October 28, 2021

Google Assistant helps you fix errors in Pixel 2 software


We’ve all heard enough about the fact that Google’s Pixel 2 smartphones have a number of different kinds of errors associated with various basic functions of the smartphone. This and the incorrect color rendering, and the refusal to perceive an external Bluetooth-headset, and a number of similar problems.


Google is working on their fixes, and so far the light has seen an update for Google Assistant, which is designed to help simple users to solve their own problems with their phones.

To do this, start Google Assistant and ask him the question that interests you. For example, why does not the battery charge 100%. In response, the program will automatically start scanning the system, check the overall status of the battery of the device, see if there are any third-party applications that pull the charge before the phone can make up for it. If at first glance no performance errors are detected, then as a last resort, the automatic assistant will prompt the device owner to contact the technical support of the company directly and help the user with the request.
The only point where a hitch may occur is the recognition of the telephone number by ear.

In addition, Google Assistant is able to scan the current state of the camera device and possible problems with the Bluetooth connection.
And all is well in this update except that at the moment the new options are available exclusively to the owners of Pixel 2 smartphones in the US, and then only for those who use the preview version for developers of the Android Oreo operating system. Will this update be available to other users, at least within those who also use the Android Oreo operating system – these data are not available at the time of writing.

source: The Verge

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