October 28, 2021

Amazon continues to test the “stand-alone” stores Amazon Go


Four years ago the company Amazon wondered if it was possible to create a network of supermarkets, in which there would not in principle be cashiers. At the moment, Seattle already has the first test store network Amazon Go, interacting directly with customers without standard cash registers. All you need to make purchases is the mobile application Amazon Go.

amazon go-1

After checking the QR code on the turnstiles, the user is allowed to enter the main room where he can simply collect the necessary products, and afterwards leave the store and the money for the goods will be automatically deducted from his personal account linked to the Amazon account.

Thanks to security cameras, sensor sensors and deep learning algorithms, the system recognizes customers and is able to track products that are immediately downloaded to the virtual shopping cart on the Amazon server and purchased after the person left the institution. At this stage, the recognition progress of Amazon Go has reached a level that the system is able to recognize even those who are trying to rob a store, naturally using different types of disguise.

For example, the Amazon team deliberately changed into Pikachu group, who tried to take several sandwiches off the supermarket shelves, but the system still recognized the intruders and wrote off the money from their accounts.

Despite such a pleasant attempt to outwit cameras, the question of protecting the store is still undisclosed: user recognition occurs primarily by the fact of using a smartphone with an installed application that is connected to an Amazon account, and the video surveillance factor is an additional element responsible for personality recognition that collects goods from the shelves, and if someone really sets the goal to hack the system – then the attempt to crack first of all follows at the program level, and after – the work Above the exterior. Have you tested the security system at this level – is not yet known.

In general, the Amazon Go project looks rather bold and ambitious, and as soon as such stores appear not only in Seattle, but all over the world – it’s only a matter of time.

source: The Verge

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