October 19, 2021

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless – Ultimate Headphone Review


At the end of last year, the Sennheiser lineup was replenished with the first fully wireless headset from Momentum True Wireless. Let’s see what they can offer against the background of competing solutions, which every month becomes more and more.

Specifications of Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless

Type of connection wireless
Converter type dynamic
Type of ear cushions vacuum
Color Black
Reproducible frequencies, Hz 17-21000
Sound pressure level SPL (1 kHz, 1 W RMS), dB 118
Nonlinear distortion factor, SOI (1 kHz, 1 W RMS) <0.5%
Technology Bluetooth 5.0 (profile support: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP / codecs: apt-X ยฎ, apt-X ยฎ LL, AAC, SBC)
Hours of listening to music, h 4
Microphone focus omnidirectional
Microphone frequency range (lower), Hz 100
Microphone frequency range (upper), Hz 10,000

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Momentum True Wireless Package Contents

Headphones come to the user in a small box, inside which are also silicone ear pads of different sizes (XS / S / M / L), USB Type-C cable and charging case.

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Design and usability

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless Wireless Headphone Review 7
Momentum True Wireless is made of matte black plastic and is covered on the outside with metal plates with the Sennheiser logo. Thanks to this selection of materials, the weight of each headphone is only 13.2 grams. But it cannot be said that they are not felt at all in the auricle, it’s all about the size. The manufacturer does not indicate it, but it is worth noting that Momentum True Wireless is relatively large and during use is clearly visible to others. Although, perhaps, for someone, it is the opposite will be an advantage.

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For their part, Sennheiser really tried to make Momentum True Wireless more compact in appearance. Branded metal plate with the company logo reflects the light well, while the black matte case is lost on its background. This visually makes the headphones not so big, but only if you look at your face in profile, you can clearly see from the front that they protrude from the auricle. However, in this regard, much depends on the physiology of the user.
Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless Wireless Headphone Review 3
Moreover, the landing at Momentum True Wireless is just great. Thanks to the good shape and silicone caps, the headphones fit well in the ear. Here, of course, again we need to make a correction for the physiology, but in general, the shape of the earpiece is quite simple and should fit most users. At the same time, despite the absence of cartilaginous clamps, the headphones stay well in the auricle. Large sizes help headphones provide good noise insulation. There is no active suppression in this model, but when the ear cushions are correctly selected, external noises are well cut off, which allows listening to music in the subway or in the cabin.

Momentum True Wireless has IPX4 moisture protection. You can not swim in the headphones, but they have to survive a walk in the light rain.

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Connect and control

Momentum True Wireless is one of the few modern wireless headphones for which I needed to read the instructions. We have become accustomed to the fact that the technique has become more or less intuitive, but Sennheiser decided to diversify the user’s life and force him to tinker with the connection. It all starts with the fact that you get out of the box headphones and a charging case, on which there is a button. It can be assumed that, as in AirPods, it is responsible for the connection. But no, the key only activates the LED, which shows the battery charge.
In fact, to put the headphones into the connection mode, you need to simultaneously (!) Press the touch panels located in the metal inserts of the headphones, and hold it for a few seconds. Not the most intuitive way to connect headphones to the sound source. Moreover, Momentum True Wireless does not support simultaneous connection with several devices and cannot quickly switch between them. That is, if you are listening to music on a laptop and want to switch to a smartphone, you first need to manually disconnect the first connection or re-clamp the touch panels and switch to the connection mode. This is not very convenient, especially since users often have to switch between two sound sources several times a day.

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But it is worth noting that there are no problems with the connection itself. Momentum True Wireless uses Bluetooth 5.0 with A2DP, AVRCP, HSP and HFP profiles. They steadily keep in touch up to 10 meters.

Playback is also controlled via the touch panels of the headphones, and this is not easy. Firstly, it is worth noting that touch control itself cannot be called convenient, the panels do not always recognize touch the first time, or, on the contrary, turn out to be too sensitive. Secondly, the control itself in Momentum True Wireless is a bit confusing, as the right earpiece is responsible for some actions, and the left one for others. For example, the right earpiece triggers a virtual assistant (Google Assistant or Siri) if you touch the touch panel once. But during an incoming call, the same action allows you to take a call, and with another touch to end. Double touch during a call will cause it to be reset. At the same time through the right earpiece, you can increase the volume by pressing and holding the touch panel. But the volume can be reduced only through the left earpiece, having done the same action. And he is also responsible for managing the media: one-touch – play or pause, two touches – the next track, three touches – the previous one. As you can see, it is not difficult to understand the management of Momentum True Wireless, especially if you read the instructions, but it may take time to remember all the combinations.

To configure Momentum True Wireless, you can use the Smart Control application, in that you can update the headphone firmware, adjust the equalizer, and enable or disable the Transparent Mode function. The latter is also activated if you press twice on the touch panel of the right headphone in a row. By itself, the function allows you to listen to music along with the surrounding sounds, which can be useful during jogging or cycling.

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We have no sound remarks in Momentum True Wireless. For sound reproduction in headphones, 7 mm dynamic drivers are responsible, providing a frequency range of 5 Hz – 21 kHz, a maximum sound pressure level of 118 dB and a non-linear distortion factor of less than 0.5%. Momentum True Wireless uses AAC, SBC and apt-X (Low Latency) codecs to transmit audio over Bluetooth, and headphones are have the best sound if the audio source supports the latest audio codec.
Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless Wireless Headphone Review 5
The sound in this model pleases the breadth of the stage and detail. You will simultaneously hear the vocalist’s breathing, guitar strings, and drum beat. Low, medium and high frequencies are well distinguished, do not lubricate and do not overlap. In general, as for such compact headphones, Momentum True Wireless sounds great.

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Headphone price

You can buy Sennheiser True Wireless from next places. Official site sennheiser offers is 299,95$ and also you can buy this earbuds on Amazon with the price $299.95. We found cheaper price on eBay its only 265,05$. All three shop have free delivery.

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Video review

We found the best video review of Sennheiser True Wireless on Youtube and we hope that the video will help you with the choice of headphones.


Headphones built-in rechargeable batteries provide about 4 hours of uninterrupted listening to music, while the case battery can fully charge them two more times. Sennheiser momentum true wireless charge time takes 1.5 hours.

Sennheiser Momentum

It’s nice that Sennheiser used a USB Type-C connector for the charging case, which is now common in smartphones above average.

Did you know that the SENNHEISER HE1 is considered the most expensive headphones in the world? The cost of headphones is $ 55,000. The body is made of Italian marble, the buttons are covered with gold, and the bowls are highlighted in orange.

GOOD STUFF: comfortable fit, good noise isolation, Bluetooth 5.0 and stable connectivity, Transparent Mode function, aptX support, excellent sound, good autonomy, USB Type-C charging
BAD STUFF: touch control, no fast switching between different sound sources


Momentum True Wireless – this is the first fully wireless headphones from Sennheiser. And as often happens, the first attempt at the manufacturer was not without its rough edges. It would be worthwhile for it to make touch control more convenient, and also to add the ability to simply switch between different sources. But more importantly, the Momentum True Wireless sound great, have a comfortable fit and good sound insulation. In terms of sound, this is generally one of the best fully wireless headphones.

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What user said on Reddit about Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless

Viktor Polsen:
Headphones were bought to replace the standard Air Pods, I wanted it to be exactly the channel and the wireless ones. 3.5 mm in Iphone Xr is not delivered. Let’s start with the main thing – sound. The sound is simply gorgeous, clean with deep juicy bass.The second is ergonomics – they sit in the ears like relatives, ear cushions are made thoughtfully, so I think they are suitable for any ear, especially as they come in three types with different sizes. With synchronization with the phone, there were no problems at all; everything happened instantly and without any problems; for two weeks of use, the connection was never broken.
Continuously did not listen to music for 4 hours, so I will not say how much they hold, but if you add up all the time in general, then about where it is. Well, plus there is a battery in the case, you shove the headphones and they re-charge, they say that there is another 8 hours of charge, I did not check it myself.
There is an app for the phone, there you can adjust the equalizer and everything. I was pleased that the status indicator on the headphones inside, so as not to walk down the street at night with a glowing head like a cyborg.
Touch control is generally a bomb – to make it louder, you need to press and hold on the right earpiece so that it is quieter on the left one. If you just touch the right earpiece once, you can chat with Siri or Google.
One touch to the left – play, pause, two-time – the next track, three-time – the previous track.
In general, the headphones are gorgeous, very satisfied.

Evgen Cornell:
1) There was a case when the ears and the case “died” and did not react to anything. Sticking them in for one minute revived them. Charging was about 100% of the case and headphones;
2) Headphones do not always cling directly to the smartphone. We have to pull out of the case and put back three times here and there. Chinese Bluetooth headphones for 70 bucks at one time clung instantly, unlike these “momentum” … Smartphone – Samsung Galaxy S8 on the native latest firmware;
3) Synchronization – there are no miracles here, the left channel from time to time falls off in certain places of the premises, I suspect where there is a strong tip from a Wi-Fi or powerful electrical wiring. I plan to take it back, for Sennheiser this product is a failure

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Here we have put together the best alternatives to sennheiser momentum true wireless. The list of alternative headphones includes: Samsung Galaxy Buds, Apple AirPods,Jabra Elite Active 65t, RHA TrueConnect, Motorola Verv Buds 500.

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