October 19, 2021

Motorola Verve Buds 500 Wireless Headphones🎧 Review

Motorola Verve Buds 500 Wireless Headphones Review

Apple at one time has already proven that the form factor of absolutely wireless headsets has the right to exist and in fact is very convenient. In time, other brands began to follow the example of Cupertino. In September, at the international exhibition IFA, Motorola unveiled the new Verve Buds 500 wireless headphones, which had already attracted a wide range of users with impressive autonomy. Now the novelty is available in our market, and it’s time to devote a review to it, in which we will examine the headset from Motorola from different angles.

Specifications Motorola Verve Buds 500

Headphone type: Vacuum
Connection type: Wireless
Acoustic desigh: Closed
Purpose: For smartphone and player
Fastening type: Without additional fasteners
Ear cushions: Silicone
Emitter type: Dynamic
Emitter design: Dynamic
Microphone presence: Yes
Features: True Wireless Stereo
Control: Voice control , Accept / reject call button, Track control buttons
Headphone frequency range: 20-20000 Hz
Weight: 190 g
Extras: Rich stereo sound Up to 9 hours of playback with charging case Dual microphone technology y to earn from Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant secure fit and comfortable wearing all day Simultaneous connection to 2-m devices, LED-display port micro USB charging
Package Contents: Headset Charger Case 4 pairs of interchangeable ear cushions micro USB cable Instruction

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Contents of delivery

Motorola Verve Buds 500 Wireless Headphones Review-1

The device comes in a proprietary box in which you will find the headphones themselves, a charging case for them, a USB-microUSB charging cable without a network adapter, a large set with ear cushions of various sizes (5 pairs) and, of course, instructions and warranty card. Instructions, by the way, I recommend far not to remove – it is useful at least in order to deal with the display and the way to control the headset. It is surprising that there is no complete manual for connecting headphones, but we will tell you about it in a separate paragraph below.

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Design and management

Motorola Verve Buds 500 Wireless Headphones Review-2

Now let’s talk about the headset itself. Headphones Motorola Verve Buds 500 are available in two fairly classic colors – black and white. And on the review we have today is the last.

A small case for storing and charging the headset, as well as the headphone case, is made of white matte plastic, quite pleasant to the touch. In the charging case, the headphones are held on small magnets, which ensures intimate contact with the charging “terminals” and eliminates their frivolous hanging in the box. Another convenient feature of the case consists of four indicators that show the approximate charge remaining of the case itself.

Motorola Verve Buds 500 have a frequency range of 20-20000 Hz and belong to the closed headphones. If we talk about the headset, then visually it seems somewhat massive. Although it does not interfere with the sock. The main thing is to choose the appropriate size of the ear cushions so that the headphones confidently hold themselves “in the saddle”. The emblem of the manufacturer proudly flaunts on the case facade, as well as the only indicator that shows what mode the headphones are in at the moment. When the headphones are in pairing mode, you can see the flashing red and blue indicator. Discharged headphones blink red, the standby mode is blue, and a steady red light turns on while charging.

Motorola Verve Buds 500 Wireless Headphones Review-3

Both headphones have only one control button, which is located where the ordinary headphone cable starts, that is, at the very bottom. The button is multifunctional and recognizes several types of pressing. For example, to turn on the headset, you will need to hold the button for 2 seconds. In order to turn on or stop playing music or answer a call, one click is enough. Double click will switch to the next track, and triple pressing a button on one of the headphones will help you return to the previous one. Simple, convenient, and this type of control does not have to get used for a long time.

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How to connect Motorola Verve Buds 500 to a smartphone

Motorola Verve Buds 500 Wireless Headphones Review-4

We turn to the most interesting – to connect. I’ll just make a reservation that it’s hardly intuitive to do this, so here we’ll need an instruction. You can find it on the official site, because the instruction that comes in the kit, for some reason, describes only the pairing between the headphones and the headset mode. If you believe that for the initial connection of the headset, you just need to turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and select Verve Buds from the list of detected devices, then do not be in a hurry to rejoice. Ahead we are waited by several consecutive steps that will help us connect the headphones to the smartphone correctly. Otherwise, the pairing between the “ears” will not occur and only one earphone will work. The thing is that headphones play different roles. The right one is considered primary, and the left one is secondary, and the connection is made using the left earpiece.

We connect headphones for the first time:

  1. Make sure that both earbuds are in the charging case with the lid closed. Take them out of the case
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone. Select “Vervebuds 500” in the menu that appears.
  3. Hold the button on the right earpiece for 2 seconds, turn off the right headset. Or simply place the right earpiece in the case and close the lid – the result will be the same.
  4. Now we transfer the left earpiece to pairing mode, holding the button on it for 5 seconds
  5. Choosing on the smartphone “Vervebuds 500 (L)”
  6. Turn on the right earpiece (or get it out of the case) – that’s it.

If you need to connect the headset to another device, you will need to reset the presets. To do this, just hold the button on one of the headphones for ten seconds. When the indicator turns purple, the headphone is “reset” and you can start pairing with another device.

Motorola Verve Buds 500 Wireless Headphones Review-5

By connecting headphones to a smartphone, you can not only listen to music or receive calls, but also “communicate” with voice assistants. Motorola Verve Buds 500 are friends with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, which means that they can work with both Android-based smartphones and the iPhone. For those who are already accustomed to voice assistants and use them often, this feature is very convenient. Now there is no need to “shout” into the phone (or other device), it is enough just to make a clear and quiet request and be sure that you will be “heard”. The same applies to voice calls – a dual microphone with active noise cancellation system provides excellent voice quality during telephone conversations.

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By the way, when the case with the headphones closes, the headset automatically goes into sleep mode and you do not need to turn them off manually. When you open the case, the headset “wakes up” – from the box you can hear the phrase “Power on”, and then the roll call between the “Right channel” and “Left channel” headphones. This means that Verve Buds are on full alert and you can immediately put them on and listen to your favorite music. That is, there is no need to reconnect them every time.

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Sound quality

Motorola Verve Buds 500 Wireless Headphones Review-6

I happened to test Verve Buds 500 on my Xiaomi. Frankly, when connecting for the first time I was very disappointed with the sound quality. Where have you seen the headset from a fairly respected brand and with a price tag above $ 100 so disgustingly playing music?

My attempts to play with the equalizer on the “native”  Xiaomi application did not succeed – the application simply did not see the Motorola headphones. After installing AIMP, things did not get better. Equalizer became available, but globally the sound has not improved.

IMPORTANT: only when I installed the Hubble Connect for VerveLife branded app did the sound become even and worthy. In any case, the need for all equalizers has disappeared in principle.

The sound has improved many times (without exaggeration) just as if by magic. But let’s be frank: the Motorola Verve Buds 500 is not an audiophile device. They are very good at playing vocals, ballads, jazz and other lounge music. But as for more dynamic music trends, such as electronic or “heavy” music, I personally lack their capabilities. And bass, of course, although they are. Not bad – yes, but there is no wow effect (although it probably also depends on the device from which you are listening). And goosebumps do not “run.” Let’s just say, not Sony and not Sennheiser. Although in the ranks of these “monsters of sound” there are no headsets in such a compact and convenient form factor in which the Verve Buds 500 is made. But, perhaps, this is just a matter of time.

On the other hand, the question of sound quality is a very subjective moment. Each of us has different preferences in music and sound in general, so it’s better to hear and draw conclusions for yourself once.

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Motorola Verve Buds 500 Wireless Headphones Review-7

The manufacturer assures that a single charge of the headphones themselves will be enough for 3 hours of playback. The charging case increases this figure threefold, with the result that we have a workable headset for nine hours. And this is a very good indicator – with intensive listening for the whole day, it will definitely be enough. And if you use headphones only on the road, then you can safely count on a few days of work. Comparing everything with the same AirPods, whose autonomy is about five hours, the Verve Buds 500 give them a head start.

You can spend the charge more economically if you use them only as a headset in mono mode. One earpiece is in the case, and the other is always ready to take a call or call a voice assistant. Music in one ear, of course, uncomfortable listening. But for those who are often behind the wheel, the device is a great help.

GOOF STUFF: convenient, absolutely wireless form factor, excellent autonomy, nice design, well thought out management, convenient to use as a headset and for working with voice assistants, a competitive price tag in the segment of similar devices.
BAD STUFF: the manual does not have a full connection guide and I would like a better sound (but this is a question for all such headphones).

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The Motorola Verve Buds 500 is a good all-wireless headset, which is now storming its market share. In one fell swoop, she solves many problems: from the eternal disentanglement of headphones to “communication” with voice assistants. But to wait from her unreal musical sound (as well as from other headphones of this type) is still not necessary. The rest of the headphones show outstanding results, so the headset will definitely find its fans.

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