October 28, 2021

Google seriously took up the quality of Android-applications

Following the announcement of the refusal to support 32-bit applications in future versions of Android, Google decided to tighten the rules for developers to update their programs in a timely manner. The search giant wants all apps on Google Play to be optimally optimized for the latest version of the Green Robot to improve user security.


“Since the second half of 2018, Google Play will require that new applications and updates to existing programs be aimed at the current Android API. The rule will come into force for new content from August 2018 updates of existing applications from November 2018. This is done to ensure that the software is built on the latest APIs, optimized for security and performance, “- said in a Google report.

In addition, starting in 2018, Google Play will automatically add the metadata required to verify its authenticity to APK files for all applications. This is necessary in order to protect users from fake applications from the network, hiding under the guise of popular games, etc.

Source: androidcentral.com

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