October 28, 2021

On Google Play, a new app download record


The research firm App Annie published statistics on the state of the stores of Google Play apps and the Apple App Store in the fourth quarter of 2017. According to this data, Google set a new world record for the number of downloaded applications. In this case, iOS users are still willing to spend more money.

In the fourth quarter of last year, Google Play downloaded 19 billion applications – 10% more compared to the previous year. It is important to note that this figure includes only new downloads, not reinstallations or program updates. In general, such growth was provided by new users of the developing Indian market. India even surpassed the US on downloads in the Play Store and the App Store in 2017.

The most popular categories of Google Play apps in 2017 were “games,” “finance,” and “personalization.” All three grew in the fourth quarter.


The number of downloads of applications in the fourth quarter of 2017 in the App Store was 7.7 billion. And although it is 145% less than on Google Play, iOS users spent 95% more money for the reporting period. So, the App Store profit was $ 11.5 billion, and Google Play – only $ 5.9 billion.


According to App Annie, the profit of entertainment applications on Google Play and the App Store has more than quadrupled from 2015 to 2017. This was mainly due to paid subscriptions in streaming services.

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