October 28, 2021

Google will limit the access of developers to user data

Following the ban on showing ads on the locked screen in Android, Google intends to protect the personal information of users. Surely everyone was faced with the fact that the new application requests access to data that, it would seem, is not needed. For example, a game may require access to a microphone, a dialer and a camera that it does not use. The search giant wants to eliminate this problem by introducing new rules for developers.


According to the latest rules, applications that collect data that are not required for the normal operation of the software must tell the users how this information will be applied.

“If an application collects and transmits personal data that is not related to functionality, then before they are assembled and transmitted, the program must clearly indicate how they will be used and allow the person to consent or refuse,” says the new Google rules.

The requirements will apply to all application functions. For example, if a program wants to send analytics or crash reports, it can not transfer a list of installed packages that are not associated with it, unless it reports it and receives permission from the user. Interestingly, the software downloaded outside of Google Play will also follow these rules. For this will meet the built-in Android antivirus Play Protect.

Developers were given 60 days to make the necessary changes to their applications. After that, Play Protect will begin to warn users about the potential danger.

Source: androidauthority.com

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