October 19, 2021

Spotify tests an application to listen to playlists


Spotify released on Android an independent experimental application designed to quickly and easily listen to playlists. The application is called Stations and is positioned by the company as “the easiest way to listen to the music you love.”


Stations can be found on Google Play, but so far it is only available to residents of Australia. The application’s interface was created with the expectation that the user will not have to press the extra buttons to listen to music. Songs begin to play right after the program starts, and the names of the playlists are displayed on the main screen. Switching between them occurs by scrolling – in Stations there is no search. You can not even skip songs, and free users will have to periodically listen to advertising between songs.

Through the application settings, you can add and delete stations that are displayed on the main screen. Among them – personalized playlists Discover Weekly and Release Radar, as well as a playlist of songs that the user noted as liked. “As you listen, [Stations] learns your tastes and creates personalized playlists for them,” the application says.


More details about Stations are not present – it is not known whether the application will be released on iOS and will be selected from the experimental stage. It seems that Spotify is trying to attract the audience of the music service Pandora – in it free users listen to music about the same as in Stations.

source: The Verge

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