October 19, 2021

MSI Trident X Review: i9 and RTX in the smallest package on the market

MSI Trident X Review i9 and RTX gamers in the smallest package on the market

Want to know what the next generation console will be capable of? MSI seems to have a suitable answer. Desktop Trident X 9th is comparable in size to the Xbox One, but at the same time, it is crammed with top hardware. He is already doing what the manufacturers of gaming consoles so far only promise: launches AAA hits in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.

Specifications MSI Trident X

CPU Intel Core i9-9900 K
RAM up to 32 GB
INTERFACES Front panel:
USB 3.1 Type-C, USB 2.0 Type-A, USB 3.1 Type-A
Rear panel:
PS / 2 Combo Port, 4 x USB, Ethernet, 7.1 Audio
13 x 38 x 40 cm
6.55 kg

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With an eye to the future

The standoff between console gamers and PC gamers seems eternal, and there is no hope that in the foreseeable future, the two warring camps will come to an agreement. On the other hand, it is not customary to install top-end hardware in the console.

Introducing the RTX 2080, NVIDIA stirred up the sleepy swamp of graphics accelerators. What is the hardware acceleration of ray tracing, allowing a new look at the reflections and light glare in games. Although rendering using this method turned out to be a resource-intensive process, there have been no such significant changes in computer graphics for a long time. In addition, the RTX 2080 works with the recently announced AI anti-aliasing. Final Fantasy XV for Windows recently received its support, and the list of such releases will undoubtedly be actively replenished.

MSI Trident X Review i9 and RTX gamers in the smallest package on the market 1
To place the top-end video card in a narrow package of the new product, MSI engineers placed it vertically using an adapter. Thus, the engineers managed to keep the device compact. Other options Trident X 9 did not disappoint: 32 GB of RAM, 512 GB SSD for the most demanding games and applications, 2 TB HDD for other files.

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Advanced technology

The basis of the computer is a motherboard based on the Intel Z370 chipset. She borrowed a lot from MSI Z390i Gaming Pro Carbon and supports most of her technology. There was only no backlight (why should the LEDs heat an already cramped case?) And additional cooling M.2 Shield – thanks to the desktop architecture, there is enough natural ventilation. The rest is in place – including support for Bluetooth gamepads (up to version 5.0), front USB 3.1 Type-C port, easy overclocking using XMP profiles, shielded and enhanced connectors for video cards and RAM, overclocking technology and DDR4 Boost memory stabilization, as well as a dedicated DAC for sound. Another feature was the proprietary air cooling system, Silent Storm Cooling 3. One of the serious problems of gaming PCs in a compact form factor is the difficulty of diluting the air flow, which is why the situation is too hot inside.

The MSI Trident X 9th is divided into zones, so the video card, processor and power supply are cooled separately.

None of the subsystems captures the heated air from the other. This method of cooling greatly facilitates the life of the desktop with a serious load. At the same time, the computer is surprisingly quiet. Even after a long gaming session, the Trident X 9th does not begin to roar.

MSI Trident X Review i9 and RTX gamers in the smallest package on the market 2

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Upgrade size is not a hindrance

Thanks to the progress: the time when the system block looked like a bulky barn with add-ons is over. A full-fledged gaming PC is now easy to place in a box which look a like Xbox, and this is done beautifully and tastefully. New MSI is confirmation to this. Despite the compactness of the case and the dense placement of components, the device is convenient to upgrade. Its owner can put here, for example, a larger SSD. Or HDD terabyte for eight, and at the same time RTX 3080, when it appears. However, the current configuration is more than enough for a couple of years.

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Thanks to a neat stand, the computer is securely upright. Designed traditionally for the gaming industry is replete with sharp corners and, at first glance, it may not seem too original. However, looking closer, you begin to notice the details. Facets do not copy each other, and are located at different angles.

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Interestingly implemented backlight. It is multicolored and is able to synchronize with other accessories from MSI – to create common lighting effects. Through the windows in the side panels, you can see how the video card shimmers in soft sunset colors, then plunges into the blue of the sea. The front panel also received a highlight in the form of tapering lines – it seems as if the mana scale is filled up to the stop. Real joy for the gamer’s eyes.

MSI Trident X Review i9 and RTX gamers in the smallest package on the market 3

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Evaluate performance

High results in synthetic tests are predictable. Nevertheless, with their help, it is interesting to assess how much the latest generation processor and the rest of the filling affect the performance gain. In the Geekbench 4 test, the result was 31,581 points – and this is a very impressive figure. Of course, the true capabilities of MSI Trident X 9th are revealed in demanding AAA releases. Running Hitman at maximum settings in Full HD resolution, we managed to get an average of 140 frames per second – an impressive result. Raising the resolution to 4K, there’s nothing to complain about: 78 fps allows Agent 47 to eliminate targets quickly, smoothly, without a hitch. Everything is as it should be for a professional killer. The same applies to other blockbusters.

A reasonable approach to the settings (almost everything can be unscrewed to the maximum) allows you to run in 4K and old hits, and hot games.

As for the daily work, it is also difficult to find fault here. It’s easy to keep fifty tabs in the browser and switch without delays between them and other applications. At the same time, the speed of loading images when opening new tabs remains high. The same picture is preserved when you run graphic editors. It’s not easy to load MSI Trident X 9th with familiar tasks, even if you really want to.

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If the current generation of consoles is cannot boast high graphics, then the next one promises heaven on earth. But computer gamers can join the coveted 4K and 60 fps even now.
MSI Trident X 9th easily bypass Xbox One X and PS4 Pro on test benchmarks, lets you enjoy ray tracing and copes with 4K resolution. Add to this the possibility of upgrading, bright appearance and the availability of the necessary ports for connection. Finally, the device is suitable for serious work with graphics. The power of the gaming PC is located in the dimensions of the console. It looks cool, and it works in such a way that others can only envy.

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