October 19, 2021

How to get free robux? – Read all details in our guide.

How to get free robux

Do you want to know how to ะฟัƒะต free Robux by doing small tasks (installing apps, watching video ads, taking surveys, etc.)? In this article you’ll learn about 6 sites and 2 apps you can use to get free.


  • RBXboost
  • Oprewards
  • RoCash
  • BloxAwards
  • ClaimRBX
  • GameHag


  • Girls Skins for Roblox
  • Free Robux Loto 2020

Sites For Earning Robux

1. RBXboost



I will put this site for earning Robux at the beginning of the list, since judging by the reviews, it is the most sensible and popular. Judging by the information from the site itself, it has already sent 500,000 Robux to participants.

And so he does not differ from similar sites. It offers the viewing of advertising, installation of applications and stuff like that for Roebucks. Earned will come to your account within one day (although usually faster, a couple of hours).

Sometimes the site runs lotteries, where you can win 50 to 100 Robux. But it happens rarely, and usually, you have to do a couple of specific types of tasks to participate. And of course this whole event is limited in time.

2. Oprewards


Although maybe this site should be in the first place. It really has more users, more jobs.ย For completing you get points (like points). 1 point = 1 Robux. Giveaway is there, held often, by the way. But they try to win, as there are a lot of participants ๐Ÿ™‚

3. RoCash



This site for earning Robux. They give them to you for the following:

  • installing applications
  • game installation
  • taking surveys
  • watching videos
  • All that kind of stuff.

You register (you can sign in through your google account), choose a task, do it, get a reward. Everything is simple. The only problem is that sometimes there aren’t enough tasks. You go in and there’s nothing to do. Here you just have to wait. There is a referral system, you can earn Roobucks, 5% of the earnings of friends you invited. There is also a local lottery, you can try to win a lot of Robux, but it is such a self, I do not recommend it.

4. BloxAwards



All standard. Register -> do all sorts of trivial tasks like polls -> get Robux -> to withdraw to your account.

Do not worry that you do not have enough R$. At the time of writing this article, the site was free to withdraw 16000 Robux.

Of interest, here you can authorize through Google-account and Discord (in case anyone cares).

5. ClaimRBX



Even too lazy to make up a description ๐Ÿ™‚ Once again, you get Robux for passing surveys, playing games, watching videos. All clear, all output.

6. GameHag



This site offers to play free games and perform tasks in them. After completing the task, you will need to send a screenshot, confirming the performance through a special form.ย For their completion, you get the “stones of souls. And here they can be exchanged for various prizes, such as keys to games on Steam and Robux!

For example, for completing 3 tasks in the game World of Warships site offers 1005 “Stones of Souls. Which can be exchanged for about 63 Robux.

You can sign up as standard, as well as through Facebook and Steam. I advise you to take a tutorial before you start.

Important points.

If you have played any of the suggested games, you will have to start over, such are the rules. You will not be allowed to play from where you left off.
The site requires constant activity, if you don’t go in and complete tasks at least once a week, you will turn into a “frog” and then a “toad”. This is the local lingo, meaning, in short, that you will be deprived of freebies gradually if you do not play and perform tasks.
Basically, if your goal is to get a certain amount of Robux and that’s it, you have nothing to worry about. But if you want to do it all the time, and you know that soon you’ll go where there will be no computer and no Internet – it’s better to refrain from registering on GameHag yet. As you’ll be free – then proceed, take your time.

If you are suddenly important – the site has a referral system, that is, you can send a link to this site to their friends and get the money (yes, that’s money for some reason, not Robux) for their activity.

Apps For Earning Robux

1.Girls Skins for Roblox


Girls Skins for Roblox

This app is only for Android. Clearly made for girls, but do not let this confuse you ๐Ÿ™‚ In the program, you can watch ads and get these coins, which can be exchanged for Robux. 20 coins = one Robux.

2.ย RoClicker – Free Robux


RoClicker - Free Robux

App-only on Android, also in the game you can earn extra Robux.

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