October 19, 2021

Overview headphones Meizu Sport EP51


Despite the fact that the headphones Meizu Sport EP51 appeared on the market for quite some time, they still deserve this late review. And after reading this material, you will understand why I think so.

Headphones such as the EP51 do not stand apart individually. At the moment, the market has a whole bunch of models from various brands. Bluetooth headphones are produced as well-known companies, and those who are based on natural markets in China. But, probably, only the Meizu company can put on the market headphones of excellent quality, but at the same time with a democratic price tag and a fairly rich set. Let’s do everything in order.


Headphones Meizu Sport EP51 come in a fairly stylish box. When I first got them, I immediately thought that this was some kind of premium model.

Overview headphones Meizu Sport EP51-1

After you unpacked the headphones, you are greeted by a stylish box that opens like a book. In this box you will find the headset itself, three pairs of spare ear cushions (the fourth is on the headphones), a short charging wire and a special case for carrying headphones. The good news is that the case is so hard that its walls just can not push through.
Overview headphones Meizu Sport EP51-2
This means that if the headphones are in this wonderful box, you can safely throw them in your pocket or backpack, and nothing will happen to them.

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The appearance of these headphones certainly deserves a separate item. Despite the fact that they are made of plastic, there are very nice inserts of metal, which give them elegance. But the red cable itself hints that you need to play sports with these headphones.
Overview headphones Meizu Sport EP51-3
In general, the design of headphones can be called excellent. They are constantly attracting the attention of others by combining red and gray. Everything is stylish and tasteful.

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The convenience of use

One and all, to whom I showed Meizu Sport EP51, in one voice asserted that they were uncomfortable. But this is only up to the moment when they did not begin to try them on. This model of headphones fits perfectly in your ears, just select the appropriate size of ear cushions, and they will never fall out of your ears.

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Since this is still a sports version, the manufacturer decided to protect the headphones according to the IPX4 standard, which allows you to run with them even in the pouring rain, but they cannot be immersed in water. So be careful and do not drop them into the water when you run along the coast of the Pacific;)
Overview headphones Meizu Sport EP51-5
Magnets on the Meizu Sport EP51Also for the convenience of users, there are magnets on the cups that allow you to hold the headphones around your neck so that they do not hang out. But it is worth noting that the length of the wire is quite short. So, if you have a big and pumped neck, they can simply not converge on it.

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Sound quality

If you are a fan of “full picture” sound with detailed mid and high frequencies, then, unfortunately, Meizu EP51 is not your choice. Apparently, it affects the low price – only about $ 30.
But if you like good bass, then you can take. In general, the sound is very good. Given the price range, to demand more is simply meaningless, anyway, you will not find anything better. As for noise insulation, it is quite adequate. Yes, in a very noisy environment, the volume will have to unscrew to maximum. But most often this is not necessary. I will not say anything about the quality of the speaking microphone on the remote, it just is.

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Battery life

As the manufacturer assures on the official website, Meizu Sport EP51 headphones can work on one charge for 6 hours. That, in principle, is the standard value for headphones of this class and form factor.
Overview headphones Meizu Sport EP51-6
Meizu Sport EP51In real life, the manufacturer’s information has been confirmed. When listening to music at a volume of about 90%, they managed to work 6 hours and 15 minutes. Charging through the corporate wire from zero to one hundred lasts about 50 minutes.

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  • Dimensions 16*23*25mm
  • Wire diameter ϕ2.0mm
  • Weight 15.3g
  • Color Black-red
  • Speaker ϕ8.6mm
  • Frequency response range 20Hz~20KHz
  • Total length 550mm
  • Bluetooth version Bluetooth4.0+EDR
  • Impedance 16Ω
  • Sensitivity 88dB
  • Max power 10mW
  • Wireless transmission distance 10m
  • Battery life At least 6 hours
  • Recharging time 1.5~2h
  • Wire controller Three-button type
  • Microphone -42dB

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The Meizu EP51 is the choice for those who need good-quality wireless headphones for a very affordable price tag. Yes, there are still some drawbacks, but, given the cost and appearance, they are simply leveled.


  • presence of magnets;
  • cost;
  • appearance;


  • sound insulation;
  • conversational microphone

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