October 19, 2021

Google Maps app will help you travel soon


Google has announced changes that will occur in the near future in the Google Maps application. Innovations come in handy for travelers.

After the update, the user will be able to see the data associated with his trip, right in the application. There you will find complete information about the flight that a person flies, as well as information about the hotel where the rooms were reserved. You can find these functions in the Google Maps settings in the “My places” section in the “Reservations” column. Google clarified that this information will be available to the user even offline. This update is promised to be distributed in the coming weeks.

Google Maps app will help you travel soon

And already this week they are starting to distribute another function on Google Maps – Live View. It will become available to smartphones that support ARCore and ARKit, as it uses augmented reality technology. With this function, the user will be able to see on the smartphone’s screen the real street on which he is located, and the virtual arrows will show him how to get to his destination.

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Google Maps app will help you travel soon 4Google Maps app will help you travel soon 3

In the coming weeks, an improved version of the Timeline service will appear on Google Maps. Soon, the user will be able not only to see all the places that he has visited during the month, but also make notes about the places he likes and share information with friends. If the previous two updates will be available on both Android and iOS, then the latter will be the first to be used only by owners of Android devices.

source: phonearena

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