October 28, 2021

Google is developing a new service Yeti


Google intends to seriously take up the game industry. This is the conclusion we can make based on the latest rumors about the new Yeti service from the search giant. But there are also reports that the corporation is developing not only its own streaming service.

According to The Information, Google is already negotiating with the developers regarding the Yeti streaming service. Initially, the company allegedly wanted to provide access to it through the branded set-top box Chromecast, but then abandoned this venture. According to sources, the search giant intends to release a new game console capable of remotely launching games.

The essence of Yeti, like other streaming services, is the launch of games on the powerful servers of companies. From the gamer, this requires any computer with access to high-speed Internet.

According to rumors, Google can present a new service and a prefix for it already on March 19 at the Game Developer Conference 2018. The company has already promised to show the future of mobile games there. Also, it is possible that the announcement will take place in May on Google I / O 2018.

Source: slashgear.com

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