October 19, 2021

Dreamwave Explorer: with music around the world


It’s nice to travel light – only a backpack behind and the road ahead. Sometimes at such times, romance rolls around, I want to put my favorite song and breathe in full the fragrance of freedom. It is for such cases created Dreamwave Explorer – a compact wireless speaker with moisture protection, bicycle attachment and the ability to charge other devices.

Dreamwave Explorer Specifications

  • Power consumption: 15 W
  • Battery: 6000 mAh
  • Protection from moisture and dust: IPX5
  • Connection: NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, AUX cable 3.5 mm
  • Additional functions: hands-free headset, external battery
  • Weight and size: 725 g, 137x80x69 mm
  • Packing and equipment
  • The model is delivered in a three-dimensional box of khaki color. Inside it lie a column, a charger, USB and AUX cables, and a bicycle handlebar.

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Packing and equipment

The model is delivered in a three-dimensional box of khaki color. Inside it lie a column, a charger, USB and AUX cables, and a bicycle handlebar.

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The device is made in the style of military: rough forms, metal grilles on the speakers, buttons “under the rubber” and the plugs hint at the readiness for any difficulties in the way. In general, as it is – the case of the column is durable and protected by the IPX5 standard, so that it is not afraid of roadside dust and rain. The Explorer is released in gray and green colors.


The side panels and the base are made of rigid plastic. It is clear that the materials are selected taking into account the operating conditions. Still, it is not a fashionable city accessory, but a device for traveling and sports.



On top are the power button, Bluetooth sync and volume control. To the left of them is a micro-USB and 3.5-mm inputs, as well as a USB Type-A connector for recharging other devices – the column can replace an external small-capacity battery.


On the lower part of the body there is a thread for bicycle attachment, which is included in the kit. With its help, you can fix the tripod and get thus acoustics on the rack. Well, or indulge and fix the gadget on the tree with a tripod “octopus”, because open air – a very suitable environment for the device.


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Dreamwave Explorer is equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 module for wireless connection. You can use NFC to quickly pair with a smartphone, receiving a stable signal at a distance of up to eight meters.


Also there is a line input for connecting an external source via AUX.

The speaker supports hands-free mode, for this it has a built-in microphone. Its quality is not bad, so the function will be useful when riding a bicycle and in other scenarios, when getting a smartphone is inconvenient.

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Inside the speakers are two speakers, which, thanks to the built-in digital amplifier, produce an aggregate power of 15 watts. The declared frequency range is 70-18000 Hz, and the signal-to-noise ratio reaches 75 dB.

To evaluate the sound, we used a smartphone HTC One E8 with Bluetooth 4.0 and Hi-Fi player QLS QA360 in a linear mode.


First of all, you mark the atypical for such dimensions of the speaker volume – it is enough to pump a small room with your favorite music. And overload occurs only in complex compositions with a large number of instruments. In other cases, the sound is moderately bass, with good transfer of basic instruments and vocals.

Low frequencies are not very pronounced, but they are enough to ensure that the feed does not seem too light. In this they are helped by an underlined lower middle, which pushes warmth and massiveness. Listening in this performance rap, trep, ambient and other genres with synthesized bass is very exciting. The album “Kendrick Lamar – Damn.” And tracks Joji column digested without problems.


Despite two dynamics, the Dreamwave Explorer does not give a clear stereo effect – the dimensions still hamper this. But voices and individual instruments are transmitted clearly, the middle is not failed and has a good readability. Therefore, the calm compositions of Alabama Shakes and The Beach Boys do not lose their colors and emotions.

The input of high frequencies depends on the method of signal transmission. When connected via Bluetooth, they have a slight drop, which makes the sound more dark. When using a linear AUX-input and a Hi-Fi player, the top sounds louder and feels cleaner. Although this is not always noticeable, many will find the difference insignificant. The tonal balance is close to flat in all cases, and the HF itself is smoothed and normalized in loudness – individual peaks are choked and do not strain the hearing. Minor details may not be enough, but the absence of dirt and sybilants for most listeners is more important.


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Battery Dreamwave Explorer with a capacity of 6000 mAh. The manufacturer states that at maximum volume the device can work eight hours, and in a more gentle mode up to eighteen. During testing the device played every day for 2-3 hours at a loudness of 50% and discharged by the end of the fifth day. It is worth considering that this time is valid in cases where you do not have to charge from the column other gadgets.



Dreamwave Explorer will become a true companion for hikers and hikers. It does not take up much space in the backpack, plays for a long time and is protected from dirt and bad weather. And the ability to fix it on the handlebars and use it as an external battery adds practicality points.


  • robust and compact body;
  • built-in microphone;
  • fastening to the steering wheel;
  • long time of work;
  • possibility of recharging of other devices;
  • pleasant, balanced sound.


  • finishing hard and rough plastic.
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