October 19, 2021

AMD FreeSync technology can be used with NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards

Despite the fact that NVIDIA has already introduced GeForce RTX video cards and will soon start selling them, their predecessors of the Pascal generation still have interesting features that were previously unknown. For example, it turned out that GeForce GTX 10 series video cards support the work with AMD FreeSync frame rate synchronization technology.
Of course, the GeForce video cards themselves support only NVIDIA G-Sync synchronization technology. However, Reddit users figured out how to make “green” video cards work with competitor’s technology. To do this, in addition to the video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 series, you will need a monitor with support for FreeSync, as well as an AMD graphics processor. And it can be either a separate video card or an integrated graphics processor in the APU. For example, the creator of the guide relied on the integrated GPU Vega hybrid processor Ryzen 3 2200G.

And then everything is relatively simple. You must connect the monitor to a Radeon graphics card or motherboard, if you are using an APU, and in the BIOS in the graphics settings, select the AMD graphics processor as the primary GPU. Next, you need to run FreeSync through the Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition, and after you go into the NVIDIA control panel and “make” the game or application use the default GeForce graphics card.

And when the next time you start the game, it should use the NVIDIA graphics card, but with the FreeSync technology it should ensure smooth picture output. In fact, this approach implies that NVIDIA graphics are responsible for processing the entire graphics, and the AMD graphics processor is responsible for the FreeSync function.
Our colleagues have already checked this trick, and note that despite using the GeForce video card “through” the Radeon graphics card for FreeSync, this does not significantly affect the performance in games. Sometimes, however, there are compatibility issues, for example in Unigine’s Valley and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, but in a “number of other games” the FreeSync technology “works fine”.
This opportunity will be of interest not only to the owners of hybrid AMD processors using discrete NVIDIA graphics, but also to many other users. After all, NVIDIA itself positions its G-Sync technology as a premium feature, and monitors with its support are by no means the most affordable. In turn, FreeSync is a derivative of the VESA Adaptive-Sync standard, which is part of the specifications for video connectors, such as DisplayPort 1.2 and others. So AMD support FreeSync is found even in very budget models of monitors.
Therefore, this method, which allows to use FreeSync on NVIDIA video cards, opens up good prospects for mass users of NVIDIA graphics cards, which I can not afford to monitor with G-Sync. However, there is a possibility that using NVIDIA drivers will try to somehow close this possibility.

Sources: PCWorld, Reddit

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