October 19, 2021

Review of DreamWave Elemental: three kilograms of pure sound


The market of portable acoustics can be divided into two categories: the most compact and the most vociferous. In the first case, everything is decided by the small size and price, and in the second – the sound. Getting to us for a review DreamWave Elemental bravely pretends to the laurels of the leader in the second category. Support for Hi-Res codecs, 30W of sound and a lot of connection interfaces – it’s not a dream of fans to make a louder rest.

DreamWave Elemental Specifications

  • System Configuration: Wireless
  • Speakers: 2x 50mm + 2x 20mm
  • Rated Power: 30 W
  • Audio Input: AUX 3.5mm
  • Wireless interface: Bluetooth 4.0 + AptX
  • Connectors: USB 2.0, DC-In
  • Control: control keys on the body, from the smartphone
  • Features: IPX5 waterproof
  • Power supply: built-in battery, 12000 mAh
  • Dimensions: 390х175х130 mm
  • Weight: 3253 g

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Packing and equipment

Acoustics, weighing under three kilograms, is delivered in an impressive box with a convenient carrying handle and a basic set of accessories in the kit. A separate box contains a 12V power adapter and an AUX cable one meter long.

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Brutal acoustic system DreamWave Elemental flaunts an interesting design (see photo) and that highlights it against the background of competitors. The shape of the case is a slightly truncated beam with impressive grilles of speakers on hexagonal bolts along the perimeter.
On top is a massive steel carrying handle with an elastic grip and an LED indicator box beneath it. Five scales of a level of a charge and a two-color indicator of a power / wireless connection facilitate use of acoustics, and for fast communication with the smart phone on the case there is a label NFC.
The keys for controlling the column are such that you can even press on them with your elbow if you want. The left side is simply divided into four equal sectors with the notation of volume, power and Bluetooth. In the center between them is a LED flashlight, which illuminates the space for a dozen meters ahead. Lamp modes are switched by holding the power button for a couple of seconds. By the way, the SOS signal can be transmitted by flashing the flashlight.
On the opposite side of the body is the same convex marking of the elastic polymer, which acts as a sealed plug connector. If you pull it by the tab, you can see the input for the AC adapter, USB with 1 A current and 3.5 mm AUX input.


On the bottom side of the case is a pair of massive legs for a stable placement of the column on the table and a few lines of information about the device.

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Ergonomics and protection

In terms of size and weight, the 3.2-kilogram acoustic DreamWave Elemental is closer to classic boomboxes than to tiny wireless speakers. It just does not fit in your pocket, and in your backpack you will pull your shoulders. It is convenient to carry it by the handle, but only for short distances. The main purpose of the device is to become a part of the environment and the epicenter of the musical holiday, and the column looks appropriate both on the table, and on the beach or forest lawn.

The device is protected from dust and moisture according to the IPX5 standard – it is not afraid of rain and splashes, but it can not be immersed in water.

Management and Opportunities

The wireless speaker system DreamWave Elemental lacks slots for flash drives and FM-receiver, but to connect to her smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 as simple as possible. If the mobile phone has NFC, just bring it to the corresponding zone on the case, if not – connect manually via Bluetooth. After connecting to the acoustics, the blue LED will stop blinking with short pulses, and you only need to turn on the music. Also at any time you can steal a wired audio source through AUX, interrupting the wireless connection.
On the case there are microphones for communication in hands-free mode. Answer the incoming call by holding the Bluetooth button for a long time. The quality of voice transmission at a high level, so that not all interlocutors guessed that communication was going on hands-free.
As for the USB-output, it honestly produces a current of 1 A and very smartly charges the smartphone. The amount of built-in battery is enough for a bundle of iPhones, but we’ll talk about this a little later.

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Two broadband speakers with a power of 10 watts each and a pair of high-frequency tweeters form an interesting acoustic cascade with a total power of 30 watts. Passive radiators are not provided here, but there are phase inverters and a complex acoustic design of the body cavity. What does this give the listener? Natural and juicy sound with soft and detailed high frequencies, deep and lively vocals, and even the adult nature of low-frequency feedback inherent in a stationary audio system. Acoustics Elemental is not the loudest in the class and at maximum does not stun the owner in a room of 15 m², but it sounds exactly as it should, and detail and accuracy allow you to listen to any musical genres that you rarely see in portable speakers. And this we are talking about listening to Bluetooth via the iPhone, and in fact DreamWave Elemental supports the AptX codec. In conjunction with suitable smartphones, mid-range and high-frequency detail approaches a wired connection to an intelligent player or an external DAC.
Wired sound with the FiiO X1 player is expected to be a little cleaner and wide on the stage, and the bass is even slightly closer to the 50 Hz mark. Well, and on the street the volume will be enough for fifty square meters of picnic.

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Moderate peak loudness and a capacious built-in battery for 12000 mAh made it possible to achieve impressive autonomy. At a loudness of about 80%, the column easily played almost 15 hours via Bluetooth, and at the maximum it was enough for 11 hours. Working as a power bank, she charged the iPhone seven times. DreamWave Elemental itself charges about five hours from a full-time memory with an output voltage of 12 V.

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Massive and brutal DreamWave Elemental provides high-quality and natural sound with a dense bass and clean high frequencies in any environment. At home and at work, in the garage and at a picnic – this wireless acoustics is everywhere there’s an application. It is durable and waterproof, with a long battery life and more than once awarded a praise sound.

If you like the original design and does not scare off the weight of three kilograms, then we recommend that you take a closer look at this model.

  • brutal design and reliability;
  • honest, assertive sound;
  • long time of work.


  • lack of radio and player;
  • charging output 1 A;
  • decent weight.

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