September 17, 2021

YouTube TV has an updated interface and improved management tools.

This week, YouTube TV receives an important update that brings a lot of visual changes. As planned by the authors, they should be useful for the vast majority of users.

The most important change is progressive forward. This is a new feature that allows YouTube TV users to go forward when they press and hold the fast-forward button. Users will be able to miss at least 15 seconds of content per second, and in the maximum case 1 minute per second will be missed. As part of this update, a much clearer Now Playing user interface, larger sketches and better content offerings are also being introduced. This update applies to all platforms.

According to YouTube, the update should be available to 50% of users. Those who are not lucky enough to get into the chosen half, you can use a workaround if they definitely need to try these innovations. To do this, you will need to uninstall the application, and then reinstall it. In this case, the user will be assigned a new visitor identifier, which may contribute to the receipt of innovations. If it fails the first time, the procedure can be repeated until the update is available.

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Source: phonearena

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