October 28, 2021

Amazon patented self-destructing drones

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted Amazon a patent for a curious development in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles.


The document is named “Directed fragmentation for unmanned airborne vehicles”. The idea is that in the event of an abnormal situation in the air, the drone should be self-destructed in a controlled manner.

It is assumed that the drone will carry on board a special module that, if detected, can quickly assess the current situation, including weather conditions and peculiarities of the terrain in the flight zone.

Further, in accordance with the received data, a program of self-destruction will be formed. The drone can in a certain sequence reset the design nodes, thereby minimizing the possible damage to the ground.


To separate the parts, special fastening mechanisms and even small explosive charges can be used.
The new system can be useful in those cases when the fall of the drone is inevitable, and the ability to fly to the safe zone is absent. However, the proposed solution so far exists only on paper – the possibility of its practical implementation Amazon silent.

Sources: The Verge

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