October 19, 2021

In Google Play, you have disabled the application for mining and other categories of programs


Google has updated the rules for Google Play developers, banning several new categories of applications. Among them – programs for mining, as well as applications with false advertising.
Applications for mining cryptocurrency are now prohibited, but those that regulate mining remotely are still allowed. Apple also recently introduced a ban on applications for mining, making an exception for the means of cloud-mining and other programs of this kind.

It is forbidden to publish on Google Play and applications that completely repeat the others already placed in the store. It’s about copying content from other applications without processing and adding and creating several very similar programs.

“Service operators intended for creating applications are prohibited from publishing on behalf of another person applications created with such services or automatic tools, as well as using a template,” the rules say. – The exception is only the applications published through the registered developer account, which belongs to the user of such an automatic tool, but not to the service operator. “


Another category, which Google has introduced taboos – applications with which you can buy explosives, firearms, cartridges, as well as some parts for firearms. “Parts and adaptations are prohibited that simulate automatic fire or are intended for the conversion of weapons into automatic, including moving lodges, automatic triggers, weapon conversion kits, and stores and tapes containing more than 30 rounds,” the company writes.

Among other things, among the new prohibitions in the rules for developers are applications designed for children, but containing adult content, and forcing users to click on advertisements or provide personal information for advertising purposes even before it becomes possible to fully use the program.

source: The Verge

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