October 19, 2021

Broadcom is going to buy Qualcomm for a record price


Last Friday, Bloomberg announced that Broadcom is interested in acquiring the largest technological giant and semiconductor manufacturer Qualcomm. The latter is known for the processors of the Snapdragon family and modems for cellular communication, which are installed in most smartphones and tablets on the market. In turn, Broadcom has won a segment of Wi-Fi antennas, which are also found in a large number of devices. However, the most exciting part of the report was the price that Broadcom management is willing to pay for the merger with Qualcomm.

It is alleged that the offer to buy will be announced by Qualcomm in the coming days. Broadcom will acquire the company’s shares at a price of $ 70 per share, with payment being made in cash and in securities. The manufacturer is ready to give over $ 100 billion for the merger – a record amount for the entire history of chip manufacturers.


The completion of such a transaction will lead to the emergence of a new giant in the market with a market value of $ 200 billion, which is comparable to Apple, Intel and Samsung. At the same time, Broadcom-Qualcomm will be able to begin deliveries of integrated communication solutions to almost all commercial and industrial spheres: from IT and the Internet of things to medicine and international telecommunications companies.

Source: androidcentral.com

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