October 28, 2021

Google will add to Android the function of fast data transfer to the iPhone, watch and laptop

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With the development of instant messengers and cloud services, the issue of data transfer between smartphones has ceased to be as acute as before. After all, why reinvent the wheel, if you can simply transfer the desired file to the chat, regardless of its size, or share a link to download it from the cloud. It even went so far that Google even removed the support of the NFC Android Beam file sharing function from Android, because it found it not very useful for most users. But the search giant didnโ€™t give up on the idea of โ€‹โ€‹developing the technology of wireless data transfer.

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In order to replace the Android Beam ordered for a long time, Google decided to implement a feature called Fast Share in Android. Its main purpose is to transmit data from one device to another wirelessly. NFC is not required for its operation, which is still far from being equipped with all the devices, but the Bluetooth module that everyone has is enough. But, unlike the standard Bluetooth data transfer method, Fast Share can boast a higher connection speed and support for a wide range of gadgets.

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How to transfer data from Android to iPhone

Judging by the description of the technology given by Google itself, Fast Share works with both Android-based smartphones, Chromebooks, iPhones and even a Wear-based smartwatch. To establish a connection, you must activate the function, enter the name of the opponent’s device in the window that opens and bring them together. At this moment, a notification appears on the screen of the second device from the pair with a proposal to confirm pairing and acceptance of the file.

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In fact, Fast Share is an analog of Apple’s AirDrop function, with the exception of cross-platform and the need to keep devices in close proximity to each other. Despite the fact that Fast Share support is present only in Android Q, there is a high probability that Google will make it available on devices with earlier versions of the OS. The easiest way to do this is by embedding it in Google Play Services.

Source: 9to5Google

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