tomorrow at 10 am” automatically adds the corresponding event to the calendar. Unfortunately, this is not in all applications, but in most.


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The application DigiCal can be called the most friendly of all presented in this article. The default text is large and clear. Weather forecasts are displayed every day. Management mastered quickly. At the same time there is a large selection of custom settings, including color scheme, font, and more. There are seven dark and light themes for every taste.
The default is a mode that combines a monthly calendar view and an agenda. It allows you to quickly see what things are planned. Built-in notifications will not allow to skip any tasks. Another useful option is a built-in location search. The user can simply enter the name of the place, and then the program will automatically select the address. Integration with Google Now allows you to effectively plan a route, track traffic and receive notifications about when to go.

The application is free, but contains ads that appear after seven days of use. You can remove it by purchasing a paid version, which will also provide access to additional features, including font settings, widgets, and an extended 14-day weather forecast.
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Google Calendar

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Google Calendar is integrated into the Google ecosystem. The tool automatically downloads events, such as flights or concerts, from Gmail, but you can turn off this feature if you like. The calendar is synchronized with almost any device, and also works with the personal assistant Google Assistant. Notifications can be sent by email or SMS.

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All events are stored on a remote server. Therefore, you can access from any device associated with a user account. There is an option of open access to individual calendars. This allows you to plan events together and manage them with other people.

Google Calendar is definitely worth a try before looking for other options. What he lacks in the settings is offset by ease of use. The number of settings can not be called any special. However, most users will have enough of them. Most of the applications described below use Google Calendar to synchronize data. The application is free and contains no advertising.
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Microsoft Outlook

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Microsoft Outlook combines a calendar and email. After starting the application, the first mailbox appears. However, the calendar is just one click away. Outlook stands out for its synchronization capabilities: supported by Microsoft Exchange, which makes the application worth seeing. There is also support for Google Calendar and even Yahoo, which can be combined.

The calendar in this application is very convenient to use. It fits perfectly into the Android OS thanks to the Material Design interface. You can view the events for the day, three days, month. There are notifications that warn about scheduled cases. There is also a daily widget that can be placed on the main screen of your smartphone to always be aware of important matters. Microsoft Outlook is convenient for tracking invitations, organizing events, and interacting with other people.

The user can see when this or that person has free time to invite him to the meeting. Outlook should definitely try if you need to synchronize calendars on the Exchange server with your smartphone. This is a quality alternative to Google Calendar with some unique features.
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Any.do app icon screnshot
The Any.do app combines a to-do list with a calendar to make it easier to control. You can quickly find out what needs to be done on a particular day. Any.do offers to schedule a day every morning and shows free time that you can use to perform other tasks.

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Every morning, the user receives a notification with a proposal to plan the day. The screen will alternately display tasks with the ability to select a time interval for their execution. You only need to decide when and what to do, and then begin to implement the plans. The calendar is quite convenient to use, without unnecessary elements. There is a simple window with an agenda and a weekly calendar. To see the to-do list for the month, you just need to click on the arrow. Days scroll fast. Adding events is also quick, although there is no natural language recognition.

Any.do uses syncs with Google Calendar. A very useful feature is the creation of a shopping list. All products are sorted into categories to make them easier to mark. You can create separate lists of products for different stores. To find out what products you need to buy in a particular store, just click on its name.
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CloudCal app icon screnshot
In most mobile applications, viewing cases for a month does not work too well. In most cases, the screen displays only the first letters of the name instead of the full phrase. CloudCal offers an interesting solution to this problem. CloudCal is the only free application that combines all Google and Microsoft calendars in one table for a month.

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Dates are displayed in multicolored circles. Each color corresponds to a specific event, which is described in detail under the calendar. This allows you to immediately see which days are free. It is very convenient if you need to set a reminder during a telephone conversation. To see the descriptions of events, just click on the date in a circle. To switch to view by day or week, just drag your finger left or right across the screen.

There is an option for text and speech recognition. Three widgets offer quick view of daily and monthly events. It is also possible to customize the color scheme. CloudCal can access local calendars and contacts. A connection to services such as Trello, Evernote and Eventbrite is available. However, to synchronize with them you will need a paid version.
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The aCalendar application has widgets for viewing events by day, week, month, and agenda. You can view the information in a hybrid mode. Then the screen displays information about the plans for the day, but against the background of the monthly calendar. You can change the appearance of this widget, including color, font size and more.

You can further adjust the volume buttons on your phone to scroll up or down. This is useful when you need to verify information with one hand. Adding events happen quickly, although there is no natural language processing function. This application uses local data on a smartphone, without the possibility of synchronization with other devices.
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TimeTree app icon screnshot
The TimeTree application was created for one purpose – to simplify the exchange of information about meetings between users. It can create calendars for specific purposes: personal, family, friends, work. After that, you can invite other people and share your schedule with them to agree on further actions. For each calendar there is even a chat room and access is provided for people who do not use TimeTree.

Not only the administrator but also each member of the group can add and edit events. There is a function of sharing photos and text messages, like in a chat or a social network. You can customize the distribution of notifications to all members of the group or only to individuals. Synchronization is done using TimeTree, not Google Calendar. But from the standard Android calendar you can import data. TimeTree supports holiday notification from more than 13 countries.

The default view is set to a month. To view more detailed information for each day, just click on the selected date. One of the unique features is the Keep section, where you can post upcoming events without dates. Time is added later. This greatly simplifies the planning of activities with other people when you need to agree on the exact date.
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Business Calendar 2

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The name of the application Business Calendar 2 is quite justified – it was created primarily for business people. There are five main ways to view: month, week, day, agenda and year. In weekly mode there is a slider at the bottom of the screen. It allows you to configure the number of days for simultaneous display on the screen. Such settings are in all modes. This allows you to quickly switch between dates without having to open the side panels.

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Adding events happen quickly. You can drag the time selection sidebar instead of clicking on several dialog boxes. There are natural language processing and voice input. Speech recognition works. For example, offers such as β€œExcursion tomorrow from 9 to 12” are quickly transformed into the corresponding event. Many customization options are available. You can change the color scheme, the characteristics of notifications, display features, etc.

In general, this is a reliable application that fans will enjoy exploring the settings. Business Calendar is distributed for free with advertising. In the paid version added weather forecast and more advanced widgets.
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