October 19, 2021

HyperX Cloud Flight S Review -Best Solution For Gamers

HyperX Cloud Flight S - main

A good gaming headset is an almost indispensable attribute for a gamer. In certain genres of games, this is an important tool that allows you to assess the situation and calculate the location of the opponent. Also, headphones better help immerse themselves in the gameplay, “cutting off” the sounds of the environment. To all, headsets must be comfortable, because often players spend a lot of time in them. This time we will see and listen to how things are with the updated wireless gaming model HyperX Cloud Flight S.

What’s in the box

HyperX Cloud Flight S - box

By purchasing this headset, the player will receive a USB receiver, a removable microphone and a not-so-long USB-A-to-microUSB cable for charging. What else could come in handy is some kind of case or case for storage and transportation, because the user may well take the headphones with him somewhere.

What else you can buy for such a gadget is a wireless charging station. The branded Chargerplay Base charging station, which can charge headphones and any other device with Qi-standard support, got to us with headphones.


HyperX Cloud Flight S - Design

HyperX Cloud Flight S doesn’t seem to stand out much from the general concept of Cloud Flight, except that it now looks more restrained without highlighting and red accents in the design. This is a fairly large headset with large full-sized closed bowls, a wide headband and physical controls. Case color can only be black. The weight of the whole structure is 310 grams, the connected microphone will increase this value by an additional 10 grams.

It’s impossible to fold the headphones somehow, they always remain “deployed”. But you can rotate the bowl 90 °. True, I’m not sure that this will somehow greatly facilitate transportation. On the other hand, the headphone mount gives a slight backlash of several degrees horizontally and vertically, allowing you to find a position comfortable for the head.

Using headphones turned out to be very convenient. Their weight does not put pressure on their heads, and the ear pads and pillow on the hoop lie softly, do not interfere even after a few hours have passed with them. But there is an assumption that in the summer it will be hot, although the same can be said about most of these headphones.

All external cladding is made of plastic. The bowls are tough, and the “hoop” is flexible enough not to crack when the owner puts them on, but returns to its original form without any problems. I did not like only the swivel mounts, the gap of which, although understandable, but because of it it seems that the headphones just got loose.

HyperX Cloud Flight S Controls

HyperX Cloud Flight S -control

Globally, the headphones do not need a driver or other software, they are able to work on the principle of Plug-n-Play. It is enough to insert the receiver into the USB port and hold the power button, as they instantly connect (via the 2.4 GHz channel). The headset works with PC, Mac and PS4. All control is carried out with headphones, where it is worth highlighting three main areas for manipulation.

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The right earphone got a wheel to adjust the volume. It moves smoothly, equipped with cut-offs, is quite easy to find and feels good. True, sometimes I accidentally hit him when I put on or took off the headset. It seems to be a trifle, but the volume level still then had to be corrected.

On the left earphone there are buttons for turning on and activating the 7.1 mode, and next to them are two connectors: microUSB for charging and 3.5 mm Jack for the microphone. There is also a small diode status indicator. In this, everyone didn’t like the old port for power, because they are trying to refuse such a connector in favor of a more convenient USB Type-C. Fortunately, the headset has support for induction charging stations, which, albeit for extra money, will solve the issue of charging convenience.

The left earpiece cover also received four buttons. Initially, they control microphone modes, as well as microphone and mute monitoring functions. The latter includes a red backlight on the microphone. Through the application, you can reassign these functions to others.

In a proprietary application (available only for Windows), you can minimize sound settings. But globally, everything is done without it. The only real reason to use it is to reassign the buttons, if necessary.

HyperX Cloud Flight S firmware

Connection and sound

HyperX Cloud Flight S -Connection

As already mentioned, HyperX Cloud Flight S connects to a computer or game console using a USB receiver. The process itself is very fast and simple. At the same time, two devices will appear in the system settings: HyperX Cloud Flight S Game and HyperX Cloud Flight S Chat. As practice has shown, it is enough to stay on the first profile. There are no differences in the sound of the microphone, and the Chat mode puts the headphones themselves into the “old radio” mode so as not to create a background for the microphone. But in the first case there are no strong problems, so don’t sacrifice sound quality.

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The 2.4 GHz range is shorter than with a Bluetooth connection. But for games this will definitely be enough, because the main idea is that the wire does not interfere during the game, and not listen to music in the room adjacent to the source. Moreover, the sound delay is practically not felt, which is very important in the case of games. But there are no other connection methods for the headphones, so with a smartphone, for example, they will be useless.

For gaming, the sound of HyperX Cloud Flight S works well. Subjectively, you could add a little bass, but even without this volume is enough. Moreover, there are no problems with determining the position of an opponent in such headphones. I spent some time in CS: GO, where I heard very well even the small rustles around me. True, the 7.1 mode turned out to be a little different than we would like. Yes, it adds a little more sense of volume, but at the same time there is an extra noise, without which it is still more pleasant to play, and the sound is noticeably distorted for the worse.

For other entertainment Cloud Flight S is also suitable. With music, of course, it will turn out far from everything, in some compositions I want to shift the balance closer to low, but nothing critical. Moreover, if you remember that this is a gaming headset, and not ordinary headphones. The dubbing of films, as in the case of games, quite well helps to plunge into the atmosphere of what is happening. For this, I would not worry.

The plug-in microphone turned out to be very good. Not only does it transmit a good voice, it also does not capture all the sounds of the environment. Yes, in some respects there is a merit of the same Discord application that I used for the test. Of course, one should not expect a miracle, the mechanical keyboard switches will still be heard when the microphone is active, but it cannot be said that it’s difficult to put up with it.

Autonomy HyperX Cloud Flight S

HyperX Cloud Flight S Autonomy
The previous model could boast the same autonomy if the backlight was not involved. In Cloud Flight S it does not exist at all, therefore, operation without an outlet is indicated within the same limits – 30 hours (with the link that the headphones were tested at 50% power). I tried just not to turn off the headphones and leave the music at full volume (with a few breaks for games). In this mode, they lasted more than 32 hours. After that, charging from a conventional power supply for a smartphone (2.1 A) took 3 hours 20 minutes.

One of the most unusual features of this headset is the support of Qi-standard induction stations. So, just by putting the left headset on it, you can charge it. Given the fact that HyperX has such a station for two devices, you can conveniently charge the headphones with a mouse or smartphone at the same time. But if there is no suitable induction base, then you have to mess with microUSB.

Our verdict

One of the most unusual features of this headset is the support of Qi-standard induction stations. So, just by putting the left headset on it, you can charge it. Given the fact that HyperX has such a station for two devices, you can conveniently charge the headphones with a mouse or smartphone at the same time. But if there is no suitable induction base, then you have to mess with microUSB.

Good stuff

  • Sound;
  • Convenient design;
  • Build quality;
  • Autonomy;
  • Support for induction charging;
  • PS4 support

Bad stuff

  • 2.4 GHz connection only
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